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August 30, 2015

Lipstick Jungle: Chapter Three: Pink Poison

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Feb 22nd 2008 1:41AM
Lipstick Jungle(S01E03) "I could do a lot worse." - Madeleine about Wendy being her mother.

Indeed, Madeleine could do a lot worse. Wendy may not be a model mother but she is human and tries to make ends meet as best as she can. This week we saw more of how a scandalous book can affect someone and the control damage needed to smooth things over. Good thing that Wendy has a very good friend who is not afraid to play dirty!

The highlight of the episode, when Wendy's storyline is concerned, is definitely the writing of "bitch" on the back of Janice's coat. She so deserved it! Then again, if we had seen Janine's side of the story when Wendy supposedly destroyed her maybe we would be torn between whom to support. I was almost salivating when Nico entered Janice's office to put an end to this. The look on Janice's face when Nico explained why there was a new assistant was priceless! You can bet that even if Janice lost this fight that the war isn't over. Next time, Nico should watch her back. Speaking of Nico...

Last week, I polled TV Squad readers on what LJ storyline they preferred. Out of the seven choices, Nico's affair got the most votes. The book would have been my choice but after watching "Pink Poison" I must switch my vote for the affair. The affair went from somewhat boring, to juicy, to risky, to ugly. Really ugly. Nico was able to take care of Wendy's book ordeal but will she be able to face off the scandalous music now that she is the center of attention? As soon as she gave Kirby the check, I knew something bad would happen. At that point, I expected him to show the piece of paper to Nico's husband in order to make her payback. But after seeing him destroy it and then watching Mike enter the elevator, I knew something evil was in the works.

Mike is quite the snake. Convincing Kirby to claim that Nico sexually harassed him is low, yet oh so entertaining for us. This jaw-dropping moment will create a lot more drama, tension, and action for the series. The previews surely showed us that both sides are willing to do anything and lying is an option.

Victory's world seemed to be brighter at the beginning of the episode. Not only did she get a rocking assistant who can face off Joe's assistant but her rich boyfriend swept her off her feet when bringing her to Paris and showing her where Coco Chanel worked. What a catch he is, eh? But there is always another side to the story. For Joe, it's the fact he is all work and no play. He doesn't want a family and doesn't really want friends either (does he even have friends?).

I can understand his point of view that after a day of talking with clients and making small talk with other businessmen that he wants to sit back and enjoy some alone time but if he wants to make things work with Victory, he'll need to get out of his comfort zone and step into her world. They are opposites and have a different view of the world. It won't be an easy road for them but I'm sure in the end (and as the previews for next week hint), that love will prevail. Opposites attract, no?

Oh and if someone at NBC reads this, we know Maybelline is sponsoring the show thanks to the numerous commercials and that "get the look" segment so no need to have a huge banner in the show and have a character thank the company during a speech!

Now that you have watched three episodes, what do you think of the series?
It rocks!58 (27.9%)
It's good.66 (31.7%)
It's fine while my normal shows are in reruns.54 (26.0%)
It sucks!17 (8.2%)
I don't watch.13 (6.3%)

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After seeing this show, I would have to say a person scratching a fork across a chalkboard would be more enjoyable.

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