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June 30, 2015

Iconic ads ... and Giles - VIDEO

by Brett Love, posted Jun 26th 2008 1:07PM

Maytag RepairmanOur pals over at AOL have a fun new list up featuring their picks for the Top 25 ad icons of all time. As with any list, you can debate the results. I'll not spoil the list for you, but my pick was bumped all the way down to number nine. I bring it up here for two reasons. First, it's a fun trip down memory lane watching all of the old commercials. Seeing a young David Naughton singing and dancing about Dr. Pepper, or David Leisure pitching for Isuzu, is certainly a better use of your time than anything your boss had planned for today.

More importantly, given that this is Buffy week, a familiar face pops up on the list -- it's the one and only Anthony Stewart Head. If you're not of the Hanna Montana generation, you probably recall the series of spots for Nescafe from years gone by. They featured an ongoing story about a couple, Head and Sharon Maughan, tracing their relationship. It had all the classic bits. There was another woman, jobs getting in the way of their courtship, and even a Three's Company-style misunderstanding that gave him all the wrong ideas. In the end ... well, you can watch it all unfold, after the jump.

Fun, isn't it? And aside from the nostalgia of looking back, or the sheer Buffyness of some OG Anthony Head clips, it also makes a point about television advertising. As the networks continue to struggle finding new ways to force viewers to watch ads, here we are doing posts about ads, and embedding them for everyone to watch. I'm more than willing to watch commercials -- there just has to be something original and compelling about them.

One more thing. Since we're talking commercials -- and Buffy week -- let's not leave out Buffy herself. Check out cute little Sarah Michelle Gellar, hawking burgers for the King. "Unbelievable!"

[via whedonesque ]

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