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October 6, 2015

FOX orders pilot for dumbest game show ever - VIDEO

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 13th 2008 2:21PM
Hole in the WallOne of my regular blog haunts is the game show news site BuzzerBlog, and when I logged into it today and saw this post, I couldn't believe my eyes: FOX and Fremantle Media are apparently putting together an American version of the popular Japanese game show Hole in the Wall. I was so flabbergasted that I had to see who else reported on it; sure enough, it was right there in Variety for all to see.

If you're not sure what Hole in the Wall is, take a look at the video after the jump. Basically, it's a game of human Tetris: contestants have to bend themselves into the shape of a cutout on a fast-approaching wall. If they do it in time, they go through the wall. If they don't, the wall pushes them into a pool of water. That's it. That's the whole game.

You've seen clips of this show on YouTube, and they've been picked up by the Ellen show and others who are amazed at how dopey the concept is. To those people, of course, it's so dopey it's fascinating. To me, it's just dopey. Like Deal or No Deal before it, the simple concept seems fun during the first few episodes, but gets very old when you realize that's all there is.

I wonder how FOX is going to modify the game for American audiences. Will the brightly-colored set give way to ominous lighting and music? Will the contestants who fail to pretzel themselves through the wall be pushed into a vat of hungry bees? And will they be able to get Regis to host?

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This clip is one of only many different challenges from this show. It is more like MXC than just this.

February 14 2008 at 10:35 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
John D\'arc

the holes would be bigger, cause us Americans are tubbier.

February 14 2008 at 7:39 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I've seen some clips of this show in the past and laughed really hard. I think it's funny.

February 14 2008 at 7:39 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply


Deal is a legitimately difficult strategy and betting game. It's quite fun to watch, too. I don't know what there is to not like about it.

February 14 2008 at 12:38 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

a friend of my show me that show in youtube, and i LOL for about an hour. It's hilarius, but i'm not sure if i would enjoy and hour of that. Either way, it's funny as hell.

February 13 2008 at 7:48 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Best. Game show. Ever.

February 13 2008 at 5:27 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Deal Or No Deal is so bad, I'm pretty sure it was one of the signs of the apocalypse in the Bible. But at least the idiots who watch it have something to scream at their sets about. If they were to watch this show, what are they going to scream? Americans like to feel like they're smarter than the person on the show they're watching, and so I predict that this won't be successful.

February 13 2008 at 4:06 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Dammit, I'm irritatingly amused! But agreed, will grow old quick. If anyone's seen Takeshi's Castle, it has longetivity through all the different obstacles/challenges it has. This will be very samey unless they shake it up a bit.

February 13 2008 at 3:58 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

We have this show in France too, it's getting popular...

February 13 2008 at 3:35 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

too many fat people will feel excluded. im fat and wont but im just saying, we americans be chubby.

February 13 2008 at 3:34 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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