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December 22, 2014

Human Tetris coming to Fox - VIDEOS

by Anna Johns, posted May 20th 2008 1:44PM
human tetris; hole in the wallHuman Tetris: It's the stupidest, simplest idea ever for a game show... which makes it frickin' brilliant! (Although, my co-worker, Joel, does not agree) Audiences in Japan and Denmark are nuts for it. That was enough for Fox to go from ordering one pilot to grabbing up an entire season, based on the popularity of the shows overseas and on the internet.

The version coming to American television next season is called Hole in the Wall. This game show is about people contorting their bodies to fit through an odd-shaped hole in a wall. The wall comes flying at them and they have to fit through the hole or be pushed into a pool of water. Simple, right? And it's going to be addictive as hell.

Fox picked up 13 hours of the show, which can be cut down into 26 half-hour episodes. Teams of three will compete individually and as an entire group to fit through the holes in the walls. I've never wanted to be on a game show before, but I totally want on this one.

Episodes of the Danish and Japanese versions are on YouTube, so I kindly posted them in this article. I dare you to not waste an entire half hour watching these today.

**Update: Here's casting information.

[Thanks, James]

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