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October 8, 2015

Cashmere Mafia: Dog Eat Dog

by Kristin Sample, posted Feb 21st 2008 8:42AM
Lucy Liu (S01E07) "Good night, Jason." --Mia

And I think that's the last we'll see of the Chinese brain surgeon. What a catch he was though. Smart (well, obviously). Sweet. Attractive. Sleepy. Okay, that last one didn't go over too well. How could anyone, tired from neurosurgery or not, fall asleep on Lucy Liu's abs? She looked downright hot in that lingerie. It reminded me of the Desperate Housewives episode when Brie went to Rex's motel room and whipped off her fur coat to reveal a red lace bra and panties. (Of course that was Marcia Cross's body before the twins.) Then Brie ruined the sexy mood by obsessing about a burrito about to fall and stain the motel carpet.

More on last night's Cashmere Mafia (and no more on Desperate Housewives, I promise) after the jump...

Mia Mason: First, what a ridiculous workout jacket she had on in the first scene. Second, do you expect me to believe that she does her hair in an up-doo everyday? Third, it was awesome that Wallace Shawn from The Princess Bride guest starred (Inconceivable!). Okay, I'm done now. Let's talk about Mia's story.

Miranda OttoMia still has relationship issues. No big surprise there, right? I think she wants too much. Jack is out of the picture and the Chinese brain surgeon is back in. But she's complaining about Jason now. She even had relationship issues with her new dog Wiley for half the episode. The dog story was cute though, quirky even. Most CM viewers can't relate to running a publishing house, but they can relate to adopting a dog, owning a dog, maybe even dealing with an animal rescue organization.

Juliet Draper: It was a Davis-free episode. I nice break, I think. Juliet dealt with a billionaire who is gobbling up stock of Stanton Hall while courting her. But, too bad for billionaire Glen because it seems like something is blossoming between Juliet and the French hotel owner.

Glen Dinerstein is not out of the picture yet though. I think we may have a little love triangle shaping up. What do you think? Juliet refusing big gifts and trips with Glen while flirting her way through the architectural revamp of Frenchy's hotel--I could see it. There are alluring aspects on each side of this equation: the security of the rich-beyond-belief Glen or the spontaneity and eccentricities of Frenchy. Either way, Davis would be jealous.

Frances OConnorZoe Burden: It was Zoe's first week of being unemployed last night. The problem? Zoe has way too much energy to be unemployed. We saw last night that Zoe thrives on multi-tasking: planning dinners, doing her daughter's science project, helping Eric with his pitch.

I think the question as of last night is: what will Zoe do with her life? She obviously can't just stay home. She's way too high-strung to be only "mommy." Not that she doesn't adore her children, Zoe just seems to thrive off of closing deals. Do you think she'll go back to her old company? Obviously, Tate and his wife are looking for her but there's the Clayton issue? Do you think she'll start her own company? I'm not even sure that a small-business version of a mergers and acquisitions company is feasible. The other option is working with Eric and helping him run his own architecture firm. A possibility? What do you think?

Bonnie Somerville Caitlin Dowd: It was a light episode for Caitlin, which is fine with me because I like it when CM focuses on one or two of the ladies as opposed to squishing all four into one hour. Since Caitlin is finished with her Alicia fling, we got to see a work crisis last night. It was a good opportunity for Bonnie Somerville to show off her comedic abilities. The conversation between Caitlin and the young designer was very good, I thought. I also like her boss and I hope that the writers do more with her.

Cashmere Quotables:
"Please, I'd love to, but six dogs is just weird." --Mia's co-worker on not taking Wiley
"Then un-commit me. Is that a word?" --French guy who bothers / intrigues Juliet
"Actually I told him you were having your eyes done." --Clayton on what he told Tate about Zoe's absence from the company
"Yes he did. He ate my shoe. It was a connection. It meant something." --Mia about Wiley

Which job would you like to do for a day?
Zoe's job in finance16 (11.6%)
Mia's job in publishing43 (31.2%)
Juliet's job in hotels40 (29.0%)
Caitlin's job in fashion / cosmetics39 (28.3%)

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I like the show, it's just fun, something I don't actually have to think when I watch it and it's fast. That's the problem I have with lipstick jungle, it moves way too slow for this kind of show.

No way Eric would ever have Zoe run his biz. Didn't you just see him telling her not to tell him how to close a deal in the episode. Absolutely out of the question cause Zoe would drive Eric insane. I think though Zoe should get a job somewhere else and bring down Clayton that way. It's pretty obvious his old boss is a male chauvinist so even if Clayton messes up the deal, she's not likely to be hired. That's why she quited and that's why I think she should never ever go back. But find a job somewhere else and steal back Tate and his wife.

And I always catch it off the internet. In fact I barely watch shows on TV anymore and catch everything online.

February 21 2008 at 2:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
mike m

I like this show, and I'm not sure why. In many ways, I feel it fills my quota for soap opera in a week. The problem is, if it got canceled, I wouldn't be upset...I think most may feel that way, which is why I don't forsee it sticking around too long. idk. I also liked big shots for the same reason.

It isn't for the writing or the acting(both of which can get pretty bad), its more for the random waste of 48 minutes, it doesn't take itself seriously at all, and spends time outdoors. I like shows that go outside. Life is lived outside, not inside...so I'm all for a show that has a mom taking her kid to the park to go play soccer, or a woman going out and buying a dog, and walking it. The show is on too late though. I always have to pick it up off the internets. ;-)

February 21 2008 at 2:02 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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