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October 13, 2015

Lost: Confirmed Dead

by Erin Martell, posted Feb 8th 2008 12:00AM

Ken Leung, Jeremy Davies, Matthew Fox, Elizabeth Mitchell, Jeff Fahey, and Evangeline Lilly

(S04E02) Watching "Confirmed Dead" was like watching my dream episode of Lost. People asked direct questions for once, some of which were answered within the hour! This episode was all about the Freighties--their lives back on the mainland, their connections to Oceanic 815, and, to borrow a phrase, their "primary objective."

Flashback: The Freighties

Daniel Faraday
Naomi wasn't lying about the plane wreckage being discovered. We got to see it firsthand. The crew of the Christiane I found an Oceanic plane in the Sunda Trench, off the coast of Bali. Back in Essex, Massachusetts, Daniel Faraday cried and shook as he watched a news report about the discovery. A woman (she was wearing a wedding ring, so she could be his wife) asked him why he was so upset, and Daniel had no idea. I'm not sure which is more disturbing: the fact that someone might have staged the 815 wreckage, or that Daniel was so freaked out about the news footage. Moments before landing on the island, the Freighties' helicopter was out of control, and Miles threw a terrified Daniel out of the chopper.

Miles Straume
Apparently Miles was the go-to guy for ghostbusting in the Inglewood, California area. Like Daniel and the other Freighties, he took an interest in the Oceanic 815 story. Miles stayed in the car to hear the rest of a radio broadcast about 815 before going to his next house call. An elderly woman named Mrs. Gardner hired him to cleanse her home of her murdered grandson's spirit. After doubling his fee because of the cause of death, Miles and his completely bogus device went to work in the grandson's room. His gear was fake, but his supernatural gifts were legit. Miles has the ability to communicate with the dead, but he does so for a profit. The grandson's ghost led him to a paper bag filled with cash, which Miles pocketed. After forcing himself to say that the spirit was "at peace," he returned part of his fee to Mrs. Gardner. A selfish con man with a heart? That sounds familiar.

Charlotte Lewis
Charlotte's back story began in Medenine, Tunisia. The anthropologist was also fascinated by 815 news; she couldn't stop reading newspaper articles about the discovery. A very different discovery brought Charlotte to a dig out in the desert. Another group found the skeleton of a polar bear. After bribing a man to let her check out the remains, she found the bear's leather collar. The prominently-displayed DHARMA Hydra Station logo put a cryptic smile on her face.

Frank Lapidus
Before he flew the Freighties' helicopter, Frank was working for a tour company on Eleuthera in the Bahamas. A phone call to the NTSB Oceanic hotline revealed that Frank had a personal interest in the 815 discovery. He was positive that the body found in the cockpit of the wreckage was not Seth Norris (who we all saw get killed by the monster). Seth Norris always wore his wedding ring, and the body in the Sunda Trench didn't have one. Frank knew about Norris because he was supposed to be the pilot on Oceanic 815. We know Frank's Oceanic connection, but what about the rest of the Freighties? Why were they so affected by the 815 story? Perhaps we'll learn more in future episodes.

Naomi Dorrit and Matthew Abaddon
Is Matthew Abaddon the Ben Linus of the Freighties? He organized the Freighties' trip to the island, and Naomi was the designated team leader. She was less than impressed with her soon-to-be colleagues, whom she called a headcase, a ghostbuster, and anthropologist, and a drunk. Abaddon told her that the team members were selected for a reason, but didn't elaborate. Naomi's other major concern was the possibility of finding 815 survivors. Matthew angrily insisted that there were no survivors. Her job was to get in, get out, and make sure that no one got killed. I guess she dropped the ball on that last one.

Team Jack

Jack and Kate's first encounter with the Freighties wasn't very informative. Daniel "Mumbles" Faraday did everything he could to avoid giving the survivors a straight answer. He used Naomi's old satellite phone to contact Minkowski, who quickly asked to be taken off the speaker. Faraday told Jack and Kate about the Freighties' GPS transponders, but was not forthcoming about their biohazard equipment or the gun that he had. Before he could evade Jack's question about their mission, the phone picked up Miles' signal.

