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October 7, 2015

AOL TV's Top 5 Awards

by Kristin Sample, posted Dec 4th 2007 8:23AM
The SopranosAnd there you were, thinking that the Emmys were the biggest and best awards any television starlet could hope for. Think again, because all those moments that should get awards are being honored at AOL TV. Some are actually important moments in television history (i.e. The Soprano's finale) but others are just mishaps or fights that the nominees hope audiences will soon forget.

AOL TV is calling it their Top 5 Awards. They provide five nominations but you decide who the winner will be. You can watch the video clips and vote for your favorites. AOL TV will release the winners on December 13th.

Check out the nominations and my predictions after the jump.

There are 5 categories:

1. Vote for the best Crybaby: the crying Sanjaya fan, Aaron from Hell's Kitchen (Puh-lease!), Ellen ('Give them back the puppy, wahhh!'), the anchorwoman (Who is this again?) and Paula Abdul on Hey Paula (I wonder which crazy Paula moment they'll use.)

My prediction: While the hapless young Sanjaya fan is the most sublime crier, I think Ellen will win. That ridiculous plea on her show was totally out of left field.

2. Vote for the best Feud: Trump vs. Rosie (I'm so over the Trump.), Isaiah vs. Grey's Anatomy, Rosie vs. Elisabeth (Two Rosie feuds in one year? Now how did we get so lucky?), Dick vs. Jen (on Big Brother 8), and Colbert vs. Branson (Richard Branson is that scary rich dude who owns Virgin Airlines I didn't even know he was fighting with Colbert.)

My prediction: I don't care who wins this one--as long as it's not Trump and Rosie. I hate giving that stupid man anymore attention. Wait. Since I mentioned him here, am I part of the problem?

3. Vote for the best Shocker episode: 24, Dancing with the Stars, The Sopranos, Lost, House. (They've provided clips and explanations for each show.)

My prediction: The Sopranos for the win!

4. Vote for the best Spill: Carmen Electra on the runway, Marie Osmond on DWTS, Meredith Vieira on Today, Miss USA at the Miss Universe Pageant, and Heather on DWTS (Who is that?)

My prediction: I think Marie Osmond will take it since her fall was the most talked about. But, something about voting for her feels wrong. Doesn't it?

5. Vote for best Trainwreck: Danny Bonaduce manhandling Jonny Fairplay, Sanjaya's weird hair, Miss Teen USA contestant's geography lesson, Starr Jones from The View, and Britney Spears's MTV performance.

My prediction: Britney. Do I really have to even explain that one? Oh, and Danny Bonaduce throwing Jonny Fairplay over his head is NOT a trainwreck. That was awesome!

Kudos to Sanjaya and Rosie who are both so awesomely bad they made the list in multiple nominations. And kudos to Paula Abdul who (surprisingly) was only mention once.

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