Ousted American Idol Michael Johns interview

by Debra McDuffee, posted Apr 13th 2008 11:03AM
michael johnsYes America, I share in your shock and outrage. Not only did I enjoy Michael Johns' singing, but let's face it; he is very easy to look at.

AOL TV has an interview up with the prematurely ousted soul rocker, and it is typical Michael Johns. Polite, honest, humble and grateful. But what if Johns did an interview and, oh, I don't know, channeled his millions of fans? What would he say then?

"Yeah, I was surprised to be voted off. Did you hear me hit that falsetto at the end of 'Dream On'? Stephen Tyler would have been proud."

Or maybe ...

"Yeah, I was surprised to be voted off. My best three performances were in the last three weeks, and honestly, I look so good that I really don't even have to sing to stay in this competition."

Even still ...

"Yeah America, you are right. I am delicious eye candy with a voice like butter and you'll miss my unique (if not slightly strange) Jim Morrison / Wilson Pickett cross."

The AOL interview doesn't go quite like that, but fans of Johns, you know what I am talking about. Shame on all of us who got lazy and didn't vote -- don't we learn this hard lesson every year when a favorite gets prematurely voted off? Idol won't be the same next week, and KLC's performance will be like a knife through the heart.

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I am very shock ever than Chris Daughtery. I throw my blanket....I JUST CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE THAT MICHAEL IS GONE. I am very sad and still heartbroke. It is too early for him to go, he should stay till 3rd or maybe top, BUT not 8th... Something wrong about vote, I want them re-count or re-vote...People may have thought that no one would be eliminated because of the Idol Gives Back show, and it's totally unfair to Michael Johns. American Idol DID NOT send anyone home last year during Idol Gives Back week and they shouldn't have done it this year. He should bring back to AI like what they did to Clay Aiken!

Michael Johns is great and wonderful... singer, handsome, relaxed, magnetic, and a true natural gentleman. He is really SUPER star.

This is a real disappointment. The phone call-in system should be improved, you know how many people have been tried call or text. The number is continuously busy. Sound like they blocked us that they don't want us vote for him... something strange I feel it...

This is my first time I did not watching last night. I never missed watched it for 7 yrs... I feel hurt and am telling you this was wrongful vote... I did try called and text... busy... I got 4 texts when they send back " Thank you for vote " I text so many times for nothing... that's strange...

They should change vote ONLINE. I feel good when I did voted for Dancing with Stars, something give people make happy and feel good when they vote online than frustusting call or text. Should be fair. How many people watching AI and how many people try to call? That's LARGE NUMBERS, should have improve call-in system, text and even VOTE ONLINE....


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Donna Bent

Could it be prejudice against anybody who doesn't sound American, and if so, could Carly be the next one to go as well as Sayeisha who looks different to the rest........hope it is not so as Michael Johns is far better than half of who's left. Come on America, try to get it right next time.

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Honestly, Michael Johns wasn't very good on Tuesday night and paid dearly for it. "Dream On" is a great song, and I was excited for him to sing it, but when he was done I was all "that wasn't very good" because he was off-key and I just didn't feel much passion in the performance...it was clear that he could do better. While I believe that Carly, Syesha, Kristy Lee and David Archuleta all deserved to go before Michael, I don't think that it was that much of a shock because he gave the worst or second worst performace of the night and at this point, that's all it takes. To prove my point about how he didn't perform the song well, Michael sang on Thursday night and was so much better on the performance that my girlfriend and I said "if he sang like this on Tuesday, he would have been in the top 3" at the exact same time. Basically, he was like Baron Davis against Phoenix on 4-14 and didn't bring his A-game when it counted most and it cost him the season.

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Is no one else outraged about the way Ryan gave false hope about MJ getting to stay? That was just a mean thing to do. Much success Michael - you deserve it.

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Shame on us for not voting - doesn't really fit - there was no way to get through for this guy - I tried for a half hour and it kept saying the number I dialed was not connected. I was dialing the right number.

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Marty Ledford

i'm not watching anymore of this season either. Michael Johns never did a bad job on any song they gave him. He is truly a star, i don't know what happened but I surely hope they fix the mistake. He is absolutely wonderful to listen too, (And look at). God Bless Him and his family, success is on it's way.

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This is ridiculous! This is a SINGING contest and Michael Johns can sing. The 2 blondes need to go. I hope that AI will be bring Michael Johns back like what they did to Clay Aiken! The man can sing! Come on America!


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AI is getting to be more of a popularity contest than a singing contest. This was very noticeable when Taylor Hicks won. Where is he now? And where is Daughtry? That says it all for me. Michael Johns should have been in the final 4 - at least!!!!

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That was one of the greatest moments in Reality TV history.

See ya screamer. It's back to Saturday nights at the Holiday Inn Lounge.

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