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October 9, 2015

Lipstick Jungle: Chapter Four: Bombay Highway

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Feb 29th 2008 9:35AM
Lipstick Jungle(S01E04) "People like us are easy targets." - Hector to Nico

If we look at what Lipstick Jungle offers us, indeed, people in the movie, fashion, or magazine business are easy targets. Wendy's ex-nanny wrote a book, Victory's career was destroyed by one bad collection, and Nico had to face a fake lawsuit that had some truth to it (even Nico admits that what she did could be seen as sexual harassment).

This week's episode closed the books on the lawsuit Kirby filed against Nico but it didn't end their relationship. Why did he really do it? Even if Mike was the snake behind the ordeal, Kirby agreed to go forward yet all he wanted was Nico...

Even if at the end of the episode Kirby said that all he wanted was Nico, I still don't get why he filed the lawsuit. At first, I thought it was to get back at Nico for having him be fired. Then, I added the usual "to make a few quick bucks with a settlement" reason but he trashed the check she gave him and turned down the magazine's money offer. Why? Was it, like Hector said, to blackmail them in making him a photographer for the magazine? They didn't offer him that but would he have accepted? I guess he was pissed at first and Mike appeared at the right time and right place, so Kirby agreed to file the lawsuit. Then, after seeing Nico again, he was reminded that he loves her so he dropped everything.

Nico didn't hesitate much after he told her he wanted her. Would she have been so quick in jumping back in his arms if Charles hadn't rushed to the phone to stop the message his student was leaving on the answering machine? Clearly, Charles is also having an affair and his can bring much more drama than Nico's affair with 25-year-old Kirby. You can bet that we haven't seen the last of Charles and his student. It will surely blow out soon enough, causing a rift between husband and wife and having them finally face what is going on between them: nothing much. Do you think Charles skipped the premiere to meet with his student?

It was interesting to see how Wendy and Victory reacted to the news that their other friend was sleeping with a hot young man. Wendy, who recently had to deal with her own scandal, was supportive yet was quick to tell her friend to sign the statement that Kirby was a predator so that everything would go away fast. Victory, who is not married, couldn't understand why Nico did what she did.

In the end, no matter the ladies' point of view, they were there for one another and patched things up. The trio's relationship is the core of the show; therefore, it's important that they stay strong together through the problems they each face.

Other tidbits of interest
  • Even if the premiere didn't go as Wendy micromanaged planned it, she was able to make the most of it and have the paparazzi take pictures of the star, thus having the press mention the movie. And she controlled everything in a way until the very end since she ordered the actress to remove the jacket and exit by the front door!
  • Joe and Victory patched things up by implementing certain rules about seeing friends.
  • Joe should have thought a little bit more before telling Victory what he thought of her dress. It was a very very bad move on his part because saying what he thought of the dress was almost as tricky as answering the "Do you think I've put on some weight?" question! Okay, maybe not as bad but since this was an important dress for Victory, Joe should have kept his mouth shut.
  • Wendy's facial expression when she saw the dress was priceless.
  • I wonder if pictures from Wendy and Victory arguing on the red carpet will come back to haunt them.
Are the Maybelline ads (in the script and the commercials) hurting the show?
Yes, it's annoying!42 (30.9%)
Yes but I can live with them.26 (19.1%)
I don't mind them.43 (31.6%)
No, they are fine.16 (11.8%)
No because without those ads there wouldn't be a show.9 (6.6%)

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Please keep this show on the air. Its all I have to look forward to all week! This show got off to a shaky start with the pilot, but now that I am 4 episodes into it, I'm HOOKED!


March 01 2008 at 2:30 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i didn't think i would, but i actually like this show!
please, someone tell me how it is doing in the ratings or if it is coming back next year
i don't want to invest in another studio 60

February 29 2008 at 8:59 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think Kirby filed the lawsuit because Nick led him to believe that he was not the first person Nico had had an affair with, and he was hurt. Once he realized the truth and the fact that he was really hurting her, he dropped it, because, after all, all he wants is her. And her husband is definitely having an affair. That's why she didn't hesitate to go back with Kirby. and I'm pretty sure that's why he left the party and insisted that she stay.

It's a pretty good show in my opinion... not award winning, but entertaining, light yet dramatic. I understand that Maybelline sponsors the show - we ALL understand that - but their ads are getting ridiculous. and I really don't like the "mini-previews" of what is coming up later in the episode during that same episode.

February 29 2008 at 10:12 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to annacsmith08's comment

Kirby filed the lawsuit because Mike tricked him into thinking Nico has affairs with all of the male photographers (or workers, or whatever)...this is plainly said. I just wanted to add that because I thought it was very curious that the sum up of this episode speculated that issue even though it was flat-out said.
As for the comment on Studio 60...couldn't agree more. I was CRUSHED when that show was cancelled...I've yet to see anything compare...prior to or since (even though, I know, it's only been about a year). And while the pilot surely didn't impress me, Lipstick Jungle has definitely grown on me like a fine wine....it could be Andrew too ;-)

March 04 2008 at 5:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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