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October 9, 2015

XBMC for OS X gets a new name: Plex

by Brad Linder, posted Jul 7th 2008 4:03PM
PlexThe media center software suite formerly known as Xbox Media Center is now available for the Xbox, OS X computers, or pretty much any PC that's capable of running Windows or LInux. But the XBMC name still makes it sound like an application for the Xbox only. So the folks working on the OS X version decided to rebrand their port. Meet Plex.

The team plans to roll out a rebranded version over the next few days, and will set up domains at plex2.com, plexsquared.com and plexsquare.com. Plex.com, like most four letter domain names, was already taken. The new software will also get a new skin soon. In the meantime, all I can really show you is the new logo.See it? That's it in the corner.

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Clarification of the XBMC name and its ports and forks:

To start with the title of this article should to stay correct be renamed from "XBMC for OS X gets new name..." to the complicated "XBMC for Mac's OSXBMC fork renamed to Plex", and Team-XBMC (the developers of the original XBMC) is not the people working on Plex.

You see, the original XBMC is no longer named "XBox Media Center", since it was made cross-platform (ported to Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows) it was a few months back officially been renamed to "XBMC" (and that is not an abbreviation any longer, see xbmc.org which is the official website).

XBMC (at the xbmc.org website) is and always will be the original upstream version of XBMC (and forks like Plex, Boxee, and MediaPortal will probably always continue to copy code updates from the original XBMC, same as we do from them if they implement a new feature or function that we like, that iss the nature of open source).

Now to the recent history and reason of OSXBMC being renamed to PLEX; Elan Fieldgold, as then Team-XBMC developer member, originally ported XBMC for Linux to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard later forked away from XBMC and called his fork OSXBMC (I will not go into details but the fork was due to development practice differences), Elan and Team-XBMC at that time agreed that it would then be best if he renamed it from OSXBMC to something else as Team-XBMC plan on continuing our version of XBMC for Mac to avoid the confusion from having two Mac OS X version out there with "XBMC" in the name. Now almost months later Elan has announced that the new name of OSXBMC is Plex, and that a new domain will be followed soon called plexsquared.com

So to sum up:
OSXBMC (www.osxbmc.com) becomes Plex (www.plexsquared.com)
XBox Media Center (xboxmediacenter.com) is now just XBMC (xbmc.org)

Team-XBMC (xbmc.org) will continue developing XBMC for all platforms

XBMC for Linux
XBMC for Mac
XBMC for Windows
XBMC for Xbox


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