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October 8, 2015

America's Got Talent: Episode 302

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Jun 25th 2008 12:44AM
America's Got Talent
(S03E02) "I have shoes older than you but I'd like to try you on!" - Sharon to 23-year-old Joseph, an Elvis impersonator.

The second episode of America's Got Talent auditions brought more great acts and more terrible performances. This week, we were treated to 15 complete acts that ranged from singing to magic (see picture) not forgetting impersonators and Drumtazia! Oh, and, unless I'm mistaken, we also saw the judges give 3 Xs to someone who finished in 4th place in another talent competition! More on that at the end of my review.

Victoria, the singing fairy - Even if the singer/songwriter was a bit weird, as Piers said, she wasn't that bad. Okay, she wasn't AGT material but I could see her put up together a CD of fairy songs for young girls. No?

Eli Mattson, singer - To advance in a competition when you are a singer you must not only have talent but chose the right song. How many times did we hear the judges on American Idol tell contestants that their song choice was questionable? Well, Eli Mattson didn't make this mistake during his captivating and entertaining AGT audition. He will be one of the front runners this season and, even if he doesn't win, I'm pretty sure he'll get a record deal.

Miss Pussykatt, the grinder - Personally, I didn't care much for this act. It was intriguing but where's the talent? The woman just makes sparks and some of her moves go along with the music. It's the type of act that could be part of a larger show and not on its own. Since she sparked the judges interest, she got a ticket for Las Vegas. I can't wait to see if she can improve her act and make it more daring and entertaining. I foresee her not going very far in the competition.

Tumblers from New Orleans - Their performance was entertaining and pleased the crowd and judges. However, for me to fully support them, they'll need to be more in tune with the song and link their moves together better. Right now, it's just a series of cool tricks.

Drumtazia - Oh. My. God. My ears are still buzzing from that horrendous and loud performance. Can you believe this guy thinks he offers the greatest drum show on earth? Some words to describe the act: loud, noisy, no grace, no rhythm. If the 57-year-old limo driver wants to make it in the drumming world, he needs to learn some basic techniques first (aka, flam, paradiddle, rolls, drag, ratamacue, etc.) and get some lessons.

Next II None - The boys 5-hours of practice a day paid off. They offered a very good performance of *NSync's "Bye Bye Bye." The family boy band has the looks (I'm pretty sure some of the girls in the audience already called dibs on them), the attitude, the moves and the voice needed to make it. However, as Piers pointed out, they are missing a lead singer. That can come in time when they evolve as a group. Unless they try to set themselves apart without having a front runner or two.

Russian Bar Trio - Talk about an impressive act! No, I'm not just saying that because the trio is Canadian like I am. Jerry even said it was the most impressive act he's seen in the past two years. I'm not totally agreeing with him but what they showed us was daring and entertaining! The woman almost knocked her head on Sharon's X! Even if I, the crowed, and the judges, enjoyed this act, I doubt it'll go very far in the competition. What will they do next? If they remain a trio, the only ways I can see them make this act more impressive is if they add some juggling, fire, spikes, etc.

Michael, Ozzy's impersonator - This guy took a huge risk during his audition with performing as Ozzy in front of Sharon. A bigger risk would have been performing in front of the Prince of Darkness himself. That said, Michael sucked. Big time. He quickly got 2 Xs. It was fun to watch Piers, who would have Xed such an act after a second, wait, and wait, and wait. He was amused by the fact that Sharon was not a happy camper. He even pushed the envelope by giving a "yes" to Michael! This could have turned into a verbal fight between the judges but things ended up in laughter. Poor Michael. He'll have to find another potential job.

The Taubl Family - As Piers said it, the Taubls are good musicians but not the best singers. I thought their act was pretty good until the youngest boy started singing. It was off. Luckily, when the others joined in, it got better. The group's weakest moments are when people sing alone. As a musical act, they could go on for a few more rounds.

The DC Cowboy Dance Company - Since the judges allowed last week's Slippery Kittens Burlesque to move on, they had no choice but to give the cowboy dancers a ticket to Las Vegas. The men were entertaining and nice to look at, but their dance moves were pretty basic and they were not always in sync. They'll need to perform more complex and spectacular dances if they want to go further in the competition.

Kevin Taylor, breaking of bricks - As I watched the feature on 39-year-old Taylor, I was worried that his act would be, as Piers said, just another boring martial arts act. However, Taylor proved me, and Piers, wrong by setting the cement bricks on fire. Even if he has an idea for his next act, how can he outperform himself if he moves on beyond the first round in Las Vegas?

Chellena, vocalist - What a voice! With her first note, she won the crowd and the judges over. She gave a heartfelt performance. She may not be the greatest singer so far this season, but the lady has a great voice.

Johnny, magician - When you hear a contestant say that he is really entertaining before we even see his act, you know that there is a 99% chance that he'll suck. So was the case with magician Johnny. How can you be a magician if you can't even manipulate your props properly?

