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October 4, 2015

Eli Stone: I Want Your Sex

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 28th 2008 12:28PM
George Michael(S01E09) Boy, that George Michael cat is one helluva swell guy, isn't he? Now I'm not sure how many celebrities would feel the need to get involved in a newspaper story, but George got all Oprah and put himself out there for this girl he doesn't even know. As for how he wound up picking Eli to lawyer up and take the case? Would you believe it came to him in a vision? Maybe the case was in the vision, too.

In a way, this episode serves as a closing chapter in the first major arc of the Eli Stone story. Sure, dangling threads keep thrusting us forward, like the unresolved issues regarding Patti's old stomping grounds and the earthquake of ... when was that now? Oh, that's right it hasn't happened yet. But this craziness all started with George Michael appearing to Eli in a vision, so there's a nice symmetry in the real deal serving a significant role as well.

I drew this really weird parallel between Eli Stone and My Name is Earl with this episode. Just as Earl was driven by an unexpected celebrity source, in his case Carson Daly, to change his life for the better and start doing some good in the world, Eli was driven by George Michael. Both men have turned from a path of darkness and started working toward improving the lives of those around them, albeit in incredibly differing manners.

George -- he told me to call him George -- does a good job in this role. I hope they follow-up on this relationship in future episodes, as the strange connection between Eli and George seems to have been cemented tonight; it was a dream, or sleeping vision, that led George to Eli. Maybe George is going to be plagued by visions of Eli giving closing arguments in court or something to help him decide what gigs to take and what songs to sing.

The case itself wasn't nearly as important as what it did to the relationships between Jordan and Eli and what meeting George Michael did for Eli. This was the week where he finally met the doctor who could remove his aneurysm. But were George's parting words to keep on forging ahead referring to the visions? We don't know yet what Eli will do in regards to the aneurysm, but considering the show is a likely pick-up for next year I'm going to guess he won't do much. Do you think when the plug is finally pulled, they'll just have Eli drop dead in the final moment? Or is that too morbid?

A beautifully awkward scene came with Eli's ill-conceived "date" with Beth Keller. Beth was the girl he lost the big "V" to and helped in the first episode. Of course, in his defense, he didn't know she was dating his brother at the time, but the whole scene underscored just how truly and tragically alone Eli feels now in his life. Sure, he has Dr. Chen as a friend/mentor, but he's given up just about everything to follow this new calling. I guess that's about in line with most prophets and men of vision, but it really humanized Eli in a sympathetic way.

  • When trying to confirm that George Michael was really there, Eli asked another associate if he could see the man standing there. The man could and identified George as Bono. As George responded, he wore the over-sized shades first!
  • Jordan quoting "Faith," and then telling George with all his fanboy glister "I believe that was from another song of yours." In fact, Jordan's whole fanboy shtick was hilariously awesome! From Eli's vision at the beginning where Jordan sang George Michael before introducing him to the end when he got to introduce him for real at the concert thrown.
  • Taylor and Matt decked out in full Sonny & Cher '70s garb for their musical number. While not as good, or seemingly as integral to the plot, as other visions, it was still well done. So now I can see how Matt directly affects Eli, meaning the only one who doesn't is hot-shot new attorney Keith Bennett. Also weird is how this vision seemed to play no significant role in the events of the episode, except that it tried to tell Eli that Matt and Taylor were gonna "tango."
  • Where were Keith Bennett and Patti this episode? Were they hiding behind a fern conspiring to knock some sense into Eli, or plotting revenge on Jayson Turck? I missed them.
  • Patti's temp replacement reading Eli the note she left for him explaining her absence. "I'm taking a personal week to look after my friends and relatives in Silver Terrace, who thanks to you now have NO HOMES!" He even emphasized "NO HOMES" because she'd put it in all caps. So even in her absence, Patti was able to infect a bit of her 'tude into the proceedings. Good for her!
  • I liked that Taylor showed some decent moral standards when she learned, unfortunately after she'd slept with him, that Matt lied about his relationship with his father solely to try and win a case. It showed that the growth of Matt from pond-scum lawyer to human being is still ongoing. I think there's a decent chance these two will wind up together.
  • The case itself that Taylor and Matt tried wasn't very good in my opinion. The whole case was kind of stupid, and both the son and father were one-dimensional stereotypes of the selfish father (see John Locke's father Anthony Cooper of Lost) while the son was the stereotype of the angry abandoned son. NO surprises in the verdict, but it's hard to buy that either can reconcile.
As for Eli's, the girl got reinstated and George put on that concert to raise funds for a real sex education program at the school. But the real point of that trial was to not only bring George into the fold for real but to start mending the relationship between Eli and Jordan. And giving Jordan a taste of how it feels to be one of the "good guys" adds even more depth to a good character.

