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October 4, 2015

The Most Real Unreal Award nominees - VIDEOS

by Keith McDuffee, posted May 30th 2008 4:26PM
tvs awardsAt first I was surprised at the low turnout for the call for considerations last week, but it's understandable. Most folks are going to right-out (and, likely, correctly) assume we're talking about purely science fiction shows, and when there are just so many of them, why mention what's already been mentioned a few times already?

The list of nominees follows, along with your chance again to vote for the Reader's Choice award amongst them.

Battlestar Galactica (Sci Fi) -- Special effects have come a long way since the days of the original Battlestar Galactica series. Many times when we get screeners for BSG, the effects are incomplete, though that's what makes the finished product that much more impressive. Where we once saw the obvious green screens and early-pass renders of exterior shots of the Galactica fleet, there's a believable and impressive universe when the episode airs. And that's just the exterior effects.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox) -- A lot of people were worried when they heard Terminator was coming back in the form of a television series. I know my first thought was how awful the effects were going to be, that there was no way they'd come close to matching the movies. Thank God I was wrong.

Supernatural (CW) -- I think I gave up on this show way too soon. The effects are on-par with The X-Files, definitely better than it's earlier seasons at least. When you're dealing with a monster-of-the-week, you can't just dip into the reuse pile of effects. Creating these new effects each season and each episode is something the guys working this show know how to do well.

Stargate: Atlantis (Sci Fi) -- Along with the BSG set visit, I had the pleasure of checking out the sets of Stargate: Atlantis. Watching an episode and seeing a Puddle Jumper flying along on-screen, the same one I saw last year made of wood, is just awesome. Unfortunately SG1 didn't qualify for this award, as it didn't air this past season.

Heroes (NBC) -- Putting undisguised humans in superhuman situations is certainly something that qualifies as making the unreal look real. Heroes did this extremely well in its first season, then continued to dazzle us with new heroes with new and effects-ridden powers. I saw an early cut of the pilot episode with Hiro's time-stopping power, and even knowing where the green screens were setup, I was impressed.

So, there you have 'em. go ahead and cast your vote for the Reader's Choice and we'll be back next week with a list of all the winners.

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Justin McGuirk

"At first I was surprised at the low turnout for the call for considerations last week, but it's understandable."

Also this story wasn't on the reality-free feed. Does this happen often? I hope I'm not missing anything too important.

May 30 2008 at 9:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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