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October 4, 2015

Bones: The Pain in the Heart (season finale) - VIDEO

by Richard Keller, posted May 20th 2008 2:35AM

The cast of Bones

(S03E15) Holy. Frikkin. Frak!

You all speculated on it, but you couldn't believe it was true. Heck, even I mentioned it in a previous post. I just didn't realize that Hart Hanson and his writers would actually do it. Some people are going to be happy, some will be sad, and some will be downright angry about who turned out to be Gormogon's apprentice.

Now, I'm not going to reveal who it is on this page, because I would be pulled out of my house and systematically flogged. So, if you have not watched the season finale of Bones DO NOT JUMP AHEAD! If you did watch the episode, then click forward and read on.

I have got to hand it to the folks who put Bones together -- they really kept me on the edge of my seat for most of this episode. It could have been either Hodgins or Sweets who were either Gormogon himself or his apprentice. And, the writers emphasized that point as much as they could with the mounting evidence against them.

For example, where was Sweets when the lab explosion occurred? And, was it Hodgin's house that was the secret residence for Gormogon? It really made you go back and forth in thought: it could be Sweets, but Hodgins seems to be more of a candidate because of his interest in secret societies. Yet, Sweets is big at manipulating people for his own needs. So, he could have been the one who stole the silver skeleton (especially since he mentioned it to Bones and Booth in a joking manner). Of course, Hodgins may actually be the person since it looked like he gave Zack pain medicine right before he was going to reveal something important.

These were great distractions to pull us away from the person who actually did it -- Dr. Zack Addy. Wow. Who would've thunk it? I mean, I speculated but thought that it was a long shot. The thought was either Gormogon or his apprentice would be totally outside of the Jeffersonian. Never did I think that Zack would have the balls to become Gormogon's helper, let alone kill someone for him? Wasn't he sent home from Iraq because he never really fit in amongst all of the mayhem taking place over there?

It's probably not all that far-fetched that Zack was the apprentice just by thinking back to all of his appearances this past season. Zack became so unemotional this past year that he made Mr. Spock look emotionally-balanced. As he stepped further and further away from his emotions, he tightened his grip on his logic--to the point that his logic became flawed. Is this what happens when emotions are stripped away to be replaced by an almost mechanized reaction to everything? Something for the philosophers reading this review to ponder.

When it was revealed that Zack was the apprentice, and the murderer of the lobbyist, it was shocking. And, very sad. Not only to us viewers, but to all of the people in Zack's life. Particularly the women, who were all just devastated about this. Cam and Bones were hurt the most. Did you see the look on Cam's face when she realized that Zack was the apprentice? The stock market hasn't fallen that fast in recent memory. Then, watching Cam, Angela and Bones at the ICU window as they took one of the last glances they would have of the Zack that they knew. It was heart-breaking.

And, how about the identity of Gormogon himself? A nobody -- just like all other serial killers. Just another person who believes that they are more superior to others. Except, this time around, he got several people to join him in his beliefs. For some of you out there the death of this person was probably a bit underwhelming. Personally, this was the right ending for this serial killer; he was born a no one and died a no one.

Man, that episode took quite a bit out of me, so let's just finish this review with a round-up of the other things that went on during the season finale.

  • This was a big-time Squint episode. Their finest moment was when they were all crowded around the mandible throwing out ideas of its origins. Now that we know that Zack was the apprentice it was a poignant scene as it will probably be the last time we see all of them together.
  • Booth's funeral was one of the weaker moments in this very strong episode. While the events leading up to the funeral were good, the funeral scene itself seemed a bit disjointed. Still, it provided an avenue for some serious emotions from Temperance Brennan and her feelings towards Booth.
  • Bones punching Booth: he certainly had it coming -- not telling his partner of three years that he wasn't quite dead. National Security, Shmational Blecurity, I say! By the way, who was that guy that Booth brought down at the funeral?
  • For some of you out there the scene of David Boreanaz in his bathtub was the highlight of the episode, especially when he stood up. Temperance's reaction wasn't too surprising. Gosh, I'm sure she seen her share of bats and balls in her day.
  • Limbo. Have we seen that room at all this year? Other than in the credits, that is. Still, it was good place to see all of Bones' graduate students gathered in one place. Maybe one of them will be the newest member of the Squints in the next season.
  • While I have found Sweets endaring over the last few episodes, I found him to a bit manipulative this time around. Keeping Bones out of the know about Booth's fake death was a bit mean. Now that he's out of the loop as either Gormogon or his apprentice it looks like we will be seeing a good bit of him in the fourth season.

Folks, that's it for season three of Bones. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope to see you back here in late August for the beginning of season four.

Did the 'Bones' finale wrap up the Gormogon saga to your satisfaction?
Yes, all was tied up nicely in order to pave the way for new stories next season.732 (27.2%)
It was okay, but I wish there were some more episodes about Gormogon.525 (19.5%)
I felt very unsatisfied about the ending.924 (34.3%)
What happened to the Grave Digger?513 (19.0%)

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Lee Irons

The skeleton in the vault was stolen after the explosion. Zack was on the floor of the lab with his hands almost ripped off from the explosion. How could he have stolen the skeleton? Obviously someone else had to have done it. And yet, it all gets pinned on Zack at the end. This appears to have been a quick and dirty markup to the script to remove actor Eric Milligan from the cast. Eithe rthat, or just poor writing. The entire key that the plot focused on was that the person stole the skeleton while everyone was involved in trying to help Zack who was injured on the floor of the lab. Zack obviously could not have taken the skeleton. And yet the final answer is that Zack did it?! Very poorly written.