The trio found Miles on a rocky part of the island. He pretended to be unconscious until Jack got close, then he pulled a gun on him. Kate tried to grab Daniel's gun during the chaos, but got caught in the act. Remember when Naomi asked George to tell her sister she loved her? That was Freightie code; Naomi totally tipped them off about the survivors. Miles was convinced that the 815ers killed Naomi and demanded to see her body.

While Miles did his ghost whispering, Faraday was busying himself with more important matters, like how the light on the island didn't scatter properly. Thrilled to have another man on which to use her feminine wiles, Kate attempted to convince Daniel to put down his gun. Jack calmly told Kate to let things play out, which should have been enough of a signal. Miles was in for an unpleasant surprise. He ordered Jack and Kate to help them find Charlotte, but was ambushed by Sayid and Juliet instead.

Juliet and Sayid were worried when their leader didn't return to the beach, and turned up in the jungle just in time. Naturally, Kate was jealous that she wasn't in on the plan. Way to see the big picture, Kate. Meanwhile, Sayid put his interrogation skills to use. Miles was smart enough to lie about his profession, but Daniel willingly told Sayid that he was a physicist. A socially awkward physicist? I didn't know they existed. Funniest moment of the night goes to Miles, who feigned astonishment when Sayid asked him why he wasn't surprised to see 815 survivors. Suddenly, the phone picked up Charlotte's signal running toward them. It was really Vincent; Locke had put Charlotte's tracking device around the dog's neck.

Finally, the group caught up with Frank the helicopter pilot, still processing his run-in with the DHARMA cow. He told Miles that he successfully landed the chopper, which was welcome news for the 815ers. After yet another tense conversation, Miles got the satellite phone from Jack. I thought it was strange--and suspicious--that Regina (was that Zoe Bell?) answered and told Miles that Minkowski was unavailable. Why can Miles only talk to Minkowski? As Juliet was patching up Frank's head wound, he asked for her name. He instantly knew that Juliet was not an Oceanic 815 survivor. Suddenly, Juliet had all of the Freighties' attention. Miles charged over to Juliet and asked her where "he" was. They came to the island for one person: Benjamin Linus.

Team Locke

Locke decided to take a little detour on the way to the Barracks. The itinerary included at stop at Jacob's cabin, which confused Hurley. He thought the cabin was back in the other direction. I'm worried about Hurley's safety now. Both Ben and Locke gave Hurley the crazy eye after he said that. Locke explained to Sawyer that he's taking orders from Walt now. At least he looked like Walt--only taller. Sawyer's response: "Taller? What, like a giant?" When Walt saved John's life back in last season's finale, he told him to stop Naomi and the Freighties from coming to the island. Sawyer's equally funny response: "You didn't ask any follow-up questions?" Locke explained that Ben had just shot him, so he was a bit disoriented. Luckily, John's traumatic past worked in his favor. The bullet passed through his body; he'd be dead if his father hadn't stolen his kidney all those years ago.

If Ben kills anyone this season, please let it be Karl. Karl foolishly tried to intimidate Ben with a gun when he tried to speak to Alex. Talk about sending a boy to do a man's job. Ben looked almost bored when he was messing with him. He got a more challenging target when Sawyer stepped in to subdue Karl. He told James that he'd never compare to Jack in the real world, and tried to make him jealous of Kate's alliance with Jack. Fed up with Ben's manipulation, Sawyer asked Locke why they were keeping him alive. Locke admitted that he needed Ben's knowledge of the island, and that apart from his mouth he wasn't dangerous. Say what? Sawyer knew better: he said that Ben probably had a plan to get rid of Team Locke, and that a double-cross was inevitable.

