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October 4, 2015

Lipstick Jungle: Chapter Five: Dressed to Kill

by Kristin Sample, posted Mar 7th 2008 7:42AM
Brooke Shields as Wendy Healy (S01E05) Well, I am certainly enjoying Lipstick Jungle more than Cashmere Mafia. I like it so much that I jumped at the opportunity to fill in for Isabelle and review this week's episode.

Of course, lots of people expected the two shows to be almost the same (just different nights and channels). And the shows do have similarities: big stars with big paychecks (Lucy Liu, Brooke Shields), female characters in powerful jobs, stupid titles, etc. But as I sat through the first few episodes of Lipstick Jungle, I knew it would be a much more gratifying show. LJ is nowhere near Sex and the City or Desperate Housewives, but it certainly has potential.

Okay, enough preamble. After the jump, I'll talk about "Chapter Five: Dressed to Kill," I promise.

Wendy: This week Wendy decided that she would help her husband Shane get a job after seeing him perform at a jazz club. She assumed that he was unhappy with being a "house-husband" and that he missed his musical career. In an effort to get him back in the game, she offered up Shane's demo CD to David Hernandez, a director looking for a composer for his new film. (Was he a director? Or a producer? Whatever his title, David is beneath Wendy in the structure of the studio.)

Wendy's story ended tonight on a happy but somewhat foreboding note. While Wendy submitted Shane's music under an alias, she mistakenly told David that he was her husband after David thanked Wendy for the demo tape and complimented the work. Shane, of course, thinks that he only got the job because of his merit as a musician. This will be interesting when it plays out in the following weeks.

Kim Raver as Nico Reilly Nico: After seeing her friends happy with their companions (and ready to have sex), Nico headed to Kirby's downtown apartment. They had sex and she stayed the night, but not before she laid out some ground rules...which they proceeded to break for the rest of the episode. By the way, I thought his chalkboard was adorable.

Later on in the episode, she acted moody with Kirby after seeing him on set with a young starlet. Nico even told Kirby to go and call the actress because after all, she has her husband. I know Victory usually plays the part of complete basketcase but Nico is getting a little irrational herself.

By the end of the hour, both of them had to face facts. While Nico wanted this relationship to be just steamy sex, she has real feelings for her young lover. Kirby, too, was unwilling to play by the rules anymore. So far, I've found this storyline to be "sort of" compelling. It has potential to be more intriguing but I don't think LJ has gotten there yet. Actually, I think the real juicy part of Nico's love affair will come next week when she and Wendy fight about it. I like conflict between the women. They can't always be perfect friends.

Victory: Victory's storyline was by far the most entertaining last night. Maybe that's because I'm partial to Andrew McCarthy. I mean, who doesn't love Weekend at Bernie's? He is totally endearing as the quirky billionaire who can't get out of his own way in social situations. And because many of Lindsay Price's scenes are with Andrew McCarthy, I like her all the more. And it looks like she and Joe are learning from each other. He's learning to like her friends and not be completely insufferable. She's learning some business savvy and that she can't trust everyone.

Lindsay Price as Victory Ford Victory found out last night that Ricardo something stole her designs. Actually, Reese, her old employee, stole the designs and sold them to Ricardo whatever-his-last-name-is. The scene out on the snowy balcony could have been stronger. I was hoping for absolute rage from Victory. Reese stole her artwork, her livelihood, and lied about it. I wanted a Nicolette-Sheridian-esque delivery of those lines out of Lindsay Price. But, oh well. You don't get everything you want. However, I thought it was great that Reese accused Victory of using her friends to get ahead.

Quotes from the Jungle:

"I thought he was a restauranteur." Joe to Victory about Wendy's husband. "Yeah, ya missed a lot." --Victory's retort
"I suck at memorizing." --Kirby to Nico
"That was one time. And you know I had a sty." --Victory to Wendy after Wendy said that she wears sunglasses inside
"I am Buddha on the mountain. Speak." --Wendy to Nico
"And now, I feel so horrible." --Reese on stealing Victory's designs
"Well, if anyone can pull off a straight jacket that would be you." --Nico "Thanks. I do love a buckle." --Victory's reply
"Well, if that isn't a reason to get dressed, I don't know what is." --Victory after Diego said he wanted to invest in her designs

Do you think Wendy will tell Shane about her conversation in the elevator with David?
Yes26 (20.3%)
Not unless she's pressed74 (57.8%)
Probably not28 (21.9%)

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What were the two previous posters watching?

Anyway, this was a great episode. Love how Candice Bushnell dropped in during the commercial break.

March 10 2008 at 12:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

So Victory treats Joe like crap. Why does he stay with her? I find her the most annoying of the three characters.

March 07 2008 at 2:12 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Yeah, that David Hernandez guy, I am shocked that he was a stripper in Phoenix, is appearing on American Idol, and also on LJ. It just made me laugh when I heard the name of the driector on tonight's episode. Anybody else amused by it?

This was a decent episode...

March 07 2008 at 11:58 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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