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October 13, 2015

Samantha Who?: The Affair

by Isabelle Carreau, posted May 5th 2008 11:41PM
Samantha Who
(S01E14) "My mother is having an affair." - Samantha

How fun is it to watch the Newlys interact? I enjoyed this week's episode because it mainly focused on the weird trio that Samantha forms with her parents. Those of you who've been reading my Samantha Who? reviews regularly know how my I love Regina because of her snarky lines and craziness. After "The Affair," Howard is definitely growing on me.

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I truly believed for a while that Regina was indeed having an affair. All the signs were there (makeup, lingerie, boobs, no wedding ring, etc.) plus her relationship with Howard seemed to have hit a standstill lately so it could have been possible that she went looking for some lovin' elsewhere. I did try to imagine what Regina was doing dressed up all sexy if she wasn't having an affair (modeling or posing for an artist, etc.) but never thought that she was working as a hostess in a French restaurant ("Le bouillon" is French for "broth" in case you were wondering). Regina is a strong woman who likes to be in control (just look how she tries to control Sam's life) so it's not surprising that she wanted an activity for herself, by herself, and that none of her family and friends could control.

If Howard is able to forgive Regina for having an affair, why wouldn't he be able to understand that Regina is working to have an activity for herself? I get that Regina is afraid Howard will see it as he failed her, but she is not working to bring in more money in household. It seems to me that Howard is bringing enough money to support his family and I'm sure he would understand if Regina explained it to him. No matter, Howard and Regina are a great couple. She is willing to lie in order to protect him and he is willing to forgive her for having an affair.

Last week, a war started between Dena and Andrea. I was looking forward to see where this would go this week but it was put on the back burner while Dena and Andrea pondered taking over the coffee shop. SW? writers, if you are reading this, please don't have the two characters open a coffee shop, have them go on another business venture. My main reason here is that Melissa McCarthy played a chef for years on Gilmore Girls and it would be too similar a role to have Dena be involved in a food business and be the lead character's best friend. However, it would be interesting to see Dena and Andrea try to work together. Maybe a clothing store? They have so different tastes in fashion that them clashing over what type of clothes to sell could be fun to watch.

Sam and Todd's relationship moved forward again this week. They went from having an affair to Todd officially choosing Sam. I look forward to seeing how Chloe will react to the breakup in next week's episode, which is the season finale by the way. In a preview, we saw her embrace Sam a little too tight. It wouldn't be surprising if Chloe reacts badly and seeks revenge as I mentioned a few weeks ago.

What Samantha learned about herself this week:
  • Years ago, she saw her mother dressed sexily and without a wedding ring and thought that Regina was cheating. Sam thought that this was cool.
  • According to Regina, Sam had a lot of affairs.
Other tidbits of interest:
  • "OMG, we're twins!" - Andrea responding to Dena's "we both watch Oprah" comment.
  • Howard had some great lines this week: "I don't expect things to make me happy. I'm from a different generation." "Regina, our daughter is a junkie." "That's right, I used the Internet." "That's what happens when you don't pay your dealer."

Should Dena and Andrea become business partners?
Yes64 (52.9%)
No57 (47.1%)

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I just recently started watching this show and I love it.
Andrea and Dena's relationship CRACKS me up.

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