March 12 2012 at 11:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Lee Irons's comment

I had the same reaction -- but couldn't Gormogon have entered the lab with the security system down, and removed the skeleton himself? Zach's role was to provide the distraction, not to conduct the removal himself.

August 23 2012 at 7:18 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I am glad that it was Zack. I've never been a big fan of this character, especially this season. I'm just glad it wasn't Sweets (although he was kinda a jerk this episode).

I will say that the Bones/Booth interaction after the funeral was disappointing. I was hoping for a little more emotion from Brennan.

May 26 2008 at 5:22 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Ok first sign that this show wasn't crap is my husband was watching it.
Yes it was heartwrenching for it to be Zach, but that was the whole point. Perhaps many of you could not follow the Bones/Zach speech that explained why he logicially did this. It was an experiment. He had convinced himself that the actions taken would be worth the results. The fact that it was only 3 months ago, that its was highly secretive would drive Zach to follow the logic of completely submitting to the "Master" in order to follow its outcome. We all know he's OCD. The writer's obviously used his story plot in Iraq as a set-up and in the end I saw this as a good ending to the Gormogon arc, though like everyone else I agree it was rushed, but better than last season with the overall arc was stretched out to undying end. Taking this ficition as it is and not accounting for Hollywood politics it is a very hard, but completely logical conclusion. Plus it will screw with the characters long after Zach is absent from the office. This will really hurt Bones and could be a good catalyst to get her to be more emotional, since she now sees the flaw in complete logic.
Any true Sci-fi lover knows the story of the robot that does what it is told. "Because I was told to." That's the logic you will need to hold onto to understand why Zach did what he did. Being completely logical is a form of insanity, because you have no moral gauge telling you what is good or bad, these concepts do not exist in a logical world.
Giving up the Master was his human side relenting and trying to make-up for his mistake.

So I know your upset he's gone. I am too, but logically (heh, heh) it was a plausible outcome.

May 22 2008 at 12:54 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This episode was a load of bollocks. Seriously - the stupidest, lamest twist in television show history. I don't care how rational or how socially inept Zack is; there was no credible logic behind his actions whatsoever. Perhaps he would be capable of this given different circumstances, but there is simply no ring of truth to it whatsoever in this particular scenario. I don't care about losing the character or his becoming a villain; just make it believable. The guy's IQ is over 160, AND he's just going to trash those relationships with his colleagues? Change the name of the show to "Cartilage," because Bones just jumped the shark.

SO disappointing.

May 21 2008 at 5:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I alway thought if Zack was going to be a killer make him the Spaceship/Air denier for money killer. Nobody is supposed to die but if people don't follow the rules then death! seems to be more his vibe.

May 21 2008 at 8:41 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Bruce, completely agree with your comments, I would love this to just be a bad dream that Booth has while recovering.

I think the writers should have just had a cliff hanger ending, and they could have resolved the whole gormogon thing next season. Why bother to rush it now? So the season is shortened blah blah blah.

I loved bones punching Booth that was awesome, and then seeing him at his own funeral, I didn't think they'd be killing him off.

But seriously Zach as the killer? After three months?? NO way! It was so lame! If they had wanted to get rid of the character, there were many many more creative ways. And yes I had noticed that Zack wasn't the killer waiting in the closet. DUH to the writers, that is just not believable. Hate hate hate hate hated it. Almost as bad as Bones's dad getting out of jail.

I hope the writers are listening because this was just bad writing all the way around.

May 21 2008 at 2:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I did not care for this episode or how it involved the unraveling of a much beloved character. I found the last few episodes to be brilliant and funny and wonderful, but this episode was totally lost on me. I did like Bones punching out Booth, the bathtub scene and the look on Cam's face when she found out it was Zak, but other then that the ending was not believable or acceptable. D-

May 20 2008 at 11:31 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i agree with the post that said that the writers think we are stupid... c'mon. The thing that bothers me the most was that they never even explain the logic of gorgomons, like it was too complex to figured it out, al least if it was a clever logic we could start to accept zach going for it, but like that, all in the air... very very weak...

The funerl part... i was hoping that the scene pass quickly so we could go into the gorgomon stortline... i really didn't wanted to be sweets (love the character), but zach wasn't a posibility... PLUS THE ACTOR DIDN'T WHAN TO LEAVE!!! THAT REALLY SUCK!!!

May 20 2008 at 6:35 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Dang it! I missed the bathroom scene. I was in the kitchen getting a snack. :(

May 20 2008 at 6:34 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Sandy Schairer

If the other characters loved Zack so much, why didn't they ask him to call for a lawyer and plead not guilty. DUH

May 20 2008 at 4:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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