The group found Charlotte after she freed herself from her parachute and fell into a pond. It took her a long time to catch on to the 815ers' cold reaction to being rescued. Locke finally spelled things out for her: the Freighties' "rescue efforts" were unwelcome. Charlotte became angry when the survivors prevented her from following Frank's flare. She insisted on leaving, but Ben had other ideas. He stole Karl's gun and shot her in the chest. Someone just lost their gun privileges. I thought it was pretty hard core of the writers to give a character an flashback and kill her off in the same episode, but it was not to be. Charlotte was wearing a bulletproof vest.

This didn't stop Sawyer from wanting to kill Ben on the spot. Locke was ready to kill him too but wanted to question Ben first. He asked him straight out: "What is the monster?" If anyone knows the answer to this, it's Ben, but he was willing to take that secret his grave. He turned things around on everyone, though, when he recited Charlotte's name, profession, and personal history. He told Locke that he knows the Freighties' identities for two reasons: they came here for him, and he has a man on their boat. Well played, Mr. Linus.

I liked this episode even more than the season premiere. There were so many big revelations, and I loved watching Ben gain the upper hand--again. Jeff Fahey has already won me over--Frank is my favorite Freightie so far. Kudos to the writers for being brave enough to introduce new characters after the whole Nikki and Paulo thing. I'm already eager to learn more about the island's newest batch of villains.

Other questions/points of interest:

  • The Christiane I and the Sunda Trench were both mentioned on the Find 815 website.
  • The name Rick Lapidus appears in the Exposé script.
  • "Eleuthera" is Greek for "free."
  • Taller Ghost Walt is my next fantasy team name.
  • In Daniel's flashback, why didn't they show the woman's face? It's odd that they would cast the character and not show her face. Will we learn her identity at some point?
  • Sawyer might have competition for the job of island nickname-giver. Miles called Daniel Faraday "Genius" when he tossed him out of the helicopter, and called Jack "Handsome" when he pulled a gun on him.
  • Why did Naomi have a photo of Desmond while Miles had one of Ben? What does Desmond have to do with their mission?
  • I could kiss Locke for asking Ben about the monster.
  • My favorite evasive comment from Daniel Faraday: "I'm not in charge of packing."
  • TV Guide's Ausiello thought the episode was brought down by two things: Claire's lack of grief over Charlie and Jack's failure to follow up with Faraday about why the Freighties were there (they were interrupted by the phone call). Are these fair criticisms?
  • Another Lost-Star Wars connection: the Tatooine scenes from Episode IV: A New Hope were filmed in the Tunisian desert.

Next week--another member of the Oceanic Six is revealed. In the meantime, feel free to check out AOL's Lost coverage.

Which of the freighties is your favorite?
Miles Straume385 (23.8%)
Daniel Faraday627 (38.8%)
Charlotte Lewis156 (9.6%)
Frank Lapidus306 (18.9%)
Matthew Abaddon144 (8.9%)

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Anyone out there realize that the people on the freighter are from the Dharma Initiative? The Oceanic 815 discovered at the bottom of the sea was a fraud to through search and rescue missions off. Naomi had a photo of Desmond and Penny because they (Dharma) were looking for Desmond and Daniel had a photo of Ben because their mission is to kill him as revenge for gasing the original (as we know it) Dharma group. Didn't you all see the gas masks spill out of his back pack? Think about it. Also, in the flash forward, I think that Jack wants to go back because Dharma does gas many survivors of Oceanic 815 - like those that followed Locke and went to hide at the barracks...you know, where Ben gased the original Dharma gang. Any one have input?

February 13 2008 at 4:02 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Miles ought to cock that Colt if he plans on shooting anyone. Some of the 9mms are trigger cocking but the 1911 Miles has is single action and has to be cocked before shooting. Silly people.

February 12 2008 at 10:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think the freighties and Naomi and possibly some of the "rescuers" are part of DHARMA. They want Ben primarily because of Jacob! Ben and Locke and the person who looked back at Hurly (brown eye) are the only ones who know where Jacob is. Jacob is a prisoner in that cabin (thus the ashes in a circle around the cabin). I think Jacob may have been the leader of Dharma and NOT the leader of the Others. I think Ben imprisioned him and somehow convinced the Others that Jacob is giving Ben instructions to help all of them.

