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October 9, 2015

DGA strikes a deal with the AMPTP

by Brad Trechak, posted Jan 17th 2008 7:35PM
Director's Guild of AmericaThe DGA has accomplished what the WGA has not thus far. It has negotiated a new contract with the AMPTP.

The new contract does include a residual payment formula for new media including the Internet. Both the DGA and the AMPTP seem satisfied with the arrangement, based on statements by both sides.

The question is: how will this affect the writers' strike? I have heard that while not every television show needs a writer, every show needs a director. This gives the DGA more leverage than the WGA. Also, if the directors went on strike, it would stop production immediately on all shows, as opposed to the lead time that occurred when the writers went on strike.

I do hope this is a signal to the end of the writer's strike, however I don't think it will end so easily. I love scripted television, but I am reticent to clap my hands and say the WGA strike is over and done with. I just think the directors (and, when the time comes, the actors) are in a better position than the writers. I hope I'm wrong and television returns to normal (as normal as television gets anyway) as soon as possible.

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Life didn't get canceled.

"By Tim Surette - TV.com
November 27, 2007 at 12:03:00 PM

Nine more episodes of newcomers Chuck and Life have been ordered by NBC, which brings the first-season tallies to 22 total episodes. Of course, this is all contingent on a successful resolution to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike. Chuck is still in production with an unknown number of episodes already written, and Life is currently shut down, according to Variety."

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1 reply to Dragulf's comment

thanks for the nitpick... doesnt change anything

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yeah thats good but i had hoped it started before dbz production started...the dbz movie is ruined...why justin chatwin ???...i always thought goku was asian only to find out fox americanized the genre and put shitty actors in it even jackie chan would be a good choice..though goke was based on chan may cgi chan ..like angelina jolie in beowulf..even though fox might ruin there chances with this .worst possible cast maybe chow fat is the best choice out of the cast.but goku as justin shit

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2 replies to lawrence's comment

You're right. It's a very complex issue.

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the networks dont want to agree to a deal because they are using this as an excuse to get more reality tv on the networks. they will use the excuse that the writers are striking and thus no scripted tv can be aired so they will HAVE to air more low cost, easy to control, easy to replace reality TV. Most people will not start watching TV over the internet or anything else, they will just start watching whatever crap is on TV. Once people are used to reality TV, they can keep more of it on TV once the strike is over. Management 101 or more like Management 1901 but still, thats how you counter a strike. A network worth billions can take the short term loss for a long term gain but the same can't be said for the day-to-day line workers and even most writers.

I know not all scripted shows are going to disappear but if its say 80/20 now (i have no idea what it actually is, just a wild guess) this will let them move to 70/30 in a few years and then 50/50 in 5. Maybe by then people will watch tv on the net but if Comcast/ATT keep complaining about people using too much bandwidth how will that ever happen either?

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4 replies to khamel's comment

From what I understand is the writers do not want a formula for the internet and want a set rate of around 1.5%. So this is a no go for the writers and frankly is rather bad for them. Now the studios can claim the writers are the bad people because the directors made a deal within 5 days.

And rankly I hope the strike does last at least a few more months. I hope we get no new shows next year, it will help all the current shows get another season.

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3 replies to Oreo's comment

its becoming increasingly clear that the WGA is not really fighting for internet residuals here, they are fighting for more control.

they want all animation and reality writers to come under the WGA, thus having complete power to shut down movies and all TV if they do strike.

now that a deal has been made with the DGA, i wonder if the writers are going to start questioning the motives behind the WGA leadership, resulting in a backlash!
maybe they have been fooled by the WGA leadership to strike on the basis of internet residuals, but ultimately, its all about power.

this ego trip by the WGA leadership is hurting everyone involved, including the thousands of people who are put out of work, who have nothing to do with the WGA (caterers, florists etc..)

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I think if they could figure out a formula for sharing residuals for one group they really have killed their own lame-ass arguement! If the AMPTP has a brain cell to share they'd be able to end it, but you're right about the writer's lead time being a factor. Between that and the viewers that gorge on cheap dreck, the studios won't feel any pain until movies are affected.

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I hope this is positive for writers strike to end.

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1 reply to Chris's comment
Joey Geraci

I think it depends on the specifics of the deal. Supposedly, there are many low-end technical workers in the DGA that don't work high up enough in the food chain for residuals to matter, so there isn't as much pressure in that guild to get a fair deal on that particular issue.

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