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October 4, 2015

NBC releases teaser-trailer for the new Knight Rider series

by Jay Black, posted Dec 25th 2007 9:05AM
Did you know that in the original literature for Knight Rider, Michael Knight had a metal plate in his head. Yep, and David Hasslehoff is so committed to acting that he's been acting like he's got a plate in his head for years...I'm sure that someone, somewhere is annoyed that, with the release of the new Knight Rider, NBC is completely ignoring the Knight Rider continuity established in Knight Rider 2000 and Knight Rider 2010. If you're that person, I'd highly suggest a) not following the link and b) finding the help you so desperately need.

For the rest of us, enjoy this teaser trailer for the new Knight Rider series. There's not much to be gleaned from it except the obvious: KITT is no longer a TransAM, but rather a Ford Mustang. The other big news that might come as a shocker (Spoiler Warning): it's no longer Michael driving KITT, it's Mike. That's right, Knight Rider, welcome to the name-shortening 21st century!

There are other questions that we can only guess at until the show premiers in February...

1) Will KITT's new owner be as fond as showing his chest hair as David Hasslehoff used to be? Or, for that matter, will this new driver even have chest hair? As a student of pop-media, I've noticed a considerable decline in the amount of chest hair in prime-time television and I expect the trend to continue in the Knight Rider update. For more information about it, you can read my book From Magnum to ManGrooming: The Defoliation of the American Male.

2) Will each episode go to commercial with a badass shot of KITT driving in some anonymous desert while the Knight Rider theme plays?

3) Will there be a KARR? A Goliath? A spunky African-American late-season sidekick improbably named RC3? A Garthe Knight (or, in keeping with the shortening of the lead's name, a Gar Knight)? Will the intelligent vehicles from Team Knight Rider show up? Will Bonnie and April finally make-out like they do in my erotic fan-fiction?

Stay tuned, as always, to TV Squad and NBC for the answers.

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"Dammit, Michael, I know what an erection feels like!" - GOB, Arrested Development.

But couldn't you see a smart guy re-tooling episodes with Arrested Development lines and posting the new webisodes on YouTube?

December 26 2007 at 3:24 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This show must be camp. How can you use a guy who can only be funny - Will Arnett - and expect people to buy this show? Everytime I hear Arnett I think of his character on 30 Rock and imagine Kenneth awkwardly dancing while Arnett stands by in a short-short robe cheering him on with, "Oh yeah, that's the business."

December 26 2007 at 3:22 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Will Arnett as the voice of KITT sounded funny in the on liner that I heard on Football Night.

Lets hope he talks like GOB and is a smart ass the entire show.

Also the new Mike doesn't have chest hairz! From what I am told, he used to be an A&F model...

December 25 2007 at 10:30 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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