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by Jason Hughes, posted May 1st 2008 12:41PM
Brooke WhiteWelcome back to our weekly American Idol polls round-up. Each week we look at various online polls that were conducted from the end of last week's results up to the performance show Tuesday. And then a few that were conducted after the performance show, but before the results were revealed.

This way we can analyze how the week's performances affected a contestant's overall popularity, which turns out to be not very much except in a few select cases. After a fairly lackluster night in which he deserved at least a Bottom Two slot, Jason skated into the Top 4. The question now is can the comeback queen break into the axis of testosterone and keep her hopes alive. Syesha has been at the bottom of these polls for over two months now and despite occasionally Bottom Three/Two finishes she's still alive and in the Final Four. Has her time finally run out? She's the last woman standing; does that stand for anything? We'll see next week.


Guide to the polls:
Position - [change from last week] Contestant (Percentage of votes)

1 - [+1] Jason Castro (31.4%)
2 - [+1] David Archuleta (31.2%)
3 - [-2] David Cook (26.3%)
4 - [=] Brooke White (6.4%) <--
5 - [+1] Syesha Mercado (4.7%)
The gang went right back to where they were two weeks ago with Jason sliding into the top spot (remember this is before he tarnished Neil's diamond) and everyone else just staying pretty much put.

TV Guide
1 - [=] David Cook (55.8%)
2 - [=] David Archuleta (20.9%)
3 - [=] Jason Castro (12.7%)
4 - [+1] Brooke White (6.7%) <--
5 - [+1] Syesha Mercado (3.8%)
Interestingly, while the polls are staying pretty much the same, and while they all agree that the guys have it at this point, they don't always agree on the order of said guys, though it's usually a David at the top. Does it take the fun out of the show knowing that Syesha has almost no chance of breaking into the Top 3, or is it fun to watch her try. Or is it just pointless and we're ready for the Davids in the finale because we know that's where we're heading barring a major upset.
1 - [=] David Archuleta (33.9%)
2 - [=] Jason Castro (32.9%)
3 - [=] David Cook (27.5%)
4 - [=] Brooke White (3.7%) <--
5 - [+1] Syesha Mercado (2.0%)
Here's my Syesha theory as to how she can poll so low for so long and still be on the show. Her audience either isn't online or doesn't take the time to participate in silly votes. That means they're probably not reading this blog. But wherever they are, she needs you more than ever this week if she's going to bust up the Three Stooges!


1 - [=] David Cook (29.4%)
2 - [=] David Archuleta (27.1%)
3 - [=] Jason Castro (25.2%)
4 - [+1] Brooke White (9.6%) <--
5 - [+1] Syesha Mercado (8.7%)
So after two sub-par weeks for Jason he still holds onto his number three spot and after two really solid weeks for Syesha she holds onto her bottom spot. Consistency is the key!

TV Squad
1 - [=] David Cook (50.0%)
2 - [+2] Syesha Mercado (25.7%)
3 - [-1] David Archuleta (12.4%)
4 - [+1] Jason Casro (6.3%)
5 - [+1] Brooke White (5.5%) <--
I hate to keep tooting TVS readers horns for them, but I kind of have to. These rankings are pretty much right on as a response to this week's performances. Syesha deserves a much higher ranking than she's been getting. And by looking at a lot of these polls, even if all of Brooke's supporters switched their support to Syesha she'd still be going home next.

Dial Idol
1 - [+2] Syesha Mercado (15.1)
2 - [-1] David Cook (14.1)
3 - [-1] David Archuleta (9.4)
4 - [=] Jason Castro (8.1)
5 - [=] Brooke White (7.4) <--
Well, they were way off on their prediction for Syesha. Yes she was safe, but did not finish in the Top 2 as predicted. Or did they (insert conspiracy theory here). Again, I like these results as Syesha and the Davids should be battling it out in the Top 3. Those are your strongest voices left in the competition. But if anyone can find a way to survive just one more week, despite the odds, it's our girl!

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Not sure why this writer thinks Castro had a sub-par week last week. His rendition of "Forever in Blue Jeans" was the best song of round one. It was only after Paula flubbed and rated him on his second performance, before actually singing it, that he didn't do so hot. Basically he ranks high in lots of polls because he's endearing and real.

May 06 2008 at 1:07 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I want Jason to win simply because I believe this kid will one day be far more than just a singer. I feel he is a humanitarian at heart. I really enjoy a variety of music genres but am so tired of being overwhelmed with big and loud music and voices. I am messmerized with his soft to the heart performances. His performances for me are personal and intimate (something we don't ususlly get) from the others. I feel he will become someone to look up to and that, my friends, is what and idol is to me.

May 03 2008 at 9:12 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tony C

I thought the show was called American Idol not Randy & Simon who are on drugs and Paula who is an alcoholic. These three control the votes the way they want the results. So why do we vote?

May 02 2008 at 1:20 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

What the heck is your problem with Jason? I am tired of you just repeating everything you hear from the Judges. I, as well as many of his fans, actually loved Jason's did well with these performances. Open your eyes, ears and minds. You are basically listen and following what the Judges and American Idol wants you to say. Can
you honestly say that David A. did well on Neil Diamond week. E! was making all sorts of fun of his performance. Idol wants a David versus David final no matter what the fans want and you are going right along with it helping them. Lemmings don't make good reporters but I guess they can write for TV Squad.

May 02 2008 at 12:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Jeff's comment
carolyn thompson

Jason is a very talented young man, in a one dimensional way, he should have been gone before Carly (what a mistake)..he'll go far, but it shouldn't be as "American Idol"

May 02 2008 at 10:05 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It's spelled Sanjaya. ;)

May 01 2008 at 8:38 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

As funny as Paulagate sounds, Seacrest did declare Syesha and Brooke as the bottom two. I don't truly believe in a show conspiracy but rather just STUPID teenyboppers ignoring dread boy's obvious lack of talent and turning this into a popularity contest instead. Jason is this season's Sangia!!!

May 01 2008 at 4:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"paulagate." that's funny!

May 01 2008 at 1:44 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I do not recall Ryan saying that Syesha and Brooke were the "bottom two". He just said one of them would be going home tonight. We all just assumed Syesha was in the bottom two because that's the way Ryan has done it in the past. I don't think she was in the bottom two. I think Jason was in the bottom two but they passed him on immediatly to the couch because of Paulagate.

If this is true then we can now expect any of the remaining performers to be in Syesha's position. I think they do this to create more drama. Probably one of the Davids will be next week's sacrificial lamb in the drama sweepstakes. Think what an uproar would ensue if either of them unexpectedly landed in the fake "bottom two".

May 01 2008 at 1:24 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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