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October 9, 2015

NBC shows confidence in Kath & Kim

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 30th 2008 12:22PM
Molly ShannonIt looks like NBC thinks they have something worth giving a little more love to. Already airing in the cushy post-The Office slot when it premieres October 9th, now NBC has upped the order to thirteen on Molly Shannon and Selma Blair's Kath & Kim. In an era where shows can be yanked after one airing and episode commitments can never grow beyond six, this is a good sign for a new series.

K&K just finished filming their first episode, which tells me that someone must have liked what they saw. Personally, I think Molly Shannon is incredibly funny, in the right situation. Some of her bits on Saturday Night Live were classically brilliant while others were not so much. But her turn on Pushing Daisies last season was nothing short of brilliant. Blair, however, has a more limited TV resume, though she's done some awesome work in film. I'm guessing, based on her more dramatic background, that she's being set up as the straight (wo)man to Shannon's wackiness.

Still loving that the 36-year old Blair will be playing the daughter of 43-year old Shannon's character. Maybe with enough hormone injections a seven-year old could give birth, but I guess it's better than the Aussie version, wherein the actresses in both roles were actually the exact same age. The question is did it come down to Blair being told she looks so young or Shannon being told she's looking old?

Agent: "Molly, they want you for this new role."
Shannon: "Really, that's great!"
Agent: "You'll be playing this older lady who bickers with her daughter."
Shannon: "Oh how fun. Who's playing the girl. Hillary Duff? Lohan?
Agent: "Selma Blair."
Shannon: "What? Isn't she older than me?"
Agent: "Well yes, but she looks much youn--"
Shannon: "Don't you finish that thought."
Agent: "I'm just saying--"
Shannon: "Zip it or lose it ... every bit of it!"
(phone rings)
Secretary: "I have Selma Blair on the phone for Ms. Shannon."
Shannon: "Tell that old bitch I'm busy."
Agent: "Look, I can just call back the studio and tell them you're not--"
Shannon: "Don't you dare. I'll take the job. And I'll show that old biddy that I can still kick! stretch! and kick! ... and apparently play fifty."

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