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October 24, 2014

The Next Great American Band: Episode 8

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Dec 8th 2007 1:57AM
Next Great American Band(S01E08) Five bands sit in the green room of The Next Great American Band. Only four bands will play. One band, despite all of the arranging, rehearsing, worrying, and hoping, won't take the stage. That band will just leave the building, sort of like a lesser Elvis. In a few cases, a drastically way lesser Elvis.

Hmmm ... I wonder what Elvis would think of the Clark Brothers? I don't want to know what he'd think of the Light of Doom, though. Tonight the bands played a Queen song and then an original. Now, I would like to see Light of Doom try Bohemian Rhapsody, wouldn't you?

The bands first sang the Queen covers, then in a second sweep they performed their original songs. I'm going to consolidate and list both songs by group in the same order as the groups originally performed. And, to crush the hopes of Dot Dot Dot fans out there -- yes, they're no longer in the running. I'm not too surprised, but I thought Light of Doom should go out before Dot Dot Dot. It's pretty obvious from the audience at the show that the kiddie rockers have the kiddie vote. We need to stop that, America. Now. Let them go no further, please.

The Clark Brothers
Ashley Clark of the Clark BrothersI've said it before. I'll repeat myself now. These guys need to win this. Oh, even if they don't win, I believe we'll see them make a splash in the music industry. It's as if they're possessed by the music, men on a mission so much more than the Blues Brothers.

Their Queen cover was "These are the Days of Our Lives." As suggested by the judges last week, they added a drummer and bass player, albeit not more Clark Brothers. I think it made a difference and, as they always do, they blew me away.

John Rzeznik said it was amazing and awesome. Sheila E. called their performance great and fantastic. Dick said Ashley is a reluctant rock star and the best front person of the bands.

Their original was a country down home kind of song called "Homestead." I kind of liked it. I thought it was a bit catchy, although it didn't get as gritty and possessed as they often perform. John thought they showed great songwriting, great music, and great singing -- exactly what is needed from the winning band. Sheila said they play with passion and conviction and it's obvious that music is their life. Dicko said it was solid, but thought it was a crap song, Country Music 101 lyrics. He thinks they can do better.

Light of Doom
Light of DoomAck. Please make them go away. Do not let your child vote for the sake of all that's good, pure, melodic, and lyrical.

At least they got panned by the judges for both of their performances tonight. I really would have rather seen Dot Dot Dot than the kiddies, but that's life.

I actually liked the start of their Queen cover -- "We Will Rock You." The entire band, except the little drummer boy, did the beat on large drums. Perhaps they should have changed it up and tried a Blue Man Group paint splash. But they fell apart the second they broke away from the drums. It's such a simplistic song that it's hard to massacre it, but they did.

John told them the vocals really needed work and they didn't work out their interpretation of the song. Sheila told them she agreed with John and it just didn't happen today. Dicko said it was a bit dumb. The kiddie rockers looked like they wanted to cry.

As for their original song, it was called "A Matter of Time." I just kept thinking to myself it would only be a matter of time for the song to end. Lyrics weren't much, the music wasn't anything to load onto an iPod.

Joh told them the song had no big hook and added that he could hear their influences, but wanted to hear them. Sheila told them they're young and just finding out who they are, that it's a matter of time. Dicko also said they had time and suggested using acoustic guitars when they write songs. The boys looked like they were going to cry -- panned for both songs. Sheesh ... I can see all the kids heading to the phones to save them now. Stop the insanity. Now.

SixwireThese guys are pros. They chose a Queen song which is perfect for their talents and style. And now I have the song stuck in my head, thank you very much Sixwire.

Yep, "Fat-Bottom Girls" you make the rockin' world go 'round. An excellent job on the song, but I didn't expect less ... especially when they announced which song they were covering.

John loved it, said they worked it, and added some muscle to it. Sheila said they come through every week with powerful arrangements. Dicko said they weren't boring this week and showed their inner naughty boys. Um. Okay, if Dicko says so. I guess he knows inner naughty boys more than I do.

I didn't quite catch the title of their original song. I believe it was "Go On." But I could be wrong. However, I did hear the song itself. It was nice, but I wasn't as enthusiastic about it as the judges were.

John said it was as good as anything you hear on the radio. Sheila thought it was amazing. Dicko said it was a good song, perfect for their market.

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra
Denver and the Mile High OrchestraYes, the big band is still in the game. Did they try for "Bohemian Rhapsody"? Nope. They sang "Sleeping on the Sidewalk." I enjoyed their rendition. They're really growing on me although I'm still for a Clark Brothers win. I thought they did the song justice and it shows that they really work on the arrangements. That can't be an easy task.

John thought it was a great version and that Denver is improving his vocals each week. Sheila thought they were amazing. (I'd like to see the word "amazing" banned for the rest of the season. Some creativity please, judges.) Dicko thought it was a sassy rendition but now wants Denver to step up his clothes. He didn't want to hear that the London on the t-shirt was his new baby daughter's name.

Their original song was "Big White House." I thought it was a very catchy tune. I definitely think that I like this band's music better than I like Michael Buble who's indeed a success.

John thought their song was cool and had some grease on it. From context, I guess he meant it wasn't squeaky clean. Sheila said it was powerful and energetic, but had no hook. I disagree with the "no hook" part. Dicko said it was a good album track but they need to sing a hit song if they come back for a next time. He thinks Denver does angry "good."

So, there you go. In a perfect world it will be Light of Doom gone next week. However, if their minions keep them in, I think it's likely to be Denver leaving. I think in the end it will be a Sixwire/Clark Brothers showdown for The Next Great American Band.

What's keeping Light of Doom on the show?
Talent28 (9.5%)
They're sooo hott!!!8 (2.7%)
Kiddie voters156 (52.9%)
Prison inmate phone privilege hour34 (11.5%)
Not MY fault!69 (23.4%)

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