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October 7, 2015

Army Wives: Leaving the Tribe

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 30th 2008 10:22AM
Army Wives partial cast(S02E04) If there's one thing about Army Wives that bothers me, it's that life is rarely this tidy. With a few exceptions, this episode was about as neat and organized as Frank Sherwood's sock drawer. If you know that character, you know what I mean.

The really good part of the show dealt not with the wives, but with the husbands. Michael Holden, usually the Rock of Gibraltar, finally was shown to be in pain.

It was fitting that Michael wouldn't make it easy for Claudia Joy to find out what was bothering him. A general doesn't show his soft underbelly, not even to his wife.

The twist of having George's sister, Leah, appear was a good development. It was unexpected that the sister of the guy who bombed the Hump Bar would approach the Holdens, but it worked because it gave Claudia Joy a chance to counsel Michael.

That Claudia Joy was even talking to her was a reversal from previous weeks. Clearly the messenger in the last episode made an impression.

It didn't occur to me that Michael would blame himself for the bombing because of a command decision; if this were a typical soap opera, and not a military drama, I think it would be seemed like a contrivance. It didn't. Michael's second guessing himself for an order he didn't give was spot on writing.

My heart went out to Leah -- again, it was novel to show the guilt felt by the family of someone who does a heinous act. But I agree with Roxie that the Hump Bar should not become a memorial. Fort Marshall has enough tributes to the dead.

In her tirade at the radio station, Roxie "has at it" all right, defending not only Betty's decision to rebuild the bar -- and her connection to it because she grew up there and her father owned it -- but also the importance of the bar as a meeting place separate from the army, but part of the fabric of the community.

The Joan-Roland story is just coming together too neatly, don't you think? He's found a new career -- teaching and helping children -- he's understanding about Joan's hormonal issues. She listens to his advice about how to deal with her pregnancy and actually uses it.

This felt too pat. Joan is not a character so easily accepting of sound advice, and Roland is just too pleased with everything Joan does now that she's decided to have the baby. It's great that they're having lots of sex and are totally supportive of each other's choices, but how realistic is this? Something needs to happen to keep me glued to their storyline, because right now I'm bored by their happiness.

Trevor's injury in Iraq was telegraphed. You knew the moment you saw him in that marketplace, laughing with a buddy and playing with local kids, that something bad was going to happen. I thought it would be a suicide bomber, but Trevor noticed the guy had rifle and when he warned everyone to get down, he was shot in the shoulder.

This is all leading to Trevor's return, which was revealed in the finale and brought joy to Roxie and the boys. But the previews suggest that we're not going to see the happy-go-lucky Trevor that Roxie married last season. Storm clouds are on the horizon.

Other points of interest

-- It was refreshing to see Roxie sorting shrimp. It's a lousy job, but since the bar is gone, she has to work. Now that Betty's collected on the insurance and wants to rebuild the bar, Roxie is going to take charge.

-- Betty's rationalization for rebuilding, "Cancer may kill my body, but it ain't going to kill my soul."

-- Michael contemplating retirement in Hilton Head, and telling Claudia Joy it might be soon. This was a major development, and a direct result of Amanda's death.

-- When Roxie and Betty visit the remains of the Hump Bar, it was impossible not to make a connection to 9/11, even though the bombings were completely different. "If I was the crying type, I'd be balling my eyes out," said Betty.

-- Denise and the motorcycle. She's finally getting out from under Frank's yoke. You just knew he would react badly to her riding the bike. He sees it as an "Image problem." Frank is so predictable. Why did Denise even tell him?

-- The tribe supports Denise's new bike and her new look. "A toast to Denise Sherwood, biker chick."

-- Claudia Joy's advice to Michael is an outgrowth of her healing. She tells him, "Forgiveness is the first step," and she's already taken it herself.

-- I liked that they showed the other side of deployment, that is, soldiers returning. When Michael sees two soldiers not being met at the tarmac, he and Claudia Joy welcome them back.

What will happen with Denise and the motorcycle?
She'll sell it to make Frank happy5 (5.0%)
She'll keep it and ride it despite Frank41 (41.0%)
She'll have an accident8 (8.0%)
She'll start riding with the sexy new doctor46 (46.0%)

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