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October 9, 2015

Reality TV around the world - VIDEOS

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Jul 9th 2008 6:00PM
FlagsIt's no secret: I'm the only non-U.S. blogger here at TV Squad. I live in Quebec City, the capital of Canada's French province. Living here means that I have access to American, Canadian, and French-Canadian TV channels on basic cable. Canadian and American TV lineups are pretty much alike, especially since a lot of the U.S. shows also air on the Canadian airwaves. But French-Canadian TV is somewhat different than the two other ones because of the language, the culture, etc. However, the influence of American TV can be felt throughout the French-Canadian lineup. One of the main areas influenced by U.S. TV is reality programming.

Reality TV, like it or not, is definitely a major part of TV today all around the world. A lot of the U.S. reality shows originated in other countries, while some U.S. shows made their way around the world. In Canada, we have our own version of American Idol and America's Next Top Model, for example. In Quebec, there is a singing competition, Star Académie, not unlike Idol and a Big Brother-like show too and some U.S. reality shows are dubbed. That got me thinking, what are the reality shows that are watched elsewhere around the globe?

Below, you will find five videos of various reality shows from around the world. Some are international versions of shows you know. Others may be new to you.

Star Académie - Quebec, Canada

As I've said before, Star Academy (Académie in French) is sort of an Idol show that airs in various countries. The clip below is from a performance show of the French-Canadian version. The difference with Idol is that during the performance shows, contestants sometimes sing alone, together or with a famous singer. There are also daily episodes of the series where we see the contestants live together in a sort of boarding school, chose the song they'll perform on the live show, meet with a vocal coach, etc. The clip below shows a performance with most (if not all) of the contestants and Samantha Fox.

Indian Idol - India

This clip is from a result show. I wish I could understand what they are saying but it looks like part of the elimination process as to do with voting bulletins that the contestants pull from a ball put on stage. It's interesting to see the format of the show in other countries. Maybe the U.S. version of Idol should watch what is done around the world when tweaking the current format. What seems to be a main theme in all versions of Idol though is that judges sometimes get rather angry and verbal wars ensues!

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares - UK

Food shows such as Kitchen Nightmares or Hell's Kitchen are popular around the world. Before helping U.S. restaurants out, Chef Gordon Ramsay worked his magic in the kitchens of UK restaurants. As you'll see in the clip below, Ramsay is as abrasive in the UK version as he is in the US version. However, his vocabulary is slightly different.

Estoy Por Tí - Spain

Dating shows are another type of reality TV series. No matter the country, this type of show mostly takes the form of season-long series during which someone tries to find a soul mate (The Bachelor for example) or the form of 30-minute episode where contestants try to quickly decide who is best for them amongst a selection of potential suitors. Here you have an example of the latter.

Vyvolení - Czech Repubblik, Slovakia

One of the most popular type of reality shows is the one where contestants live with one another, get eliminated, win if they are the sole survivor. As you will see from the clip below, the trend made its way to Slovakia, madness, bitchiness and screaming included.

This was a short trip around the reality TV international world. If you want to see more, I suggest you first visit the Wikipedia list of reality television programs and then try to find clips of the series that interest you on YouTube.

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