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September 4, 2015

The Daily Show: April 14, 2008 - VIDEOS

by Annie Wu, posted Apr 15th 2008 3:03PM
Jon StewartPlease excuse this late Daily Show review. Yes, another one. But, as usual, I have a legitimate reason for my tardiness, because you know I fly right. I'm still recovering from my journey to The Colbert Report's first night in Philadelphia, the full report for which will be posted very soon. Spoiler alert: I didn't get mugged.

Until that gets posted, enjoy this review and reruns of Sunday's Night of Too Many Stars autism benefit that Jon hosted (if you download from iTunes, proceeds go to the charity!). Jon briefly touched on a specific moment from the night, when Senator Chris Dodd made an appearance behind the phones, sporting a mysterious blue ear. The only logical explanation is that the senator is actually a secret Blue Man. Really, I don't know why he was rubbing his ear against a Blue Man backstage and, to be quite honest, I don't really want to think about it. This may or may not be because I'm imagining a body-painted David Cross in cut-off shorts as the Blue Man in question. Eww.

"Gaffe-In": Barack Obama was recently recorded at a private San Francisco fundraiser saying some things about Western Pennsylvania. What's this about middle America being gun-toting, bitter folks? Naturally, the media jumped all over this, saying that Obama was pretty much calling West PA people hicks and coming off as an elitist. Jon pulled the candidates for a Camera Three chat over their negative use of "elitist" and the importance of having a president who is embarrassingly superior to most citizens. "If you don't actually think you're better than us, then what the fuck are you doing?!" The bit about speaking sixteen languages sort of made me feel bad because I actually had a professor who could do that. I felt like an idiot just being in the same room as him, as I can barely speak a full sentence in English without saying "like" between every other word.

As for Hillary Clinton, she's been taking on the gun-toting, bitter folks in person, in a different sort of way. Jon's reaction to Clinton giving in to shots of Crown Royal was hilarious, because it was the same look on my face. Seriously, Hill? That kind of hurt my heart. And my dangerously weak liver.

"War of Words": President Bush took some time to warn the nation against pulling out of Iraq because of propaganda opportunities. Jon's new game is the most depressing/fun thing ever! Sad Libs are the hot new thing.

The night's guest was producer and director Judd Apatow, promoting Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It sort of feels like TDS is slowly making its way to having a more balanced guest list of political figures, authors and Hollywood sweethearts now. This interview was fun to watch because it was obviously a conversation between two old friends. Most of it was about Jon making out with Apatow's wife, Leslie Mann, in Big Daddy many, many years ago. Apparently, making out with Jon back when he was a heavy smoker could be compared to "kissing a flaming pile of menthol cigarettes." Hot... Umm, I think.

Moment of Zen: Hillary Clinton and the Holy Spirit in the woods? Bless convenient anecdotes.

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sad libs - BRILLIANT!

the elitism thing...my god, our country is pathetic. the media attack obama for being intelligent and saying something that, my god, has basis in reality - while other candidates pander to the lowest common denominator (let's see - mccain's from a family of admirals, hillary's latest tax returns show $109 million in income...and they're decrying obama's elitism. GAG!). what happened to pride in being smart and challenging people's preconcived notions? if thomas jefferson or james madison or fdr ran for president today they'd be attacked for being anti-christian overacheiving hyperintelligent elitists.

as for chris dodd, he was probably hugged by jerry stiller or kevin james (who both had on blue face) backstage. he's more engaging now that he's out of the race - he's everywhere! SNL, this thing...is his next gig a spot on Human Giant?

can't wait to hear about your trip to philly.

April 15 2008 at 6:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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