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October 6, 2015

On the 10th day of Festivus, TV gave to me...

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Dec 10th 2007 10:27AM
festivus logo... ten reality television nuggets

Okay, my Festivus pole is up in my living room, my Festivus meal is planned. Although during the Airing of Grievances, I came up with a lot of issues related to recent seasons and upcoming reality television shows, this is a happy time. My grievances are already aired, it's time for serenity now. I couldn't participate in this year's Feats of Strength, but I did supply a doctor's note. My spirit was in the match, just not my body.

But, to me, it's not all about the Feats of Strength -- it's all about the Festivus miracles. And, as a reality television buff of sorts, here they are:

1. Due to the WGA strike, we get an impromptu never before in the history of the show ... winter season of Big Brother! Hopefully the producers won't have time to think of odd twists (people with previous relationships, Alice in Wonderland themes which exist for no reason, and more). It's due to begin February 12 and, as far as I know, they're still casting. Oh, please let it just be strangers in the house once again.

2. Kynt and Vyxsin on the current Amazing Race season. Not only did we get the season early due to the cancellation of a show, but these two are great to watch even when their make-up is smearing in the rain. They bring some fun to all that is Goth. Plus, they're appreciative of their surroundings, willing to laugh at themselves, and treat each other with respect.

3. Meerkat Manor, the furry reality television show, even with the loss of matriarch Flower, carries on. There's life, death, romance, intrigue, and even Commandos. It's the ultimate reality show even if you can't rip apart the "contestants" on internet message boards.

4. A new season of Survivor begins on February 7. Although CBS hasn't confirmed it's an All Stars version, it is. I know that one previous castaway who might just be my all-time favorite to watch on the show went off on a leave of absence from his California job at the same time news leaked out that they were about to start filming. Yau, man ... I hope it's a good cast!

5. Since game shows tend to be tossed in with the reality genre, there can't be a reality television nuggets list for me without mentioning Ben Bailey and Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel. I was a bit worried the show was gone when it went into repeats in the fall, but it was merely on hiatus. Every time I walk in Manhattan, I want to be a street shout out.

6. The season of Sanjaya behind us, we start the madness which is American Idol on January 15. May the show be more about talent than hair and teenyboppers this year!

7. Since this is my list, it's all about what I like even though others may disagree. I'm thankful that Dancing With the Stars is in the past for the time being. If I'm going to watch a dancing show, give me So You Think You Can Dance without D list celebs.

8. My truly guilty pleasure show Cops continues to go strong. It got its start during the 1989 writers strike and has been a staple ever since for me. Ah, the stupidity of ne'er-do-wells at its best. I love it.

9. I'm usually not home on weekdays during the daytime, but one day a week I am. I don't like soap operas, never got into them. Oh, but TV has given me judge shows out the wazoo! Since I have a habit of liking to feel smug and superior to fools who air their dirty laundry on television, they're perfect fodder for my one day a week off from my day job.

10. Due to the writers strike, there will be so many new reality shows out there I can mock, feel smug and superior while watching, and predict the crash and burns. Looking at the list of shows we can expect, TV might be giving me some good books to while away some of the evening hours this year.

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Screw Street Shout-outs, I won't even get into a cab in New York unless I'm at least fairly certain there's a possibility that it's Cash Cab.

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