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August 31, 2015

Ugly Betty: A Thousand Words by Friday

by Erin Martell, posted Jan 25th 2008 12:00AM

America Ferrera and Christopher Gorham

(S02E13) It might not have been an official season finale (a faux-nale?), but this week's Ugly Betty could be the last one we see for a very long time. I miss the show already. So many issues are up in the air! What will happen with the Henry-Betty-Gio triangle? Will Wili's baby scheme succeed? Is Ignacio ever going to get another storyline? For now, we'll either have to use our imaginations or content ourselves with the Season One DVD. I've never been big on fanfic, so I'm going with Option B.

There were a lot of promising new storylines introduced in this episode, which makes the show's hiatus even more depressing. Daniel got himself a new love interest, and of course there were complications. Renee (or is it Rhonda?) initially set out to use her fling with Daniel to annoy her sister, Wilhelmina. Yes, Daniel slept with the woman who was almost his step-aunt and nearly showered with his almost-stepmother. Daniel hasn't had a serious relationship in a while, so it's too bad that we won't get to see how things work out. We'll have to wait to find out what Renee's big secret was, too. I couldn't believe it when Betty convinced Daniel to give Renee another shot. Have Daniel and Betty learned nothing from their dealings with Wilhelmina?

Daniel is getting a little wiser, though. He managed to outsmart Betty and motivate her to do the interview with Phil "Tap That" Roth. I'm glad that someone was able to get Betty out of her comfort zone. She's really been sticking to that "write what you know about" philosophy, with little success. I was surprised that Betty was so quick to ditch her assignment and write about Hilda. She didn't read Phil Roth's book and only spent about five minutes interviewing him--hardly the best way to get more work at the magazine. Unfortunately, she didn't learn her lesson in time; Alexis ultimately nixed the story. Perhaps she can do some freelance work for Hot Flash when it gets going?

I was wondering what Claire would do once she was a free woman, and I got my answer this week. In lieu of a celebratory bender, Claire decided to become a snooping, style-cramping, full-time parent. After her falling out with Daniel and Alexis, I expected her to show up with a hot new boyfriend, but I guess it isn't her turn yet. Instead, Claire will throw herself into her work as the new editor of Hot Flash, a magazine for the pre-ice floe set. This idea is even less appealing to me than Slater was. On the bright side, this means that we'll be seeing more of Ma Meade at the office!

Henry and Gio did have a showdown in this episode, but it wasn't over Betty. The Tap That experiment turned into a contest for strange women's phone numbers, and the results were hilarious. There's something to be said for the esteem killer theory after all. It certainly worked on Betty, possibly more than once. Betty couldn't stop thinking about Gio after he called her a Mode girl back at the start of the season. Do you think that she'll keep her promise to Henry and cut Gio out of her life? I seriously doubt that Gio will go away quietly. He might lay low while Henry's around, but he'll make his move once Egg Salad returns to Tucson. I feel like I'm just waiting out the Betty-Henry relationship, and I'm not alone. According to last week's poll, most of you are on Team Gio. Sandwich lovers, unite!

At least one storyline was resolved this week--for the most part. Amanda finally got to meet Gene Simmons, and it looks like he really is her biological father. We didn't get to see them catch up as father and daughter, though. After all the time that was devoted to Amanda's search for her Dad, I was hoping for a little more. They did get a cute moment together at the club, so that's something.

Naturally I'm sad that this season might be over, but this half-season still lived up to the Season One standard. Feel free to talk about your favorite Season Two moments in the comments section. I'll start: Wili beating mannequins on the roof was totally classic.

My favorite lines of the night:

  • "Approach, subdue, score. An easy way to remember it: ASS." --Phil Roth
  • Gio: "Are you serious?" Henry: "Serious as a nova."
  • "You have a beautiful face. Your doctor did an amazing job." --Henry
  • "I'm really impressed that you're not intimidated by all the young women here." --Henry
  • "Don't touch the yogurt, Christina. I don't eat breakfast, but I have it there so I know what I'm depriving myself of." --Wili
  • Gene Simmons: "Oh, I Google myself every morning." Amanda: "Me too!"

Which Ugly Betty cliffhanger will bug you the most during the show's hiatus?
Will Betty really stop seeing Gio?87 (26.9%)
Will Wili's baby plan work?53 (16.4%)
Is Stuart telling the truth?32 (9.9%)
What's Renee's secret?139 (43.0%)
Will Claire's magazine succeed?5 (1.5%)
Other (elaborate in comments).7 (2.2%)

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Arrgg... what a way to end it, ive just finished catching up on the series, i must agree with Wili and the mannequins on the roof, now that was funny. How ever Gio's little speach on not no such thing as fat free Mao' is a close runner up.
Also "High Betty" i would love to know what purple tastes like!
The Gio and Betty story line is deffinatly got me anoyed about this season break, she seemed to get a little jelouse when Hilda told Betty she had asked Gio out, shes not going to stay away from him, there is something there!