I think Dharma wants Jacob back. The ghost buster would be able to communicate with Jacob if he is dead. And once they find him, they plan to gas Ben and possibly the rest of the Others to get revenge for the Purge. Remember Ben told Jack that if he let the freighties come on the island, everyone would be killed.

Ben has a reputation of being a liar but much of what he says a grain of truth and comes to pass.

February 12 2008 at 10:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Our physicist Daniel Faraday is an allusion to famous physicist Michael Faraday, from which we get Faraday cages, which are boxes used to shield an space from external electrical/electromagnetic fields. Wonder what THAT means. ;)

February 11 2008 at 3:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

There definitely is some type of time travel involved. Desmond traveled through time when the hatch blew, plus, if you haven't seen the Orchid Station orientation video floating around out there go look at it , it's crazy. More than likely Abbadon and his boat are Dharma people and that's why they want Ben. I'm guessing the crew that parachuted to the island either are killed or stay behind or some of both. The reason I say this is because when Abbadon visits Hurley he asks are those people still alive, he's talking about the islanders, so he must have lost all communication with the team he hired otherwise he would know something. I think the helicoptor flight was a 1 way flight out, if the boat does arrive there is probably a struggle. Either way Abbadon wants them dead, you can tell by his tone with Hurley. The people that remain on the island definitely aren't left safe because Charlie tells Hurley they need his help. Whoever took control of the island had to rejam the signal because the island remains hidden when they get back. More and more religous implications with the show, I hear Abbadon was really the angel of death that casted lucifer to hell or something. Yet Ben is very smart and deceptive, kinda like the antichrist. The name Ben Linus also very similar to Bin Laden. Just some thoughts.

February 11 2008 at 12:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

James, you're so worried about getting answers to the questions that you're missing all the important things that happen every week. The story is full of twists and turns not answers, those always come at the end of the mystery. If they gave answers sooner there wouldn't be a story to tell. Some of the answers will be up to the individuals interpretation. It's quite common for writers to take that approach. So don't get bogged down worrying about answers, focus on what you know and use your imagination. Stop focusing on the little things you don't need at the moment because you're missing all the good stuff that they give week after week.

February 11 2008 at 9:59 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Lord McCormick

A good recap of the show. Good attention to detail. I too wonder why they did not show her face but perhaps that is all part of another item to be brought up later.

February 10 2008 at 3:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think everything was so clear from this episode if you look at it all from the point of view of the "rescue team". One thing is... the wreckage footage was 100% faked. Forget the time travel/black hole ideas. It was faked by someone connected to "the others". The other thing that was clear to me is... the team members were chosen because they all have some kind of knowledge and/or interest in the island and therefore were easy to convince to go and maybe easy to get to keep their mouth's shut about it. As for their motivation:

Miles is there to get paid and is the most gung-ho about finding ben because he wants to find him, get his money, and go home. There's an indication that he has an interest in the island, but only because he was listening to the radio broadcast about the plane crash... there was nothing else from him to pinpoint about the island itself.

Charlotte has been searching for the island or at least for real evidence of the dharma initiative, and you could tell she was genuinely excited to be there when she dropped in the water... until she saw the losties.

Daniel must have heard of the island and thought of it as some kind of "holy grail" of physics. I think that's why he was so upset when he saw the televised wreckage... because if he had heard some theory somehow that the plane had landed on the island, the footage "disproved" that theory. He is clearly uneasy about the whole thing because he is interested in the island but not in the whole rambo aspect of it.

Frank clearly believed right away that the footage he was seeing was faked, even before seeing the pilot. In fact, the little airplane in the fish tank was clearly a "simple" attempt by him to figure out exactly how it could have been faked. Perhaps he knew of the island theory and that is what sparked his skepticism.

