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October 3, 2015

Top TV Stories of 2007: Ellen DeGeneres and the dog(s)

by Jen Creer, posted Dec 26th 2007 8:00AM
EllenEllen DeGeneres just can't stay away from controversy. Even though she hasn't done anything as ballsy as coming out (I guess you can't do that twice, can you?), which fortunately didn't tank her career, this year was a bang-up year for Ellen in the news. The first dog I am referring to in the title is, in fact, a canine. Did anybody not hear about Ellen's infamous dog story? Ellen adopted a dog from a dog agency called Mutts and Moms, and signed agreements at the time that if the adoption didn't work out, she would return the dog to the agency. I presume Ms. DeGeneres has signed contracts before, but maybe this one didn't count. Maybe this one didn't seem binding. Or maybe she was just in a hurry that day, and didn't actually read it. (MSNBC claims that DeGeneres didn't read the contract, and that her partner Portia de Rossi signed).
The doggy adoption didn't work out, so she gave the dog to her hairdresser, who had two young daughters. The owners of Mutts and Moms were not impressed, and took the dog back, presumably scarring the young girls for life. I wonder if Ellen will pay for their therapy... Maybe she can work out a deal with Dr. Phil! She wept and pleaded on her show to no avail: the owners of Mutts and Moms kept the dog. Which is unfortunate, because that was the last dog that needed to be adopted in the whole world, and there is no hope now for the hairdresser's daughters...

Perhaps the fact that Ellen's tears did not sway Mutts and Moms is the reason for the next dog... Ellen showed her support of the WGA strike for one entire day before she crossed picket lines and returned to filming her show. In her defense, she claims she did it for the crew that would be left unemployed if she didn't go on air. If only Ellen had used her tears to try to convince the studios to return to the negotiating table, but that didn't go over so well the last time, so might as well just keep making jokes.

Apparently, the nature of DeGeneres's contract, as well as the fact that she is allowed to write her own material under WGA guidelines, demands that she return to work or she will be out of a job too. However, you have to think maybe she has some money saved for a rainy day and that her career would bounce back from this... it always has before.

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Beverly L Brown

Ellen please help me cause I don't know If I will kill myself or not nothing in life worked out for me at 56 I would like to have my dream of marraige and move to Chesapeake VA I moved to TX a moving company had stolen everything I worked for I now back in Iowa a[ppEllen please help me cause I don't know If I will kill myself or not nothing in life worked out for me at 56 I would like to have my dream of marraige and move to Chesapeake VA I moved to TX a moving company had stolen everything I worked for I now back in Iowa applying for ssi because of my back I can't even replace my stolen clothes I also know you know a lot of people I would like it if you could arrange me to have a job interview with QVC the shopping network I have nothing to live for if I have no dreams 515-240-7771 my email is bbrown2353@yahoo.com please help I had no other way to reach you S.O.S 56 YEAR OLD BLACK LADY

October 05 2009 at 2:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Please send to Ellen. Thanks. Can you please talk about this.

I want to know whose idea it was to display a picture, of a communist, Che Guevara, and a Cuban Flag, on the wall of Obama's Campaign office in Texas? Many Cubans have been insulted by it.
This was definitely "COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA." This is a candidate aspiring to become the next president of the United States of America! I have not heard Obama making a comment on that picture, in his campaign office.

My parents got me out of Cuba when I was 14 years old. They got me out because my father smelled communism. I was alone here for 3 months. I stayed at a friend's house. My parents and I were reunited 3 months later. It was not easy for my parents to get out and leave all their belongings and families behind. And starting all over again with a language barrier. I still have family there. They are surviving. I have a cousin who is a doctor. He makes $100.00 a month. He is also a priest. Other families are not as lucky as he is.

I was left with my mouth opened when I saw Che Guevara's picture hung on the wall of Barack Obama's office, in Texas. It brought back some memories. Obama wants to sit down with Castro. Cuba is 90 miles away from Key West. It will be easier for terrorists to get to us through Cuba. I was in Cuba when the Revolution. I remember hearing the bombing, shootings. I saw on Cuban television the firing squad killing people. I was there also when the Bay of Pigs. I hid under a dinning room table. I was horrified when I heard the noise of all the bombs, airplanes, machine gun shooting! I think Obama leans towards the pink side. I am not voting for him.

Irene B.
From Florida.

March 10 2008 at 9:11 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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