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by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 8th 2008 10:02AM
Ramiele MalubayWelcome back to "AI Aftermath," where we explore Idol's past. Each week, as one more American Idol hopeful is eliminated from the competition, we take a look back at contestants past who were eliminated in the same week. We'll examine how they did on the show and what they've been up to since their elimination. In honor of Ramiele Malubay's elimination last week we'll be looking at other ninth place finishers.

This week: 9th place finishers, featuring featuring Jim Verraros (Season One), Corey Clark* (Season Two), Camile Velasco (Season Three), Nikko Smith (Season Four), Mandisa (Season Five), Gina Glocksen (Season Six).

* - Corey Clark was not voted out by viewers but was disqualified.


Jim VerrarosVerraros was the first of the Idol contestants to come out publicly and began the subsequent steady stream of rumors that the show quashes public homosexuality; presumably because it desires to be a family show and homosexuality doesn't fit into their definition of "family." Their first anti-act was reportedly in forcing Verraros to remove any gay-related comments from his official web page while on the show. Since departing, though, he's come out of the closet and established a career for himself in the gay-centric film world.

Shortly after his ouster from American Idol, Verraros released an independent album. He followed that up with a major record release, which has spawned several dance floor hits. His second album was pushed back from October 2007 to March 2008, but it doesn't look like it's hit yet. As for that film career, he's starred in Eating Out, a gay-themed romantic comedy, and it's sequel and is currently in production on two more films.

Basically, while Jim was criticized for being a less than amazing vocalist on the show by some, he's managed to take what success and acclaim he did find and carve out a niche for himself anyway. Embraced in the gay community, he seems on a solid pace to continue a career in that independent film market. And he's developing a track record of success in the world of dance music as well. In a world where so many singers want to act and vice-versa, who would have thought little Jim Verraros would have pulled off being both ... and out ... and proud. Do you think Idol would ever have him back on? That's the next test, to see if Idol ever invites a publicly "out" alumni back on to perform or talk about their career.

Jim's Expo Gig 2005:

And back when we first met him on American Idol:

[via Wikipedia, MySpace and more!]


Corey ClarkCorey Clark is perhaps the most controversial of all Idol alumni, and that distinguishing characteristic continued after his ouster from the show. He was considered an early favorite in the second season, but when The Smoking Gun revealed that Clark had been charged in 2002 with misdemeanor battery on four police officers and his then 15-year old sister, Clark was shown the door nine hours later. Since then, Idol producers have insisted they didn't know about the charges while Clark insisted that not only did he tell them, but that their background check would have turned it up. They said it was missed based on a misspelling of his name while he asserts the check was done based on a social security number.

The drama erupted two years later when Clark published an e-book stating that what began as a mentoring relationship with Idol judge Paula Abdul evolved into a three-month sexual relationship, a claim which she has vehemently denied. The show denounced his claims citing that Paula acts as mentor to most contestants, and that it was suspicious timing considering Clark was dropping an album at the time.

Clark's legal woes continued, including a 2005 charge of misdemeanor battery for a food fight Clark said involved his whole entourage, and a 2006 protective order filed against him by his wife. He still faces charges in that matter, I believe. Then, in 2007 he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and an outstanding warrant.

As for his singing career, Clark claims Idol has held him back in that arena as well. His major record debut was released in 2005 to little fanfare. Clark alleges that this is because the folks at Idol threatened to pull promotional and advertising dollars from Clear Channel's gazillion radio stations if it got any play.

His official website doesn't seem to have seen any updates since 2005 either. Apparently, Corey has been too busy getting in trouble with the law to focus on his professional career. Too bad that career seems to have been focuses mostly on bashing Idol. If he ever pulls his act together, maybe it'll be time to let go and just move on. Maybe Idol is as oppressive and horrible as he says, who can really know, but it's over for him. Unless he has Jose Canseco-level proof, he's just one lone voice sounding pathetic in the wind.

Clark's music video for "Out of Control":

"Against All Odds" on Idol:

[via Wikipedia, and more!]


Camile VelascoAfter her elimination from American Idol, Velasco returned to her native Philippines where she went on to perform at various concerts and made various television appearances. In 2005, she signed with a major record label but only managed to eke out a single under them before parting ways. She continues to perform heavily in California, the Phillipines and various festivals and events regionally to her native California.

She's announced this week that she's updating her MySpace page, and continues working on her debut album. Perhaps a slow burner, but Camile has some sample tracks up on the page and you can definitely feel the hip-hop/R&B vibe of the songs listed. As well as feel that Lauryn Hill influence. Camile was one of those contestants who seemed to peak early with stellar performances, but then seemed to falter as the show progressed. As such, she's remembered more for her "not good" performances in the end instead of the better ones she did to begin with.

