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August 30, 2015

Big Brother 9: PoV Competition #5

by JJ Hawkins, posted Mar 19th 2008 12:32AM
Mattie and Nattie hug it out.

It's day 36 in the Big Brother 9 house and all is copasetic between Matt and Natalie. Matt's gone so far as to say that he'd sacrifice himself later in the game if it came down to him or Natalie getting evicted from the house.

Personally, I find Mattie's character completely suspect. His eyes are about half-inch too far apart and he's just got that future-criminal-in-the-making shine about him. Yup, I'm willing to bet that if it came down to him and Natalie in the final two he'd hang her out to dry faster than a freshly washed fitted sheet before clothes dryers became a staple in American households.

In fact, I'd be willing to bet he's going to sell her out sometime well before that if he gets an opportunity, particularly because the house has to see the alliance between the two of them as a huge, huge threat. I just don't see what Natalie sees in him. He's scandalous, sketchy, and a true student of the game. Perhaps it's that last point that she finds so attractive. Who knows?

Anyhow, Sheila brought up a great point when she was talking with Ryan early on in the episode. She said something to the effect of, "Since when did it become a rule that you couldn't lie in this game?" It's a theme I see all too often in this show and it's brother, Survivor.

Everyone's business is constantly out in the open, and people get absolutely crucified when they're caught in a lie, which is bizarre to me because that's what your expected to do on a show like this. On top of that, Sheila wasn't the only party to outright lie to James straight to his face. I'm not quite sure why he's actively hunting her down instead of say, Adam or Joshuah. I guess he had to pick someone to target besides Ryan, but to me, Joshuah would have been a much more suitable choice.

Matt reads the Bible.

On a sidenote, I have a great idea on a new reality show. After hearing Adam and Matt's conversation about the Bible as seen in various Indiana Jones films, I totally think that CBS should give the two of them the 30 to 40 million dollars and send a film crew after them to chronicle their efforts to locate the Holy Grail.

This would be gripping television ladies and gentlemen. We could watch the two of them trek across the planet overturning rocks and ripping apart holy sites while Adam chewed on his lip in a psychotic manner and Matt flirted with and massaged the local women. Would you not tune into this show on a weekly basis? Greenlight it CBS. You'll make millions.

Tonight Sheila issued an apology to Adam and he seemed to accept what she had to say. Apparently his effort earlier in the game to giver her the 10K made an impression on her. That or she realizes that she needs his support at this point in the game. I haven't quite decided if she's being sincere or not.

Power of Veto Competition - Guinea Pigs in a Cage

Finally, something of substance came out of the items in the hamster cage. The producers stuck three blocks inside that had the letters P. O. V. on them.

POV Hamster.

The players:

Natalie - Host

The backyard was made up to look like a giant guinea pig cage, and the premise was simple. The players would have to transfer 500 wooden blocks across a balance beam two at a time and place them inside a giant tube. If they dropped any blocks or fell off of the beam, they'd immediately be eliminated from the competition.

Matt and Ryan fell pretty quickly and Sheila was the next go after carelessly dropping one of her blocks. Chelsia took the next spill and that left James and Joshuah to duke it out for the PoV.

And like that, James, who was kicked out of the house a few days before ended up winning the veto. This should effectively keep his nominations intact which means Sheila or Ryan will be leaving the house next.

James has been making a pretty concerted effort to get to the bottom of who didn't vote to bring him back into the house. He's completely irritated that either Adam or Mattie won't confess to failing to bring him back into the game and he's going to punish one of them for it by exercising the veto and putting one of them up in Shiela or Ryan's stead. The only problem is, he's putting up the wrong guy...

James decides to put Adam up.

Of course, things never play out the way the producers lead you to believe that they will. A single commercial break later, and James was already having doubts about his plan to put up Adam.

He took some time to talk to Sharon to see if he had her vote if he decided to take out Adam. Only, Sharon pretty much convinced James that Matt was the true offender. This completely changed Jame's strategy and he set his sights on Mattie. Good call.

And true to his word, James put Matt up for eviction. I knew that Matt and Natalie's alliance was going to be their undoing. It's going to be interesting to see who goes home tomorrow night.

Who's getting gone?
Ryan24 (7.9%)
Matt278 (92.1%)

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Thank you, Brother Will. You're right about Sheila, for sure, and I think you might be right about Adam. He is suddenly stepping up and showing some game. He definitely had a better grip on campaigning to not be evicted than Matt did, and it appears he might have an overall strategy for success in the BB household. Matt's belated attempt to save himself was actually pretty persuasive and if he hadn't have spread himself so thin by lying to everybody it might have worked. This season has had its detractors, but the game just keeps getting better and better.

March 20 2008 at 3:52 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

So I'm posting this after the live show tonight, but man, Mr TNT, you pretty much called it dead on! It came down to James breaking a tie & Matt is gone. I totally agree on James, too.He's an ass, a hypocrite & I hope he gets booted out again & soon! The players on this show are different people every season, but they're basically all the same: they lie, break promises, etc. and then get all bent out of shape when it happens to them. James, with his self-righteous attitude, is sickening. I'm really glad Chelsia didn't get HOH. Maybe Adam can shake things up. Did you see how Shelia immediately was hugging on Adam after he won. Again, sickening. I really hate her & she would drive me nuts if I had to listen to her say the same things over & over again. And the crying when things aren't going her way?? Really tired of that routine, too. And I could have lived on just fine if I never saw or heard about Dick & Danielle ever again! At least they kept that segment short! I wonder if Dick-head has any money left at all? I really doubt it.

March 20 2008 at 5:16 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

James is scum. He is so full of crap his breath stinks. Matt deserves to be evicted, but not this week. Natalie's a bimbo and a half. She voted to allow James back into the house and she idiotically conceded the HOH to him. When will these people learn? Adam should recognize that Matt's unwillingness to admit he voted to keep James out of the house almost got his ass evicted and he should vote to evict Matt. Ditto for Sheila. If Joshuah thinks there's any value to his secret alliance with Ryan, then then he should vote to evict Matt also. That would leave the tie-breaker up to James. Adios, Matt. But something tells me Joshuah will only vote to evict Matt if either Sharon or Chelsia also decide to evict Matt.

James',"your word is all you've got in this house," is total B.S. Will somebody please backdoor this slimeball!

March 19 2008 at 3:05 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Ryan has to stick around. He's the only reason I'm still watching.

March 19 2008 at 8:37 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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