With Jordan having a moment like this, and Matt rejected by Taylor because of his lies in the courtroom, it looks like a theme of the series is going to be one of redemption and growth, with "new Eli" inspiring the whole firm to become a better entity. I'm not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way, Eli Stone grew up as a show, too. I think it's the decreased emphasis on the showy visions and the increase in linear progressive storylines, but this is becoming a really enjoyable hour of television.

Even the previews for next week had me pretty excited as it looks like Eli is going to go all Dr. Sam Beckett and "inhabit" his brother's body for his next set of visions. To make it perfect, they need to find a way to sneak in a Scott Bakula or Dean Stockwell cameo.

Should George Michael come back?
No, he's served his purpose37 (13.0%)
He should make regular guest appearances205 (71.9%)
Eli's ready to move beyond George43 (15.1%)

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I REALLY liked the use of George Michael in this episode. I loved how his spiritual mentor thing really came into Eli's life, and heck, he even had a dream about Eli! Rock!

I always liked how Strangers in Paradise used the Griffin Silver character as kind of a spiritual influence in the comics (then brought him on a a recurring character for real), and Eli Stone, much to my surprise, did the same thing here. Awesome.

March 28 2008 at 10:30 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This episode was great- it replaced all the annoying characters with George Michael, who is still awesome even after all these years. More like these please!

March 28 2008 at 7:52 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Liz's comment

George Micheals as you may not know, or want to remember was convicted of lewd behavior in a California State park in 1998. He exposed himself in a mens room to a park ranger!
Openly gay now, he appeared in the show as a supporter of sex education, and then took a very cheap shot at Ronald Regan who he said helped spread AIDS in the 70's because of his stance on abstinence.
He forgot that the spread of AIDS during that period of time was caused by homosexual men engaging in widespread promiscuity. I don't need or want non Americans bashing one of Americas great presidents for trying to establish some morality for young people in this country. Micheals then becomes a hero in the show for giving a concert to help sex education. As far as I am concerned he should NEVER be on the show again. It is just another attempt by TV and Hollywood to glorify teenage sex and undermine the morality of of our youth!

March 28 2008 at 8:47 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Loved the episode- but wasn't it Elton John's "Sun going down on me" that Jordan was singing in the vision at the beginning.

BTW I loved how Eli kept pushing George (he told me to call him that) at the beginning.

March 28 2008 at 7:35 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The stuff with Eli and Jordan was probably the best part of this show, I liked how someone mentioned Jordan got some humanity by the end. I'm wondering if there are ever going to be questions about the surgery, I mean Eli can't just say, "oooh, I'm having surgery let me not let work know." I feel like at some point we'll see a scenario/dialogue between Taylor-Maggie-Jordan-Nate-Chen-Patti with Eli on what they really think about his choice for surgery....not necessarily an intervention but just people starting to be more recognizing of his aneurysm and sort of support how he deals with it.

March 28 2008 at 6:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Joey Geraci

I second the prediction Joe. Although I think it would cooler if Victor Garber did the pop-in vision at the end revealing that the aneurysm isn't responsible for the visions.

March 28 2008 at 3:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Prediction: the 13th (and final episode of season if not series) will have Eli's aneurysm removed, which will force everyone to reveal their feelings for him, in case he dies. So the surgery is tense, but Eli pulls through. After he finally wakes up, he is insanely happy. To finish off the season, George Michael pops in and does another vision song to prove it's not just the aneurysm. Big surprise, right?

March 28 2008 at 3:06 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Isabelle Carreau

I liked having George Michael in that episode. Not only did it bring a new dimension to the visions but it was funny to see George (he asked me to call him that too) in a plot about sex when we all know what happened to him these past years. That "Bono" joke was cool too. I wouldn't be opposed to having him recur in the series but not become a regular. He is not the greatest actor out there but, since the visions started with him and all episodes are titled after his songs, I believe we should see some more of him. I think they paved the way to him possibly recurring when he mentioned he dreamed of Eli and all.

As for Eli/Jordan, I'm so glad things are getting better. Victor Garber is a fantastic actor and we need more scenes with him.

March 28 2008 at 2:52 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

George said when he got in that he came across the story in the NYT, he even had a cut out of the article.

March 28 2008 at 2:26 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

good episode!!! i really enjoy the eli-jordan relationship, give me more of thar!!!
PS: george shoud be a regular character!!!

March 28 2008 at 1:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Richard Keller

Yes, a good episode, although George got a bit preachy on the stand. How ironic it was that an advertisement for his 25th (!) anniversary world tour was placed during the show.

I didn't really miss Patti or Maggie this episode. With them out of the way the show had a different feel to it that I liked. I'm still interested in seeing what happens in the Taylor-Eli-Maggie triangle, but a little less of her is probably better.

I am very glad that Eli and Jordan made up. I was really starting to get pissed at Jordan for the way he was treating Eli and it was good that he got a sense of decency back in him.

March 28 2008 at 11:53 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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