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October 4, 2015

TV Squad Soap Report: My Emmy nominations for 2009

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 26th 2008 10:22AM
TV Squad Soap Report logoDid you enjoy the Daytime Emmy Awards last week? Were you happy to see grand soap stars like Anthony Geary and Jeanne Cooper honored? I have no complaints with the winners -- and as I mentioned in previous posts, I had predicted some of them correctly. But I do have qualms about so many actors and actresses who weren't even nominated.

A lot of great performances weren't recognized. Therefore, I've decided to recognize a few actors and actresses who should be on the ballot in 2009! That's right, this is a pre-emptive list of six who should be included in next year's Daytime Emmy nominations.

1) Mary Beth Evans as Kayla Johnson - Days of Our Lives
It's well-known in the soap world that the actors on Days of Our Lives are less likely to shine in the light of lady Emmy. There's no good reason for it because Days has had some amazing actors. Mary Beth Evans is one of the them. She returned to the show in 2006, picked up as Kayla after a long absence, and she never missed a beat. If anything, playing Kayla as an older and wiser woman, a doctor and the mother of an adult daughter, Mary Beth was even better. Her interaction with Stephen Nichols, also back after a decade-long sabbatical, is proof that on a soap, great romances are enduring. Mary Beth Evans is long overdue Emmy recognition.

2) Tuc Watkins as David Vickers - One Life to Live
You know the old line about acting, don't you? You know, "Death is easy, comedy is hard"? Well, that may be for many actors, but it sure is easy for Tuc Watkins. Or maybe he just makes it look easy. He recently returned to One Life to Live as the unctuous cad and ne-er do well (love those words!) David Vickers. He's self-centered and shallow and a shameless golddigger. His recent marriage to Addie, 20 years his senior, has been fodder for great good humor not because he's making fun of the other woman -- he's not. Rather, they seem like they're enjoying their fandango and it's driving Dorian crazy. Soaps are rarely this funny; Tuc Watkins, you rate an Emmy nom in my estimation.

3) Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan - The Bold and the Beautiful
On her very attractive shoulders, Katherine Kelly Lang has carried the storylines on The Bold and the Beautiful for over 20 years. In all that time, she's never received the credit she deserves for being both bold and beautiful, and I'll add believable and brave. Like other leading actresses on other shows, KKL is front and center in most every major storyline. She works constantly and never fails to keep Brooke an interesting and relevant character. She's aged, she's been through hell, she's had hard times -- like when she was date-raped last season and nearly lost custody of her young children. Why this actress has not been honored to date is a mystery to me; she's on my 2009 list for a nomination.

4) Michael Knight as Tad Martin - All My Children
Once upon a time, Michael Knight was a young turk and his character, Tad Martin was Pine Valley's most irrepressible character. Tad the cad. But Tad grew up and Michael Knight has shown him as much more than that cute guy he started out as. This past season he's really shown his acting chops, perhaps thanks to the return -- as outlandish as it was -- of Dixie. Michael Knight isn't young any more, but he is still very cute and, more than that, Tad is truly a tent pole character. Michael has won three Emmys for Tad. I see another nomination in his future.

5) Judith Chapman as Gloria Fisher Abbott - The Young and the Restless
A day without Gloria is a day that The Young and the Restless sparkles a little less than usual. Since coming on board as Kevin and Michael's Machiavellian mom, Judith Chapman has basically stole the show. She's an exasperating, exacting vixen with a heart of gold -- a walking contradiction. Somehow Chapman makes it work. It's was a stunner that she didn't get a nomination in '08. The Daytime Emmys won't make that mistake in '09.

6) Jon Hensley as Holden Snyder - As the World Turns
Is there a built-in prejudice among Emmy voters when it comes to gorgeous, hunky guys? Really, get over it. Jon Hensley has grown before our eyes on As the World Turns. He's not the cute stable boy anymore; it's time to appreciate what a great leading man he is. This year he lost his long-time partner when Martha Byrne exited as Lily. He's made the transition to a new actress in the role -- Noelle Beck -- and is now neck-deep in a new love story with Maura West's Carly. Hensley is earnest, honest and sincere, a reflection of his character's good nature. He should be recognized for the truth in his acting and the consistent high quality of his performance.

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June 27 2008 at 1:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Thank you for this article. Every year at the Daytime Emmies we seem to get the same list of nominees and winners. I was very happy to see Jeanne Cooper win and very disappointed it took this long for her to be recognized. I am glad you mentioned Stephen Nichols in your article as I am a huge fan of his. He created 2 of the most diverse characters in daytime in Patch on DOOL and Stefan Cassadine on GH. I think GH suffers mightily by not having his presence and the way they handled his role on the soap was despicable. It was a slap in the face to a fine actor IMO. It is a shame that he, the ones you have named and many others aren't recognized and that the Daytime Awards ignore so many great actors to continually recognize the same few. I appreciate your pointing that out.

June 27 2008 at 9:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I have watch Days of Our Lives longer than I care to mention. Mary Beth Evans was just ONE of the reasons to watch back then, but now, she and Stepthen, ARE the reason to watch Days. As Jennifer mentioned, she always gives everything she has, no matter how stupid or crappy the line may be. For the Acadamy to not recognize her, or Stephen for that matter, just goes to show the prejudice towards Days by the Academy. MBE in '08!!

June 26 2008 at 4:57 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Nat's comment

Very well said. I think the Emmy`s are prejudiced against days. But, both Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols are stellar actors and they are constantly being passed buy. Shame on the academy.

June 27 2008 at 1:11 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

KKL for the win!

June 26 2008 at 2:58 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Mary Beth has proven over and over again that she not only deserves a nomination, but a much deserved win. As a constant professional, not only does she deliver the crap they give her, she delivers it with believability and such emotion that she is the only actress on TV that moves me. It really irritated me this year that first they lump her in the pre-nominations as "supporting" but then no nomination? I love me some Judi Evans, I really do, but how can you tell me over the course of last year her work was better? I honestly with all my heart (not to take away from the actual nominees themselves) believe that the academy did throw Days a bone this year with nominees, but they did it in a way that they knew none of the people nominated would win. The Emmy's have become a joke. I hope Mary Beth doesn't have to wait as long as Jeanne Cooper, LOL.

I love your list about 10 times better than the crap we were given at the awards.

June 26 2008 at 1:59 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

All My Children was on a roll with Erica on the run, the return of Angie, Jesse coming back from the dead, Angie & Jesse reuniting, Angie & Jesse's wedding (and the ensuing rooftop chase), and Tad getting Kate back.

June 26 2008 at 1:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Mike Doran

Couldn't agree more about Knight, Chapman (the Ida Lupino of daytime), and especially Watkins (who should be having the career Will Ferrell is currently wasting).But permit me to add the name of the again-at-liberty Cady McClain, who should have been snatched up for prime time years ago. That AMC afterlife storyline was the hardest sell in recent daytime history, and McClain and Knight pulled it off.

June 26 2008 at 12:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Wow, Mary Beth Evans looks great! I haven't watched "Days" in nearly 20 years.

June 26 2008 at 11:33 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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