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September 3, 2015

Private Practice: In Which Dell Finds His Fight

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Dec 5th 2007 10:19PM
Private Practice
(S01E09) "He's fighting for her." - Dell about Sam

What could be the last Private Practice episode in a long while (this was the last episode completed before the writers' strike) finally gave Dell a good amount of screen time. However, it felt like it was too little too late.


When I first read the title of this episode weeks ago, I was looking forward to finally seeing some development for Dell. However, when the network released the Dell-less official episode description, I was worried that maybe his storyline wouldn't be that good. I'm torn about what I saw this week. I'm happy that Dell got more screen time, but as I've hinted in the intro, I feel like it may be too little, too late.

Private PracticeI didn't engage much with his storyline in "In Which Dell Finds His Fight." The story about his grandfather (George Segal) being bored at the nursing home and taking part in a fight club was touching on some levels as it highlighted own senior citizens spend their days, how they are treated, etc. But the love triangle that is Dell/Naomi/Sam is not interesting me at all. I was over that during the Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice episode back in May. I never saw Naomi and Dell being couple potential then, and I still don't now. Actually, I do less now. Dell, as Sam put it, is a kid in my eyes. I'm not bothered by the age difference but from what we've seen of Naomi she needs a mature man. Dell is not there yet. Maybe she'll give Dell a chance but I don't see it ever becoming a permanent couple. He'll be an experiment for her and she'll be a trophy for him (even if he does love her).

Sam and Naomi

After some hesitation, Sam discovered that he wants to give another try to him and Naomi. After Dell's "I love her and I won't make her cry" speech and thanks to an eye-opening speech from Dell's grandfather, Sam decides to fight for Naomi and kisses her in front of some of the other doctors. Naomi now has to make a choice: Dell or Sam. Dell could bring in some fun and novelty. Sam brings security and a chance at rebuilding her family. Personally, I hope she chooses Sam but my instinct thinks the writers will have her choose Dell.


My favorite character was thrown off his game by Dr. Charlotte "control" King. Cooper devised a plan (stealing her "dads-to-be class" idea) to make her feel exactly how he feels when he can't be on top. This was definitely the humorous storyline of the episode. It was fun to watch Pete and Cooper teach fathers-to-be how to take care for babies. Paul Adelstein must have channeled his inner Kellerman when it was time to shoot that Jack/Cooper face-off because Cooper was totally in control and rocking in that scene.


I was almost clapping when Addison walked in the police station to ask Kevin out not only because that means we'll see more of David Sutcliffe, but also because that's the type of thing Grey's Anatomy's Addison would have done. I miss that Addison so I'm glad that she is starting to come back. "I think I'm helping some other guy with over Addison," said Pete. Indeed, you helped Kevin win, Pete, at least for now. He clearly realized his mistake but he arrived too late at Addison's house. Pete will have to watch Addison date "Officer Manly" for a while. I believe Addison and Pete will end up together but that their paths need to separate for a while before they cross again.

Other tidbits of interest:
  • Violet, who was almost absent from the episode, and Cooper finally made peace. It'll take time for them to be as opened as they were before though.
  • Pete and Cooper warn Sam about office drama, yet they were ready to date/sleep with Addison and Violet respectively. Isn't that office drama too?
  • I'm happy that Addison and Naomi were able to find a way (aka "sperm search and rescue") to help Kathleen and Jeffrey conceive. They are a great couple and I wouldn't mind seeing them return for more episodes so we follow them through their pregnancy (taking into account that it worked). Since it's a clinic, shouldn't we see patients come back here and there anyway?
  • "It's amazing what some people will do to entertain themselves." - Naomi
Whom should Naomi choose?
Sam316 (55.3%)
Dell171 (29.9%)
No one84 (14.7%)

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You might be onto something, but I'm not sure. Dell put a lot of thought and heart into both his kiss and the words that accompanied it. And the yelling at Sam came off to me as if Sam had insulted Dell's girlfriend. It didn't come off as simply an effort to get Sam to put a proper effort into Naomi, imo.

All that aside, I liked the episode. I have to agree with Isabelle that Dell has been too much in the shadows to all of a sudden occupy a major role. Frankly, he seemed annoying to me. I definitely liked seeing the Seattle Addison back, when dealing with McLaw Enforcement. And watching Pete recognize that he screwed things up was good. Also I love the Coop/Charlotte thing, and the "bad cop on top," stealing the parenting class thing showed a different, edgier side to Coop. With the exception of his online dating activities (and even then, the first ep where we see that the girl took off in his Porsche), Coop comes off as somewhat meek, cautious, or hesitant in situations involving his coworkers and friends.

December 06 2007 at 12:48 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think Dell yelled at Sam & kissed Naomi to help them get back together. At then end, when Pete asked "What was that?", Dell answered "He's fighting for her" with a smile. I think he does love Naomi, but not in a burning I HAVE TO BE WITH HER way. I think he wants her to be happy and Sam is what makes her happy. He's pushing them together! Way to go Dell!

December 06 2007 at 9:43 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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