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October 10, 2015

Brothers and Sisters: The Feast of Epiphany

by Jen Creer, posted Jan 14th 2008 1:05AM
Brothers & Sisters
(S02E10) "You slept with someone else too?" Nora Walker to Julia Walker

Oh, Brothers and Sisters, how I've missed your hijinx! I was under the impression from some of the news I'd read about the WGA strike that filming had ceased on the show, so I was very happy to have a new episode (albeit, feeling a little guilty, because I support the writers...). Mostly, I was happy to see everyone again.

Of course, Nora had to cook up a big family dinner (no pun intended) to get everyone together for the big epiphanies. But it was a legitimate set up: It would probably seem forward and a little awkward to ask someone out if you were unsure of their feelings for you, especially if being back on the dating scene was still pretty new to you.

I was surprised to learn that Kevin and Scotty are still together. My impression after Nora and Robert's wedding was that Scotty had broken up with Kevin. However, Kevin said in this episode, "Scotty almost broke up with me after the wedding because of Jason." At another moment in th episode, though, when Kevin was sniping with Robert about Jason, Kevin said he was single and could do what he wanted about Jason coming back, including change his mind. Then Kevin called Scotty to tell him that he and Jason were going to have lunch, so I am a little confused. But I think time will work it all out. I think Kevin and Scotty are still together though, because Scotty made the joke about Kevin kicking him out if Jason came back... What do you think? Are they broken up but still living together? Hanging by a thread?

I wasn't as impressed with Robert's town hall meeting as the veterans seemed to be. I thought the hard-hitting veteran who said, "We can't have a president who is going to freeze up," was right. Robert had a good come back that he was very young at the time-- but he can't promise not to make that mistake again. Also, his silence for a long time was pretty damning. But I am still irritated with Robert for hedging about kids with Kitty. I knew (hoped) that issue would come up again, and I am glad it did so soon. Though, I think Robert is still lying to Kitty. I am not as sure that they won't overcome this issue though. I think Robert loves her enough to have a child anyway, despite his reluctance. Stranger things have happened. But it's probably good for them to have a source of conflict that isn't solely the election. That might get old fast.

Speaking of the election, though, do you think Kitty was responsible for leaking the word about the other candidate's disabled son? Or do you think it was Isaac? It had to be someone from Robert's campaign... What if it was Robert? Do you think it could have been Robert? If Robert insisted to his staff that they couldn't play dirty, he would have the plausible deniability, wouldn't he?

This might sound lame, but I was actually happy that they resolved the issue of Tommy's affair with Lena by giving Julia one of her own. It levels the playing field. And it actually makes Julia seem less like a meek mouse little victim. Sure, they both screwed up, and I am not excusing that. I am just saying it means that instead of one person being the complete villain, they both have something to forgive. Though, I have to admit that I am surprised by the reappearance of both Jason and Julia...

I like Sarah's new beau. I have always been a sucker for Steven Weber, though, and I love his character so far. He is honest (well, so far as we know), down to earth, doesn't come on too strong, and he makes his own vegetable soup. Knock wood for something good for Sarah.

Holly insisted to Rebecca that David isn't her father. David seems to think he might be, whispering to Holly that Rebecca is wonderful. Holly has lied about this before-- her track record isn't very good. So, she could be lying this time-- but why? William Walker is dead, and there isn't an inheritance at stake. True, Rebecca now has a relationship with the Walkers. But it might be worth telling Rebecca, who has a tendency to go for older men, that David is her father just to keep her from getting involved with him. On the other hand, at face value, I am happy that that issue was addressed and dismissed early in David's storyline, though I have absolutely no idea what else might be going on there.

I guess we'll find out.

Do you think it was Robert who leaked the story about his opponent?
Yes34 (20.1%)
No135 (79.9%)

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yes, scotty and kevin are obviusly still togheter, he told about jason coming back because he didn't whant to lie to him, after what happened in the dinner party (he learn his leson, hopfully, because i love scotty!!!)

January 15 2008 at 9:29 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Kitty and Robert are the ones who got married. Loved Steven Webber he's so charming!

January 14 2008 at 2:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Kevin and Scotty are still dating. When Justin mentioned to Kevin that he and Scoty barely saw each other, Kevin remarked, "You're not in a relationship, are you? Please don't criticize until you're in one too." Plus Kevin called Scotty to let him know about Jason's return--which would be significant only if he and Scotty were still together. But I do think they're taking things slowly, and that Kevin needs face-to-face "closure" with Jason before he can really move forward with Scotty.

January 14 2008 at 9:29 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Brothers and Sisters is always at its best when the entire clan is together. I love watching these grown-up siblings bicker back and forth because it's very realistic in some ways with big families like this. I'm already liking Nora and Isaac; Danny Glover and Sally Field have some immediate chemistry together and the political differences of the characters could make for a lot of fun. There's one thing I'm hoping will not happen: that Rebecca turns out not to be William's daughter because that would defeat the purpose of having her on the show unless they plan to put her with Justin, which would still be disgusting. While I'm on the subject of Justin, can the man not pick up a razor? He's getting too old for the scruffy look.

The Robert storyline is getting a little to unrealistic. Yes, I know it's television and if this were real life I as a voter could move past it (although I doubt I could vote for even a milquetoast Republican like Robert), but veterans and the swift boat nature of modern politics could not. Regardless of his age, the man froze in the middle of a battle. That would not get an easy out from the voters or a standing ovation from veterans. His storyline would be much more interesting if it was more realistic, but since the start of this season the series has backed off from the politics, which I was a bit sad to see happen.

January 14 2008 at 9:28 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Pedant Joe

They're not still in production. Like all the shows that are returning right now, they managed to make 12 episodes _before_ they shut down for the strike.

January 14 2008 at 1:10 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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