The Pendragons - 30 years in the business and a huge scar that confirms you are willing to do anything for your art. The Pendragons are a good example of perseverance. Their audition act was pretty basic (see picture on top of the review) but it was performed well. Even if there are a lot of magicians in Las Vegas, magic shows always draw crowds. I can't wait to see their next act to see if they can become the next AGT winners.

Joseph, the Elvis impersonator - There are loads of Elvis impersonators out there. Loads! Some are really crappy, some are really great. Joseph showed us in his audition that he is from the latter group. Not only does he have the looks, but he has a voice similar to the King's and he has most of the moves as well. The crowd was so wild during his performance that Piers even had to tell them to control themselves. Since he gave a good performance and because there are millions of Elvis fans out there, it wouldn't be surprising if Joseph makes it far in the competition.

Other tidbits of interests and things to ponder:
  • David Avila is definitely not related to Canadian Idol's winner Eva Avila or with Luciano Pavarotti. He's yet another example of someone who thinks he is a singer and whose friends aren't able to tell him the truth about his lack of talent.
  • Again this week, someone with a sort of dual neck guitar auditioned and was sent home.
  • If you have backup singers or musicians, make sure they smile and seem proud of your work during your performance. Otherwise, you don't stand a chance. (See Polina and her not smiling pianist mother.)
  • Can the "Gone Completely Crakers" ads be gone completely? They bring nothing to the show at all.
  • The Hoff complained about Piers speaking only about himself!?! Hello? And The Hoff never speaks about himself?
  • There was a bad crop of magicians in Chicago! The guy whose dove ran off. Dennis who tried to perform a levitation act but fell down as soon as the first chair was removed. Becky, the lady magician who had troubles with her rings and her bra. And Bizzaro, who had quite a bizzare act that included flames...
  • During the previews and the "Gone Completely Crakers" bit, we saw a glimpse of the George Bush impersonator. As soon as I saw him, I thought I recognized John Morgan who finished 4th in last year's The Next Best Thing on ABC and does impersonations of the President here, there, and everywhere around the U.S. So when he appeared on screen in the second part of this week's episode, I made point to note down the name of the performer: John Morgan, 51. Could it be the same performer? If so, how can the AGT judges give him 3 Xs? He was so good on The Next Best Thing, appeared on other shows and makes appearances during major corporate events. We didn't see much of his AGT audition, but he seemed to give a fair performance. What gives? I'm not saying that he should have moved on, but 3 Xs to one of the best George Bush impersonators out there?
Who was your favorite performer of the night?
Eli Mattson, singer113 (37.3%)
Miss Pussykatt, the grinder13 (4.3%)
Tumblers from New Orleans14 (4.6%)
Next II None4 (1.3%)
Russian Bar Trio49 (16.2%)
The Taubl Family9 (3.0%)
The DC Cowboy Dance Company1 (0.3%)
Kevin Taylor, breaking of bricks4 (1.3%)
Chellena, vocalist6 (2.0%)
The Pendragons31 (10.2%)
Joseph, the Elvis impersonator59 (19.5%)

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Jeff Goebel

Pendragons did a text book trick from the 1960's just ok. I was shocked they moved on.

President Bush impersonator may be good, but he can't win. In a short while, nobody will care. I'm kind of surprised they still care about Elvis.

June 29 2008 at 9:57 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Was'nt the Elvis impersonator on the next best thing as well? I thought He was as well as the George Bush guy.

I also thought I remembered the Pendragons from somewhere.

June 26 2008 at 10:50 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I saw the Russian Bar Trio live when they performed during the halftime of a basketball game I attended. They did about 10 minutes worth of material and kept the attention of most everyone in the stands. (They were much better than the actual basketball game!) They kept upping the ante so I think they'll be able to sustain interest through the semi-final and final.

June 25 2008 at 10:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Maybe the 3 X's to the George Bush impersonator were more of a statement on how people feel about George Bush. If you can't "X" the original, there might at least be some satisfaction by way of "X-ing" the copycat. For that, I thank the judges tremendously.

June 25 2008 at 7:39 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to deebopalula's comment

If that's what makes you feel better, then go with that.

June 25 2008 at 8:53 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Doug Nelson

I thought I'd seen the Pendragons' act before, turns out they're quite well-known and even have a pretty extensive wikipedia page. I guess the injury knocked the steam out of their careers, so they're starting over on the reality freakshow circuit.

I think they buzzed Becky because they thought she was a bad magician. Unfortunately, she has a comedy act built around appearing to be a bad magician. The judges missed the entire point.

The Ozzie impersonator was pretty horrible, but his voice actually did have the same intonation as Ozzie, I can see why he decided to go the impersonation route.

June 25 2008 at 4:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Doug Nelson's comment

I'm wondering why the Pendragons are there. They are professional magicians. Heck, I remember them from TV from back in the 80's. And really, how did they NOT get 3 Xs for such a lame trick. Small children can (and do) that trick with the same gimmicked box. They didn't get XXX, but they gave me ZZZ...

June 25 2008 at 8:55 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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