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October 7, 2015

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Robots Everywhere (season premiere)

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jan 21st 2008 12:02AM

(S05E01) "Hey, you got kids? If I were married to her... we'd be pumping 'em out!" - Carl

The return of everyone's favorite talking fast-food crime fighters. Except... they weren't in the episode at all, save for a brief phone conversation Carl had with Frylock. Many may have already seen this episode. It was a special feature on the recently released "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am" video game. I never bought it, so it was new to me. Here's where it gets confusing though. In the grand scheme of ATHF, this is the 69th episode. However, if you reference the most recent Adult Swim TV schedule, the 70th episode was supposed to air tonight and this episode wasn't scheduled to have a TV premiere until March 23rd. Not like it's that much of a surprise. Adult Swim is known for just airing stuff whenever they feel like it. Remember last season's finale? Carl Wash? That one ended up airing almost a week early on a Friday night at around 3:00AM and it was never announced.

So as I mentioned, the Aqua Teens weren't in this episode at all, except that phone call which I'll get to. This is the first time Carl has had an episode all to himself, although he had most of the screen time in the season three finale -- aptly titled, "Carl." Their landlord, a new shape-shifting vampire type dude named Marcus (a.k.a. Marcula) had Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad kidnapped by demons and dragged off to the Mojave Desert where they were then cocooned by military spiders. Hence, their house is now vacant and Carl somehow became the real estate agent.

At first he tried he sell the house to a nice Goth couple who had two monkeys instead of children. Carl, true to his sex-craving persona, had his hands down his pants most of time and made numerous lewd remarks to the wife. He even drilled some peep holes in the wall in Frylock's room. Can you honestly imagine having that guy as your neighbor? You know there's people out there like that too.

Carl's obsession didn't last long though. A family of robots showed up, killed (liquefied) the Goth couple, and Marcus gave them the OK to move in. At this point, the episode got a little tired as it was just the robot family harassing Carl. I honestly would have loved to see Shake interact with them. There were plenty of highlights though:

  • I loved how Carl mentioned the attic and all the blood dripping out of it when he was showing the house. That, of course, is referring to the onion-shaped monster Willie Nelson, from the episode "That Shaving."
  • Remember when the Goth wife noticed the hole (Shake's "toilet") in the floor? She said something like "pooping while standing up is so chic!" Hilarious.
  • Was there any real point to the tests that the robots were making Carl endure? The funniest part was when they burned off the shoulder hair on one arm and Carl demanded that they do the other so that it looked even.
  • Carl as Rambo. Genius.
  • Carl did call Frylock at one point and Frylock mentioned his answering machine, which did net us one classic Shake line, even though it was only his voice: "At the sound of the tone? Wouldn't it just be 'at the tone'?" He's such an ass.
  • Exactly how many times has Carl's car "2 Wycked" been destroyed? Dozens at this point.

For those who missed the credits and have been trying to figure out who voiced the robots, it was Fred Armisen and Rachel Dratch. Not bad guest voices for a season premiere. This was a great episode, but I'm definitely looking forward to the return of the Aqua Teens.

What's your favorite ATHF season premiere?
Robots Everywhere (S05)76 (23.8%)
Dirtfoot (S04)38 (11.9%)
Video Ouija (S03)119 (37.3%)
Super Birthday Snake (S02)66 (20.7%)
Rabbot (Pilot)20 (6.3%)

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