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October 9, 2015

The Super Friends: Reflections in Crime - VIDEOS

by Debra McDuffee, posted Jun 19th 2008 2:40PM
Superman looking into a mirror

Do not adjust your web browser. You are now entering the Retro Squad, where we are reviewing past episodes of classic TV shows.

I've got to hand it to the writers of The Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show; for a mere ten minute episode, they really jam-packed 'Reflections in Crime' with a lot to make fun of ... er ... write about.

This 14th episode of The Legendary Super Powers Show is chock-full of funnies; some intentional, some ... not so much. The episode begins with Superman and Samurai playing chess, although it sounds like they are fighting, with such lines as, "Oh good move, that really hurts." We get a chuckle when we see that they are merely playing chess.

Superman has some of the best lines in the episode. For such a powerful hero, his complete lack of meaningful insight is astounding. When the Super Friends were summoned to the emergency at the observatory -- before it happened -- Superman says that "some clown with a home computer cracked our code." A bit trite, Man of Steel.

He follows up that wisdom with "there is more to this than a practical joke." Ya think?

The good fun begins when the Mirror Master traps Superman in the Sixth Dimension. You know, the one behind all of the mirrors of the world? As the anger seethes out of Superman, he cuts the Mirror Master with his harsh words: "What have you done to me, you madman?"

After the Mirror Master leaves Superman floating -- yes, floating (this is significant, so keep it in mind) -- in the Sixth Dimension, he decides to try to contact the Super Friends through the mirrors. Funnily enough, the first mirror he finds is the one in Lois Lane's office. When Superman calls for help, Lois swears she hears Superman's voice. Not Clark Kent's voice, you know, the guy who actually works in her office, but the Man of Steel of her dreams. Interesting ....

Superman's comment? "So much for her."

In searching the mirrors of the Sixth Dimension, Superman encounters a man in his bathroom, shaving: "Sorry, wrong mirror." We don't get to see his next faux pas; all we hear is a lady screaming and Superman's "Excuse me Ma'am. I'd better be more careful ..."

The collective brains of the Super Friends would be a massive surge of intelligence, or so you might think. When they receive a cryptic message from Mirror Master, Robin exclaims, "Holy Gobbledygook." It takes the wise Samurai to figure out that the message is written backwards, and he goes to the mirror -- in the lovely foyer of the Hall of Justice, complete with console table and vase of flowers -- to read it. Probably a super hero could just forgo the mirror are read backwards, but who am I to say?

In hot pursuit if Mirror Master, Samurai and Firestorm are thwarted by the glare of light in the Mirror he shines at them. How, pray tell, do these heroes expect to defeat the Legion of Doom when sunlight is a force to be reckoned with?

Superman finally finds Batman and Robin in the Batmobile -- "Here, in the rear view mirror" -- and warns them of Mirror Master's dangerous ways. Unfortunately, they end up in the Sixth Dimension with Superman. So much for a heroic rescue. The funniest part? All of a sudden, they are standing in the Sixth Dimension? I suppose the animators has to account for the lack of flying skills on Batman's and Robin's part.

As Samurai watches the Batmobile go careening down a cliff, he relays his sentiments: "i hope the Batmobile's insured."

At the county fair, Samurai catches up to Mirror Master: "Hold it right there, Mirror Monster." The play on words is extremely clever, don't you think? Well, Mirror Master gets him back with his words like barbs, when he thinks he has trapped Samurai, too: Welcome to the Sixth Dimension, Blowhard." Get it? Because Samurai can control the wind? More with the cleverness.

So in there, Firestorm gets sent tot he Sixth Dimension as well, and while the people at the county fair flee from the falling tent, the same six "extras" run away. I can understand how they wouldn't want to pay more people for such an insignificant scene ... oh wait, they are animated, people! Did the artists take a sick day, or what?

Samurai used his powers of invisibility to escape the Mirror Master and reverse the energy field, thereby releasing the others. Superman, always with the clever, simply thanks Samurai with an "Arigato."

As if we needed another hokey line, the episode ends with some insight from Batman this time, to Mirror Master: "You'll have plenty of time to reflect on that behind bars."

This truly is one of my favorites episodes of The Legendary Super Powers Show -- I hope you'll enjoy it, too.

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