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September 1, 2015

Super Skank Wednesday: Dina, Denise, Byata, & Rece - VIDEOS

by Kristin Sample, posted Jun 11th 2008 12:38PM
Serch & YoYoWelcome to Super Skank Wednesday. This is where I celebrate the awesomely skanky people on the following shows: Miss Rap Supreme, I Love Money, Charm School, New York Goes to Hollywood, and The Surreal Life. Basically, I'll discuss the skankalicious shows that make VH1 the network it is today.

Notice how I've changed my introduction? I almost added Living Lohan and Denise Richards: It's Complicated but I realized that would compromise my integrity. I did, however, watch both of those shows Sunday night. I'll tell you about them and the finale of Miss Rap Supreme after the jump.

Last week I said I had no interest in watching Denise Richards: It's Complicated because Denise is too bland. Well, my suspicions were confirmed and Denise Richards is officially the most unexciting person on the planet. She's not even interesting enough to hate (like Dina Lohan--but I'll get to that later). She picked up dog poop, had a meeting with Joel Silver about changing her image, and posed for Self magazine. Oh, and she made her Dad get a spray tan (bless his heart but he's not half as interesting as Kathy Griffin's parents on My Life on the D-List). It's like one of the producers said, "Do something interesting, Denise." And her best idea was to torture her dad with a spray tan.

And, by the way, it's still not complicated. They should make Denise do word problems. Now that would be complicated.

Living Lohan came on right after Denise Richards: It's Complicated. And now I have confirmation that Dina Lohan is the dark lord Sauron. I got a half-hour of proof that she is working her evil on the Middle Earth that is Long Island, New York. The show is "supposed" to be about Ali's music career--kind of like that stupid Ashlee Simpson Show a while back. Remember the theme song?

And now that song will haunt me all day. But back to Living Lohan on Long Island. While the show is meant to be about Ali, the real reason to tune in is obviously the Nana Dina Lohan. Last night, Ali was teased by some girls at school ("Hey Ali, you gonna go to rehab like Lindsay?" and "Hey Ali, you gonna get the Hep like Lindsay?" Just kidding. No one said that second one.) and Dina's solution is take Ali to Harlem to Impact Repertory Theatre, "one of the oldest Black non-for-profit theatres in New York City" because Ali needs a place to work out her frustrations and express herself creatively. Kudos to Impact for using Dina's big idea to their advantage and get a promo out of the visit. Clearly, they do important and positive work.

I was going to find a clip of Living Lohan but I stumbled upon this gem from Tracey Ullman:

Lastly, there's the finale of Miss Rap Supreme. After hating Byata for the past four or five episodes, I really liked her last night. I always thought she had talent; I just found her completely annoying. And I found the drama between Byata and Chiba a little contrived. But last night when Byata sang off the top of her head in front of Will.i.am., I was blown away. I couldn't believe she just made that up. Her performances at the end were good too.

Byata and ReceBut Byata's singing and rapping wasn't enough to beat Rece Steele (B-X, Holla!) Rece's final performance was amazing. I'm glad they gave it to her. And she looked so grateful for the prize money and title.

In general, Miss Rap Supreme was not up to par with other VH1 skankalicious fare. If I had to rate it on a scale of one to ten (ten being the first season of Rock of Love or the second season of Flavor of Love and one being MTV's Made), I'd give it a three. MRS left much to be desired in the drama department. And I probably wouldn't have watched it after about episode four, but it's the beginning of the summer and nothing else is on.

That's all for this week. I think next time I'll put together another list. I enjoy celebrating the trashtastic shows of yesteryear.

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