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October 9, 2015

Friday Night Lights to return?

by Brad Trechak, posted Feb 21st 2008 8:36PM
Friday Night LightsIt's not the first time an Internet campaign has saved a show. This time, Friday Night Lights, on the brink of cancellation due to poor ratings, might be returning.

NBC is in talks with a number of other networks including the CW and TNT to discuss the possibility of having FNL appear on more than one network in the same week. Naturally, it would be broadcast on NBC first and then would be re-broadcast elsewhere.This has been done before. The biggest example I can think of is when the first season of Heroes (which was re-broadcast on the Sci Fi Channel in the same week of its initial broadcast). The situation is slightly different as NBC Universal owned both of those networks.

Also in this case, it's not a freshman drama. It's a good show that hasn't been able to snag a big enough audience for network TV. If this works, it could mean possible a prolonged life for other shows in similar situations. I just hope those other shows aren't the crappy ones.

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jamie sue

I hope FNL returns. It's the best show on TV and the only one I care to watch!!

March 19 2008 at 11:07 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Best show in a long time thats on TV. I really love it! I cant see how people dont get into it. Everyweek has something that catches your eye drawing you back to next week. I mean come on what about Tyra and Landry... how bout Smashes scholarship .. how bout Riggs and Garretty? We are left in the dark here! Cmnon NBC .....WE LOVE THE SHOW............ TURN THE LIGHTS BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 26 2008 at 10:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Great Show!!!
Please don't go.
When is network tv going to get a clue for what people really want to watch?

February 24 2008 at 11:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Lee Fortune

I hope NBC has been flooded with responses about their plan to dump Friday Night Lights! With the writer's strike,the changes from Wednesday night to Friday night, and the over abundance of reality tv and game show formats, it's been difficult for fans of the show to watch the one show that NBC has that's worth watching!Keep Friday Night Lights on! Thanks.

February 24 2008 at 9:47 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm a 40 year-old father of two from Norway (Scandinavia, not the state of Maine :-), who download every episode of FNL because it is (or used to be) an extremely well-written TV-drama. I checked out the FNL-pilot when I was downloading Studio 60 in the fall of 2006, and was instantly hooked. The freshman season of Lights is one of the best TV-dramas ever - far better than the mentioned Studio 60 (even though I love Sorkin's work).

BUT: Season two has not been up to the standard of season one. It's hard to put the finger on what exactly has been wrong, because it's still such a great show. But I think the writers haven't managed the delicate mix between happy and sad, play and hardship. The first season handled this mix to perfection, but it has been off in season two - in my opinion tilting toward the darker aspects. The murder-plot is one thing - but not only that. The Mexico-adventure and the meth-factory were also out of character I think, and all the tension in the Taylor-family became too much after a while.

I think it says a lot that the best episode of the season in many viewers opinion seems to be episode #7 "Pantherama" - where Tami Taylor finally is back at work at school and instructs Tyra and Lyla to take charge of the Pantherama-show. Finally a feel good-episode midst all the murder-drama, and all of a sudden the show felt back on track.

But it didn't last. The next one up was just as dark and gloomy as the previous ones in season two.

Dear NBC: I beg you to keep this show on - it still is one of the best shows on TV. But it needs a tad bit of adjustment. We love Friday Night Lights because of the realism of it. But we still want to be entertained - that's why we watch it. So adjust back to that fine-tuned balance between light and dark.

If u manages that you'll have a winner on your hands once again.

February 24 2008 at 9:51 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Bard's comment

I agree season two was a bit darker than season one. But it is on an hour later now and NBC wanted ratings. Also, we have not seen all of season two, the strike cut it off 2/3 of the way through, so all of these story lines are only 2/3 completed. We do not know what the writers had in store for us or how they would resolve them. NBC may never give us a chance to find out. Additionally, I did not find the trip to Mexico as dark, something had to happen to force Jason to move on. And Tim saves him. Both physically and emotionally, that is what friends are for. The meth man is also something that had to be done in order to get Tim to start straightening out. Kids are stubborn. Hopefully, we will get more shows so we know what happens to these characters as they graduate and go off to college.

February 24 2008 at 1:09 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Great Show, Life Like

February 23 2008 at 1:21 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Insert Name

Friday Night Lights is a poorly written and weakly executed TV show. I am shocked at the following of this series, and stunned that NBC would waste their time on this feeble attempt at drama.

February 22 2008 at 3:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Insert Name's comment

Alwaysright, obviously you are misnamed because in this situation, you are not correct. FNL is a great show. And if it is not your cup of tea, change the channel. But don't be so rude as to write a post like that on a website for its fans. Post on a website for a show you enjoy.

February 23 2008 at 3:45 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Best show on TV.

February 22 2008 at 3:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I agree with others that have said just keep it on. Don't care how. I just hope that they keep the show as it has been and stop going down the 90210 path.

February 22 2008 at 8:55 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Nbc has gone off the rails! They didn't want to have upfronts, but noone followed them down that path, so they're back. Now they'll see if the other companies will help save their show. Other companies buy shows when they've been on long enough; other companies are doing their own shows. If none of these desperate measures works out for them, will it keep getting wackier?

February 22 2008 at 7:33 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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