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October 4, 2015

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: No Future For You, Parts III & IV

by Keith McDuffee, posted Dec 14th 2007 3:41PM
buffy comic(S08I08 & S08I09) I'm a bit late for both of these issues, but better late than never, right? Thankfully, for me, I was still able to get the first printing of both issues. For most people that doesn't mean squat, but I'm anal that way about the very few comics I buy these days.

Anyway, let's start with the first issue of this two-part review, which is actually the third part of the third story, and is the eighth issue.

OK, that sure was confusing ...

Let's get one thing out of the way first -- what's with the bath-sharing scene? Hey, not that I'm complaining at ALL, but is that something chicks do just all willy-nilly and friendly-like when they're not being, I dunno, Willow and Tara? I get that it's setting us up to see how Faith ("Hope" -- clever) and Gigi are getting along so well, but come on. Incidentally, this is where I truly wished this was once again a TV show and not a comic book.

Something that bugged me in this issue was how quickly and easily Buffy assumed Faith as the bad person, especially when she clearly helped save her from Gigi. Hell, even Gigi figured that one out quite quickly, but does Buffy understand Faith's intentions? Noooo.

It's understandable that Faith would still have a problem with Buffy, as she has never liked living under her shadow. Yet, somehow, Faith is able to not act out on that deep-down fantasy of hers to have Buffy truly gone out of her life.

Quote of the issue:

Buffy: "*HWUUUHH* My chicken caesar wrap. Whoever you are, you are so gonna pay for that."

buffy comicNow, onto the next and final portion of 'No Future For You'. First of all, I loved this cover a lot. NO, not because Faith is all sorta-naked! (well, I mean, that is cool and all, but no.) I just think the artist, Ju Chen, really did an excellent job capturing the look of Faith here. In fact, I also loved the previous cover.

Once again we got a flashback to what I believe is a scene not shown on TV, but it clearly fits (I'd have to go back to my DVDs and check to be sure). The mayor's dialog is spot-on, and completely fits in with what would have worked on the show back then.

Being from Massachusetts myself, I particularly loved Gigi mistaking Faith's accent for a New York one. However, I really hated Faith's "you know, like the tea party" quip. That was sorta painful to hear/see.

Once again we see that Buffy is assuming Faith is playing against her, even when she learns she's working with Giles. Man that's frustrating. What was also strange is how quickly she let Giles off the hook with him not wanting her to have any part in what's going on; she hangs up, and that's it really.

Faith gets a bit carried away, again, and accidentally takes out Gigi. Does anyone have any idea what Gigi meant by "But it's like the song goes ...?"

Now that faith has a copy of the "guidebook," things should get pretty interesting. What's the symbol? Who's really behind all of this? Then, within this same scene, Giles has the best moment by far in this series as he takes out the baddie with an bursting, internal containment spell. Awesome! Then, to top things off, Faith and Giles will continue to work together. Can't wait!

Finally, we see a Lieutenant Molter address who seems to be behind all of what's going on, though it would also seem that everything is going to plan in his eyes. Speaking of eyes, doesn't he look like Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe? Maybe it's Warren all suited-up? I guess we'll find out next month.

Oh, and say tuned for my review of Angel: 'After The Fall', though I think I'll likely end that series review at issue #1.

Quote of the issue:

Mayor: "Now why don't you change info your play clothes? The blood of the innocents is a real pain in the neck to wash out of cotton blends."

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Your 9th issue cover is so much nicer than mine! I have a subscription which is supposed to mail the issue to me first thing and I don't get this cover!

I get a cover that's a take off on the "Peel and Steele" comment that Giles made and Faith didn't get. It's a cute idea but the cover you have is so much better.

I am so jealous...

December 14 2007 at 11:01 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Why would you stop at Angel #1? Like it was on T.V., the Angel book is looking like it will be the superior monster.

December 14 2007 at 4:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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