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October 10, 2015

Samantha Who?: The Butterflies

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Apr 21st 2008 11:43PM
Samantha Who
(S01E12) "Your friend. I want her. Make it happen." - Chapman

If ABC hadn't decided to air 15 episodes of Samantha Who? this season, this episode could have served as a season finale. It not only sent Sam in the unknown (she quit her job at the end of the episode) but the episode also ended with an important kiss that could have Todd rethink his decision to give Chloe a chance and have us wonder for months what his decision would be. But, thanks to SW? being popular, we will get answers to these questions before the season ends and will get a new set of questions to ponder on all summer long.

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Sam begrudgingly sets Dena up on a date with her boss in order to use her clueless friend to help persuade him to shut down a construction project that would destroy an endangered butterfly habitat. Meanwhile, Sam can't understand why Todd has been ignoring her ever since they shared a passionate kiss.

The Chase Chapman character, played by Rick Hoffman, reminds me a lot of Patrick Van Dorn, also portrayed by Hoffman, from Jake in Progress. Both characters are peculiar and unique, have some issues with women, and have an unusual deportment. I really enjoyed seeing Chapman interact with Dena as it allowed us to see a new side of Dena: the woman in love. She must not have had a lot of relationships since she still seems to cherish that time she kissed her therapist. I hope that the couple works out not only to allow Dena to get some lovin' but also because this strange duo can offer some funny scenes to the show.

Even if she was doing this because she cares about the world, Samantha did use Dena as a means to an end. Setting Chapman and Dena up wasn't that bad at first even if Sam had an ulterior motive. But Bad Evil Sam resurfaced when she decided to mess their relationship up. It was really evil of her to do this so that she could help the couple patch things up, thus owing her. But if she hadn't gone that far, Sam wouldn't have realized that, thanks to Regina's comment about the Butterflies/TV interview suiting Sam better than her official work, she didn't fit at Chapman & Funk anymore. This is a very interesting turn of events. Sam will surely have a hard time figuring out what she wants to do next since she doesn't even remember what she likes. If I were Sam, I would take a few weeks to try new stuff so to find out what I liked and not, what suited me best, etc., before jumping into the next job. You have an idea of what Sam should do next? Vote in our poll and comment below!

As expected, Todd and Sam didn't rekindle their love this week. Todd kissed Sam on impulse and didn't know how to react afterwards. He even lied about having a job at a newspaper in order to not talk about said kiss. Todd doesn't want to admit he still has feelings for Sam but that kiss and push she gave him at the end of the episode will surely have him rethink giving Chloe a chance. I wouldn't be surprised they properly kiss one another before the season ends.

What Samantha learned about herself this week:
  • Bad Sam decided to build a mall on a site where an endangered species of butterflies lives.
Other tidbits of interest:
  • Selfish Andrea did exactly what selfish Andrea would do: use Dena's relationship with Chapman to get stuff for the office (chair and cappuccino machine). Andrea is quite the materialistic girl!
  • Regina keeps telling her daughter she should date rich men... and wear a scarf when on TV because her neck is ugly!
  • "I miss her fingers. I miss the way her skin tastes like." - Chapman.
What should Sam do next?
Open a coffee shop.25 (25.3%)
Become an activist.17 (17.2%)
Become a TV reporter.47 (47.5%)
Make topiary art.3 (3.0%)
Other (specify in comments).7 (7.1%)

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She sould beg for her job back!!!, by the way, were was funk these episode... he sould be beging for sam's love!!!

April 22 2008 at 9:13 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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