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October 4, 2015

Top TV Stories of 2007: Lost and the flash forward - VIDEO

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Dec 26th 2007 8:00AM
One of the most jaw-dropping TV moment of 2007 was, without a doubt, the reveal that the Jack-centric season finale of Lost didn't feature a flashback but a flash forward (and the death of loved-character Charlie)!

Even if Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof (with some help from Disney's security) do their best to keep the ending of each season finale a secret, the top-secret ending scene always gets spoiled in one form or another on the world wide web. When Internet surfers read about the "rattlesnake" (that's the how the top-secret season 3 scene was named by Cuse and Lindelof), the reaction was almost as big as when the reveal aired on May 23, 2007.

LostBeing involved in the TV spoilers world, I had to read these spoilers for myself (seeing is believing, no? plus I would have been spoiled by an email asking me about it so...). At first, my reaction was "WTF?" (as it was the reaction many fans had when reading the words "flash forward" and not "flashback") but after giving it some thought, I embraced the idea as I was getting a bit tired of flashbacks that didn't offer much to chew on. Many people were angry at the fact this game-changing information was leaked on the web, but then again, they were warned that what they were about to read was huge and most of the sites but the information in invisible text, so don't come complaining when you know you are about to read spoilers that could be too hot to handle!

Some fans decided not to believe, others embraced the information while a third group blogged about their dislike of Lost doing flash fowards. No matter the reaction, there was a huge buzz about the episode and everyone had an opinion about it.

Things came real when the "rattlesnake" aired. Even if I knew about it, I was still surprised at how it played out. The reactions after the episode aired, from both people who were spoiled and not, were more supportive towards this major creative change than when the spoilers leaked.

LostCuse and Lindelof made a risky move by switching to a flash forward. So far, it seems like fans are looking forward to more of these. They want to know who made it off the island, who didn't and are the latter dead or decided to stay on the island, who is in the coffin, and why does Jack want to desperately go back. From now on, and until the end of the series, seasons will feature both flashbacks and flash forwards.

The Lost flash forward had a lot of people talking and writing since May 2007 and will surely still create a buzz next season when we see more of the Losties future.

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