What else is clear is the attitude the rescue team had toward the losties... they were hoping to just avoid them altogether, but they had a story in case they had to interact with them... the desmond story. It seems to me that they have zero interest in taking any of the losties with them, but obviously some of them do get off the island, so perhaps they end up NEEDING to take some of them in order to get off the island... maybe they were forced at gunpoint or maybe some (or maybe all with the possible exception of frank because he's the pilot) of team members die in order for the oceanic 6 to make it off. I think the team members were told that the survivors could be there, were informed of who they were so they could tell the difference between survivor and native, and also told that if they got in the way of the efforts to get ben, they needed to be stopped even if it meant killing them.

Once naomi became connected with the group, it seemed that she maybe hoped to get some of them off the island, but it also seems clear that rescuing them comes in a very distant 2nd to finding ben, and its likely that she was just playing them nicely in order to get them to help her. The rest of the team came knowing that naomi had been killed and hoping to, again, avoid the losties. That's why Daniel was so uneasy and that's what sparks the push and pull between the rescue team and the losties. The team wants to get ben... thats it... and they really wanted nothing to do with the losties, because they may get in the way, and why would they want to kill them if they don't have to? They use them to their advantage as they see fit (like showing miles where naomi's body was... which i think had nothing at all to do with "talking to her spirit", and everything to do with getting something from her body) but they're just doing what they can do get their job done and some of them seem to want to at least enjoy the fact that they're on the island while they're there... but the point is... ultimately they want the losties to get lost.

There's so much more that I want to get to, but I'm already being way too much of a nerd by going on this long.

February 10 2008 at 1:05 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

What about that strange part near the end where they have Naomi's body on the stretcher and are about to load her on the chopper. . and Miles says something like why are we bringing her, that's not Naomi. . . .that's me? Or does he say mean? Either way, it makes no sense and has to be some sort of clue??

February 09 2008 at 3:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
2 replies to josh's comment

i believe he said "That's meat" ie her soul is no longer there, it's just her body so it doesn't really mean anything....just an idea

February 09 2008 at 5:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think you're right, I replayed that part and it sounds like 'meat' or as the pilot puts it, extra weight. We'll never know til 2010 when its all over . . but I've wondered if the island is not 'physical' at all, rather all mental or out of body experience. Not looking to take this post any deeper, just blabbing. Has anyone heard about a continuity issue with this last episode? I've read there is a major continuity flaw somewhere, but I can't find it.

February 09 2008 at 5:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Episode was great, but as mentioned, more and more mysteries are being brought up with the entire 3 previous seasons remaining unanswered. someone said, its good to not have all answers at once. but we have not had anything explained. except for how the Others live in Othersville - ben purged the Dharma crew. thats all. all well and good, but there is so much unexplained, the stations, swa and pearl. why was desmond never routed out by Ben and his new mates? they needed him to carry on keeping it hidden, will we ever see occurences from the pearl station, the people who worked in there, and why the books were piling up...we're they ever read? what was the incident? the purge or sth before? why does the orientation film guy change his name between stations? where from and why did a pallet drop in season 2? it occured when Ben was supposed to press the button...the meltdown was stopped, he denied pressing anything and a pallet was found. we saw in the flame, all the dharma books, pallet drop protocol..for a second we thought, sayid will read these and explain it all....nope. boom. i think the writers decided to wipe the slate clean. the four toed statue? the pala ferry? the other stations on that flourescent map, what this sickness is both rouseau and kelvin were talking about, the monster was so prominent in seasons1+2, esp1, making so much noise, chasing locke and jack almost eating locke, pulling up trees etc...now nothing. THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!!! i seriously doubt we will learn what its all about, season 3 was a total let down except for ben/dharma episode. season4 so far is very interesting..but its another "will we get any answers to past stuff? season like 3 was" sawyer asked juliet at the end of s3..so why were we crushing rocks....oh oh, please tell us...she fobs him off with some joke.! aaahhhh. now we have more secrets, the fake 815 findings, strange black guy covering it up, naomi saying, oh yeah of course, but nudge nudge what if i find the survivors....and now they want ben. it'd be almost as good if Miles, said, "where is the dog! showed a pic of vincent, we came here for him, now where is he!!!!!" that would mean they knew Walt...interesting. peace.

February 09 2008 at 8:59 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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