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October 24, 2014

Dirt: And The Winner Is

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Apr 7th 2008 11:23AM

Alexandra Breckenridge and Ryan Eggold(S02E06) "Exhaustion? Isn't that "Hollywood" for shit-faced?" - Willa

I remember when I spoke with Courteney Cox a few months ago about the upcoming season of Dirt, she said something about every episode being self-contained. Well, I beg to differ. If you missed last week's installment, then you were almost completely in the dark last night. This was a direct continuation of the previous hour and while I loved it last week, Dirt did was it does best and took another nosedive.

There have just been so many opportunities to really make this show more than it is and every time something with potential makes a splash, it gets killed. Literally this time.

Of course, I'm talking about Brent Barrow's presumed death at the end of the episode. Is he actually dead? He did fall asleep in his garage with the car running. Even if he is alive, there has got to be some severe brain damage or something. Regardless, dead or alive, my point remains the same. Brent officially became a real threat to Lucy in this episode and it lasted about half a second. Why do that? By the time this episode was written and being shot, the knowledge of the impending strike had to be somewhat known. So why not try and play around with Brent's new found power and make something out of next week's early season finale?

With the new deal he made with Adam (the billionaire), Brent now has control of the DirtNow website, any international releases, book deals, script options, and any other holdings that Gibson Horne (DirtNow's owner) dumped for tax relief. The only thing Brent didn't have a hand in was the magazine itself. But if he proves his leadership and becomes more profitable to Adam than Lucy, then Brent has some weight. We'll never find out now though and Lucy's position at the magazine will probably remain the same. I just get really frustrated when this show avoids serious conflict. Why bother introducing something like that if the intention is to never run with it?

Moving on, I'm glad most of the relationships seem to be moving forward without any screwball antics. Willa and Farber seem fine save for a little first time sex awkwardness. Lucy and Holt are also continuing where they left off last week and I think it's working. I even liked Holt's moment of weakness when he let the jealousy take over and he punched Ted. I think the one unfortunate thing about this is that Holt really is willing to give up his career if it means he has a shot with Lucy and she doesn't seem to realize that.

The one relationship that I'm most surprised about it Don and Sharlee. I think she really likes him and it's actually believable. I can't figure out what she slipped him though, or if it was anything at all? Was it a Listerine strip and Don was just goofy off his infatuation with her or was it actually some sort of drug? (I can't wait to see what happens when Lucy comes after Don for that tape.)

More ranting and raving...

  • I know I mentioned it last week, but I don't like how there always seem to be a few takes on real celebrities just for the hell of it. Was there any real point to the Jasmine Ford/Trey Paulson scene? Does anyone even remember (well... I do) or care (I don't) that Halle Berry used to be married to David Justice?
  • This is nit-picky and I realize that this show probably doesn't have the biggest budget in the world, but that set for the Hollywood Gold Awards was bad. It looked like an academic awards night in the auditorium of a prep school.
  • I've got nothing against Rosanna Arquette because I loved her in What About Brian, but her turn as the Madonna inspired Mia was forgettable. I'm sorry, but that just screams, "We need a guest star and my sister-in-law is willing to do it."
  • For once, Julia's death was mentioned... but there was still nothing about how she got killed! Ted brought it up in a conversation with Lucy. Doesn't anyone want to know who ran Julia over with a car??
  • At this point, I can only assume that Don's brother must have some sort of relevance in one of the episodes that never got made. 'Cause right now, he's just sort of there.
  • I loved that one scene when Don got out of the limo with Sharlee and one of the other paps, dumbfounded, shouts out, "Jesus Christ, it's Konkey!" Don must have felt great after that.

With the season finale airing next week, I'm not really sure what to expect. I can only hope that the episode was re-cut in a way that leaves us with a little bit of a cliffhanger. Then again, I'm not sure I want that either because I really don't see FX green-lighting a third season. Then again, I never thought we'd see a second one either.

What do you think will happen in the Dirt season finale?
Don and Sharlee disappear together.32 (33.0%)
Brent survives and Lucy gets fired.12 (12.4%)
Holt gives up his career to be with Lucy.31 (32.0%)
Farber convinces Willa to leave DirtNow and pursure a more respectable job.4 (4.1%)
Something else... tell us in the comments!18 (18.6%)

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