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October 24, 2014

The Arrested Development Award: Call for considerations

by Jane Boursaw, posted May 22nd 2008 10:20AM
tv squad awardsThe TV Squad Awards are in full swing, and I have the pleasure of moderating The Arrested Development Award, a.k.a. The Show Least Deserving of Cancellation Award.

Since we're focusing on shows from the 2007-2008 season, that lets out a few contenders, like Veronica Mars , Firefly, and the award's namesake, Arrested Development. But there are plenty of recent shows deserving of the honor. Five that made my list:

1. Journeyman (NBC). This time-shift puzzle starring Kevin McKidd as deer-in-the-headlights Dan Vasser took a while to hook me, but by mid-season, I was there. I love shows that make you think, and although this one developed a formula (Dan saving someone who would later go on to change history), the logistics always had you scratching your head. I was sad to see it absent from NBC's Fall 08 schedule.

2. Women's Murder Club (ABC). Shows about strong women are not uncommon these days, but this one starring Angie Harmon as flawed detective Lindsay Boxer was a standout. Lindsay's personal life was a train-wreck, but she excelled when it came to collaring perps, and she never waivered when it came to the Kiss-Me-Not Killer. I love that the writers never took the easy way out. For example, they could have made her ex-husband's fiance a shrew. Instead, the character of Heather, played beautifully by one of my favorite actresses, Ever Carradine, was a sweet kindergarten teacher with a kind heart. Lindsay was miffed to discover that she actually liked Heather. It's this kind of writing that made Women's Murder Club one of the best of the 2007-8 season.

3. Moonlight (CBS). I didn't have a chance to watch this series about a vampired-turned-private-eye, but judging by the fan uproar over its cancellation (and could it be landing at The CW?), it's certainly deserving of The Arrested Development Award. Keep the faith, Moonlighters!

4. New Amsterdam (Fox). There were a lot of holes in this series starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as John Amsterdam, an immortal NYC homicide detective. Like for instance, you'd think that after several hundred years on the planet, you'd find your "one true love" (the key to John becoming mortal). Still, the show was gritty and edgy, with a groovy emo soundtrack and a main character burned out on connecting with other people. After all, everyone he gets close to grows old and dies, leaving him to start all over again. It's sad that we won't have a resolution to this lost soul's existence.

5. Shark (CBS). No one does James Woods like James Woods, and as hotshot L.A. lawyer Sebastian Shark, he took no prisoners. He was the Gregory House of the courtroom, encouraging his team of young lawyers to do whatever it took to ensure justice. But Shark had a softer side, too, especially when interacting with daughter Julie, played by the fabulous Danielle Panabaker. I really believe this show could have survived longer in a different time slot (if you could even figure out its time slot on any given week).

Other shows on my list include Jericho, Carpoolers and, of course, my beloved Las Vegas.

Tell us: Which shows do you think are most deserving of The Arrested Development Award?

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