Only time will tell if Velasco can find success on the charts as fellow finalist and Filipino Jasmine Trias did. If nothing else, she's already garnered acclaim and continues to generate interest in the Filipino market, so she has a built-in audience ready to give her a try. Like Trias and Verraros before her, sometimes it's just about finding your niche market and gong for it.

Performing her own song "Belong":

One of her best performances on Idol, "One Last Cry":

[via Wikipedia, MySpace and more!]


Nikko SmithNikko's last big stage performance was at Game 4 of the 2006 World Series in St. Louis, a particular honor considering his father, hall of fame shortstop Ozzie Smith, played there for fifteen years. Nikko was a callback for American Idol after original Top 12 finalist Mario Vazquez withdrew from the competition. I always felt he was a better performer than both the judges and the audience seemed to. He was talented R&B vocalist, if a bit unseasoned.

According to Wikipedia, Nikko's official site has been down since last month, though if this is for a rebuild in anticipation of his forthcoming debut album, The Revolution or a sign of his career derailing remains to be seen. It could just mean that he's turned his attention to his MySpace page, as he's logged in there as recently as today. That site is filled with upcoming performances in and around the St. Louis area, as well as an upcoming gig in Las Vegas.

It's interesting that in some of the promotional material there he's mentioning not only his appearance on American Idol but also the fact that he is Ozzie Smith's son. I guess it makes sense in St. Louis, where Ozzie Smith remains one of the most beloved of Cardinals ballplayers. Whatever it takes to get their attention. It's just an odd connection to put on a music poster for me. Are fans going to come up and see if he can autograph their baseballs? Or have him take them home so his dad can?

His national anthem performance:

On Idol with "Let's Get It On":

[via Wikipedia and more!]


MandisaMandisa was eliminated from Idol shortly after singing a religious song on the show, sparking theories that the voting audience responds harshly to overt Christianity on the show. Certainly gospel songs have never gone over well, but I can't help and think it has more to do with a lack of familiarity with those songs in the large majority of the voting viewers than an outright rejection of their faith-based content.

Mandisa's debut album launched last year and was an instant juggernaut landing both her debut single and the album atop Christian/Gospel charts on iTunes, Soundscan and Billboard. In fact, Mandisa set several impressive marks with these launches, including being the only female artist in the 27 years Billboard has been tracking Christian album sales to permiere her debut album in the top spot.

While I figured her Christian focus in song choice might not work on a mainstream audience, I never had doubts that this powerhouse vocalist would make a huge impact in the Christian music world, and it appears she's done just that. She's currently on tour everywhere. For tour dates and sample tracks check out her MySpace page.

Mandisa's video for "God Speaking":

Singing "I Don't Hurt Anymore" on Idol:

[via MySpace, Mandisa's official site and more!]


Gina GlocksenWell, we'll start our update on what's been happening in Gina Glocksen's life with a big TV Squad congratulations. The sixth season rocker went and got herself engaged. For those who don't know, her fiance proposed during the American Idols LIVE! Tour last year. After a duet with Chris Sligh, he appeared on stage and proposed right there in front of all her fans.

And now, finally, they've set the wedding date for New Year's Eve. I need to make sure she has my latest contact information. Way to ring in 2009! But that's not all she's been doing. Gina was my wife's favorite contestant last year, and yet like most rockers she couldn't go all the way, and like most female rockers she couldn't get very deep into the Top 12 at all.

Nevertheless, Gina continues to work on getting her professional singing career going. She's made various public appearances, currently works on American Idol Extra and even has an upcoming gig in New York, albeit an incredibly intimate one.

Here's that proposal:

Singing "Alone" on Idol:

And singing "Call Me When You're Sober":

Wikipedia, MySpace and more!]


Ramiele is one of the biggest disappointments of the current season. This young woman had the looks and the voice and even the adorable personality to really make a run for it. But between a combination of poor wardrobe choices and even worse song choices she just became more and more forgettable as the season progressed. By the time this once front-runner was eliminated, I was happy to see her go, for her own sake as well as ours. Hopefully, post-Idol she can find herself as a vocalist and truly live up to her amazing potential.

For the best (and most boring) of Ramiele check out our "Farewell to Ramiele Malubay."


We take a look at the eighth place finishers, including A.J. Gil, Rickey Smith, Jon Peter Lewis, Nadia Turner, Bucky Covington and Haley Scarnato. See you there!

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i'm really looking forward for camile's album.. her single Hangin' On was HOT!! and she had the best song contribution to season three's classics compilation in which Fantasia did a bad version of chain of fools.. I also loved her audition one last cry..

I guess Ramiele was making the same mistake Camile did on the show.. they were both early favorites but had bad song choices as the show progressed..

April 11 2008 at 12:07 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

What's up with Gina's boob in that picture? It looks like she has a half a melon under her skin!

Sadly, Corey, Gina & Mandisa are the only 9th place finishers I even remember.

April 08 2008 at 11:25 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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