How to vote for your Idol like a pre-pubescent girl

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 29th 2008 4:41PM
Carly SmithsonTired of your fingers bleeding and still only getting 219 calls in for your favorite contestant each Tuesday night? Do you go to bed with hand spasms, because let's face it your fingers aren't as young as they used to be? Well, now you can still vote for your favorites like a teenager with more free time than you have left in the rest of your life without all the hassle and stress (do I sound like an infomercial yet?).

Gizmo5 is a software package that can be installed on your computer (XP, Vista and Mac!) as well as your mobile phone. A new contact is created named "Idol Voting." Simply select this contact and select 1 to cast 25 consecutive votes for your favorite Idol contestant automagically (I know what I said; it's magical to me!). I know it works because I tested it last week voting for Brooke and Jason and ... oh! ... um ... sorry about that, Carly fans. Well, you can still save your favorites this week. And your fingers, too.

PS: If someone at Gizmo5 is reading this, Carly was cut last week so you can remove her from your site. Cool?

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