Idol Secrets: Amanda, Robbie and David H.

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 28th 2008 4:20PM
Robbie CarricoIt's that time of year again. The time when American Idol settles down with it's Top 24, we start singling out our favorites, and the media starts digging into these people's pasts and presents looking for juicy secrets like they're presidential politicians, too. Other than the expected mug shot discovery, two have surfaced this week that are certainly generating a lot of buzz.

One features Robbie Carrico, who has been called out as inauthentic in his attempts to be a "rocker" week after week thus far on the show. The other, the handsome but otherwise dull David H., who had a great week. Of course, Idol and FOX aren't saying anything about it. In order to not spoil the fun for those who like to avoid this kind of thing, you'll have to follow me to know more.

Robbie Carrico wig?If this rumor is right, than Simon is absolutely right in calling Robbie out as a fake. And if Simon knows, as it is hinted that most of the Idol staffers know, then it makes sense why he keeps drilling it in. According to TMZ, Robbie Carrico wears a wig. Now, this is one of those things that's easy to just laugh off; after all I thought David Cook's hair looked decided wiggish on this week's performance show, especially when they zoomed in on a side shot of his head. In this picture, however, it does look less than authentic. And I could totally picture him with male pattern baldness.

The thing is, as Chris Daughtry proved, you don't need long luxurious locks to look like a rocker. Maybe to squelch these rumors he'll get an impromptu "haircut" and explain it away as he was trying to get a makeover. Of course, if he does have severe baldness, then he'd better shave it pretty close because those HD TVs don't miss much. Robbie's pretty popular with viewers right now, so it'll be interesting to see if this story has any impact on that. Or if it will be addressed directly on the show.

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The next rumor that I guarantee won't be addressed on the show is the apparently secret past of David Hernandez. As first rumored on, apparently David Hernandez was a gay stripper at a club called Dick's Cabaret. Now, David also has apparently been calling out for the "single ladies" in at least one local news interview, so clearly he's either bisexual or now hiding his homosexuality for some reason.

Since they first posted the story, VFTW has been getting hit with various posts confirming his presence and expounding on the story with similar details among various posters. Purportedly, his stage name was Caden and he danced there and other places with his boyfriend. You can check out various pictures (SFW) of David working in the bar at their site.

Amanda OvermyerAs for that mugshot, well it looks like everyone's favorite rocker Amanda Overmyer got a DUI in October 2006. The article goes on to say she has a string of vehicular offenses, including going 100mph in a 45mph zone and running a red light. Generally, traffic tickets aren't anything to get too worked up, but a DUI is always a serious thing and exceeding the speed limit by 55 mph is pretty serious business, too. One can only hope that Amanda has learned from her mistakes and won't be repeating them. And, as crass as it is to say, this kind of story can only improve her "bad girl" rocker image, if that's what she's wanting to do.

The bottom line is these contestants are people, too. They've lived lives and made bad choices and mistakes just like the rest of us. We just don't have anyone digging into our pasts trying to find them. Welcome to stardom, kids!

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