February 20 2008 at 11:41 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i believe betty is falling in love with gio. i sure do miss Ugly Betty tonight. Thursdays is my favorite night to watch tv just because of Betty. I've even changed out of town appt.s just so i would be home for the program. I sure hope the program comes back on.

January 31 2008 at 9:02 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This series has become more and more exciting as those characters along with their surrounding intrigues are developed into least imagineable surprises. It is too bad, if this greatness has to be postponed with no definite information of when this will be continued.


January 31 2008 at 5:47 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Wili's real name is Wanda. Twins?

January 30 2008 at 11:00 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I find it hard to believe that Renee's secret is that she was once a man. They've used that plotline already, and using it again would just be overkill. Wili called Renee "Rhonda" earlier on in the episode (which is, of course, a girl's name...another flag that it's not a gender-related secret), but it's bound to be some sort of identity issue.

Random thought that came into my head at the "when he finds out who you really are" moment. What if Wili's her mom? Y'know, one of those teenage-mother-pretend-it's-a-sibling things. Probably far-fetched, but figured I'd throw it out there. Because, hey, with Ugly Betty you just never know... :-D

January 26 2008 at 12:08 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

line of the night, def "It's Mandy, bitch!"

last nights episode was funny. i would be surprised if Renee's secret is that she used to be a man. Willi was close to Alexis, so maybe she knew connects in the transexual operations world from her sister. you never know.

January 25 2008 at 11:36 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Favorite moment of the season is when Betty was hopped up on Faye's perfume and running around the office like a maniac, licking Christina's face and dry humping Henry on the elevator.

January 25 2008 at 10:03 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

My favorite season two moment was Amanda's impromptu performance of 'Milkshake' during the interruption of Bradford and Wilhelmina's wedding ceremony.

January 25 2008 at 7:27 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Personally, I think Gene Simmons is just a red herring as to the missing father situation. He might lead her to her dad or something, but it just seems too unbelievable that he's actually, well.. her dad. What I won't deny is that he sexed up Sommers. I mean, honestly, out of all the woman that man must have slept with in his lifetime it's not very far-fetched. Plus, who knows how loose Fey was back then, she could've been with multiple guys that night..

On the off-chance he is indeed her father, I don't think Simmons is the type to simply make a one-time appearance. After the fun he was having doing that reality show of his, I could see him making a few more rounds with this series. It felt really odd seeing him actually act, though.

Considering the weird basis for 'Tap That', I was noticing frequently, after it was introduced, that Betty was following the trick exactly as it was described. All the time. Especially, as you say, including Gio. I think it might be due to people's sense of insecurity and not wanting to be misunderstood.. The idea itself really isn't that far off from real relationships.

And, well, as for the Betty/Henry/Gio triangle - This is how I see it:

- Henry is going to leave. Inevitably. He has a baby to raise and nothing is going to keep him from that, even the girl he loves. I doubt the show will say Charlie has a stillborn or a miscarriage, 'cause that's just a cop out.

- Betty will be heartbroken. Inevitably. It's something everyone predicted and they will be right. How could she not, anyway? Henry was seemingly the perfect match and, as soon as their relationship started, it had to end. Sad, really, but we all saw it coming.

- At that point Gio is going to revert to the nice guy again and do everything he can to help her get over it.. Again, -inevitably-. I know he's been trying to interfere already, but with 'Egg Salad' totally out of his way he'll stop at just about nothing now. Of course, he'll probably try convincing her a little rebound action would ease some of the pain - whether he comes on strong or makes his intentions subtle. At first she'll be totally reluctant to the idea, as she is now, but the feelings will grow on her. Eventually, she'll cave in. And, voila, third love interest.

Favorite season moments, though? Ugh.. I'll have to think back on that..

January 25 2008 at 2:32 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I was so torn between which cliffhanger would kill me the most so i just went with other even though my answer is basically all of them. I loved this ep. And i was SO happy that Amanda FINALLY met her dad, but i also hope that Gene Simmons comes back and does it more than just a one appearance. I will feel slightly cheated if it all of the search was just for one clip (even though it was cute and funny).
UGH! I just KNOW this wait is going to be the most dreadful thing. I don't know how i'm going to get through it, UB was the thing that got me through Thursdays. Oh well... *bawls* At least LOST premieres next week, that i can look forward too...

January 25 2008 at 1:20 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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