Clay Aiken Live... on QVC

by Brett Love, posted Apr 24th 2008 7:39AM

Clay Aiken - On My Way HereClay Aiken's career track is an interesting one. For someone with my musical tastes and interests, he virtually disappeared after his season of American Idol was over. His act is really just not for me. Unlike so many other also-rans from the show though, a couple times a year, he pops up again. Clay is performing here. He's sold another million albums there. And along the way he's managed to build one of the most devoted fan bases anyone could ask for.

That brings us to the latest rise of Clay on to the radar for the rest of us. He's kicking off the release of his fourth studio album next Monday, with an appearance on QVC. I'm reminded of Arsenio and the old "things that make you go hmmm" bit. I'm not sure I get it, but we should probably just not question Clay's judgment. He seems to be doing alright. He's never going to have the media exposure of Kelly Clarkson, but he's not going to just fade away either.

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rick cokely

I felt really sad for him last week when he was on Idol giving a recap of his life or w/e since he left the show. He looked fat and really pale. His hair was... ugh. He just looks really bad, I don't know if he was just wearing makeup for the stage or what, but yikes...

anyway, I think he's smart for going on QVC. The people that shop on that channel are pretty likely to enjoy his type of music and love to buy albums like that to give to their kids. (Yea, my mom got me 2 of his albums, both of which stayed shrinkwrapped)

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And let's not forget all the lunches and dinners with Tyra! :-)

April 24 2008 at 1:46 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I wish people would learn to read. Brett didn't say that Clay just disappeared completely, he just disappeared for Brett because Clay doesn't do music suited to Brett's taste. But, I'm sure that Clay appreciates your defense.

Regarding QVC: I used to work there, and there is huge exposure and ability to sell when you appear on the channel. I don't think most people know how large the audience and customer base is for the top home shopping channels.

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1 reply to calli's comment

Kelly fought with Clive Davis
Kelly toured with Reba McIntyre
Kelly appeared with the Pope

That sums up her year. If it weren't for the more famous people she was "with", she would get no media attention at all.

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If I was a 30 year old male with all his pent up sexual energy, I would be trying to keep busy as well. Doing charity work as a distraction or outlet. Thanks anyhow, Clay, I'm sure you got a big heart.

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1 reply to Yup's comment

Ahhhh Brett - do your homework guy!!! If Clay has disappeared after AI2 it would only be because you haven't been paying attention!!! Clay's fanbase is probably one of the most devoted in the business. He donates time tirelessly to his causes such as his own Bubel-Aiken Foundation and UNICEF! Every time he steps foot in the public it's chronicalled by the evening TV magazines, etc. He's sold 6 or 7 million CDs, toured every year to nearly sell-out crowds, wrote a top seller book, etc. etc. If that's "disappearing" than I bet there are many celebrity wannabes that would like to "disappear" like that. OH - and let's not forget record-breaking ticket sales since he's been appearing in Spamalot!!!!

April 24 2008 at 11:49 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

'Clay disappeared'????? That is the funniest thing I have heard in a long, long time. Clay has done actually NINE tours (and NOT opening for anyone unlike some of the other winners of AI).If you had followed him in his fan sites you would of read what he has done each MONTH since AI2. Takes up pages and pages of the forums. Clay is NOT one to sit on his laurels. He keeps movin' and doin'. He has been on tv many times more than ALL of the past contestants of AI. He has done many live appearances and not just performing. He does several charitable appearances each year and not just for his own foundation. He has starred in his OWN 1-hour television special (no other AI contestant, winner or loser, ever has)-character acted in several tv sitcoms and just about has done EVERYTHING there is to do with the entertainment world-including producing. Geesh: 'Clay disappeared'?????? More like the so-called 'winner' of AI2 is the one who basically disappeared for all intents and purposes.

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We forgive you for your naivete' where Clay is concerned. So many people who aren't AI fans don't realize that the most popular ones go on to do well, much more so than the average group or band because of the publicity. From 2003 until now, he has had 7 tours and those do include his Christmas tours, not to mention the fact that he is currently in Spamalot of Broadway. Let's not also forget that of all the AI contestants, Clay Aiken is the most giving of himself with the progression of the BUbel Aiken Foundation, and the time he spends working as an Ambassador for UNICEF. Much of his free time, when he could be laying around the house doing nothing, is actually spent helping others. No other idol has done so much. Not even Kelly or Carrie. While he may not get as much airplay as the others, trust me, he gets a lot of face time on various shows. You just have to know where to look! ;)

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toby\'s mom

I had to laugh at your comment that he "virtually disappeared" after Idol. In actuality, following Idol his first CD went on to break records for selling the most CD's in the first week than any other artist and he was all over the place on TV, toured with Kelly, toured solo, etc. He has gone on to sell over 6 million CD's. He obviously wasn't on your radar screen, but I'm glad he is now.

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I'm not a big QVC watcher myself, but because my company sells some of its products there now I've learned a lot more about it.

The sales potential over at QVC is HUGE and apparently you didn't know that artists like Jon Bon Jovi and Elton John have also appeared there selling their albums and it was wildly successful. My guess is that Clay Aiken is no fool, which is one reason he is one of the top grossing Idols ever. I think I might just tune in and check it out myself.

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