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December 19, 2014

Brothers and Sisters: Prior Commitments (season finale)

by Jen Creer, posted May 12th 2008 8:41AM
prior commitments051108
S02E16) Rebecca: "I don't know what to do next."
Justin: "Me neither."

I cried twice during this episode. Maybe more. I cried when Nora told Kevin he deserved to have a beautiful wedding just as much as anybody else. And I also cried at two more points, but I'll talk about them below the jump. This was a beautiful episode of television. Even though I don't know that I have written about the music used in episodes, I thought the use of "Can't Find My Way Home" for the last two scenes was profoundly moving. Last year, I thought the season finale was a disaster because it ended with grand hijinks and everybody jumping into a pool. This year's season ended quietly on a beautiful sunny hillside, and it just about broke my heart. I am going to go out on a limb here and hope that this show wins an Emmy, because when they do it well, they really nail it.

One of the reasons this episode was so moving was because I just love Scotty so much. I felt so sorry for him that his parents were so unwilling to come and watch him get married. Some of the commenters have complained and don't like Scotty and find him whiny. I just find him to be such a good person that I want him to be happy, even more so than Kevin. Nora's acceptance of him, his father's cufflinks, the flowers: It was all what Scotty deserved. So, what the heck happened to the rings? Did they just forget to get rings?

Did anybody else get the impression that Scotty's father would have come to the wedding if his mother hadn't been so adamantly against it?

It's always nice to have Tom Skerritt visit the show, but holy cow, could they try to make him up to look younger than William was when he died? William keeps getting older in these flashbacks, and that's just so wrong.

I was mildly surprised that Sarah was still so accepting of Rebecca. But I don't think Holly did lie to William about Rebecca. I seem to remember her telling Rebecca in the first season that she and William had never really talked about it. William might have drawn conclusions, but I always thought that he left Holly money because she had been his mistress for twenty years, and not because he thought Rebecca was his child. So, now that they know about Ryan, do you think Sarah will back off of her persuit of suing Holly? I wonder whether Holly knows about Ryan, or whether this will turn out to have been a betrayal of her too. It sounds like William Walker had an active conference life.

So, obviously, Ryan is a way to save face now that Rebecca is no longer a Walker. If only Sarah had showed Rebecca that picture last year, that could have saved them so much time. Obviously, the baby looks like a Walker baby. Or they could have tried showing it to Nora. Hey, there's a thought.

Why do Kevin and Sarah still think Nora is so fragile about William? He has been dead for almost two years and she has really, largely, moved on. She has long since come to terms with his betrayals and imperfections. On the other hand, even though I don't think Nora is as fragile as they do, I have to admit, it would be a significant blow to find out that there was another mistress, another infidelity, and a child. Just when she had wrapped her mind around the thought that Holly and William didn't actually share that kind of a bond... Still, I loved the use of "Can't Find My Way Home" in that scene, and the fact that it was just Kevin and Sarah, quietly together, without involving the rest of the family.

Another scene that made me a little watery was the brief scene in which Kitty and Robert decided to adopt. I don't know why: It was just a great little scene.

But finally, the scene between Rebecca and Justin at the end was just perfect. I have railed long and hard against a romance between those two, but the setting, the song, Rebecca's thoughts that maybe all of this drama has been to lead her to Justin... Maybe I'm in the minority, but I think you'd have to be made out of stone not to be moved by that. Their awkward kiss, and then what finally really did it to me was just the look on Rebecca's face as she leaned her head against Justin's shoulder, and his hand came up to hold her, like they finally had come home.

Bravo, Brothers and Sisters. Bravo.

Do you think they should have just dropped the whole extra kid storyline, or were they right to pick it up?
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