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October 7, 2015

Big Brother 10: HOH competition #1 (season premiere)

by Kristin Sample, posted Jul 14th 2008 9:30AM
Keesha from Big Brother 10(S10E01) We were spoiled this year with Big Brother. The winter season of BB was arguably the only good thing to come out of the WGA strike (if you're a sucker for low-brow television like me). And now it's back again in its regular summer schedule.

Speaking of schedules, Jackie and I will be covering the show this summer. I'll be doing Sunday episodes with Jackie covering Tuesday and Wednesday. You can also count of TV Squad for Jackie's Live Feed Reports and I might post a few updates from Big Brother After Dark which airs on ShoToo (I knew there was a reason I added Showtime to my cable bill. And I thought I was just getting The Tudors and Secret Diary of a Call Girl.)

Okay, let's get to what happened last night.

The Video Package:

The show started with it's classic introductory video package where the cameras surprise (SURPRISE!) houseguests with their big fake keys to the house. ChenBot informed us that this was the first time since Big Brother 3 (the first season I watched) that the thirteen houseguests were complete strangers. Let's meet them.

Jerry from Magnolia, TX (oldest dude to play on a reality show, a 75-year-old great-grandfather)
April from Higley, AZ (found her key in her desk, the blonde bombshell)
Dan from Dearborn, MI (Catholic school teacher, the uber-conservative one)
Libra from Spring, TX (the mommy)
Steven from The Woodlands, TX (the gay guy, also a rodeo star on the gay rodeo circuit--who knew there was a gay rodeo circuit?)
Renny from New Orleans, LA (the cougar & the nutjob)
Ollie from Bloomington, MN (the religious one, the preacher)
Brian from San Francisco, CA (the sleazy one)
Memphis from Los Angeles, CA (the boy toy, he says a girl bought him a car once...more on that later)
Angie from Orlando, FL (the single-and-ready-too-mingle girl)
Keesha from Burbank, CA (the cute innocent one)
Jessie from Rudd, IA (the meathead)
Michelle from Cumberland, RI (the loud one)

We cut to the houseguests outside the BB house and Julie informed them that they would vote for HOH right then and there. They could only go on appearances.

Then they went in the house...

First to enter were Renny, Dan, Angie, Jessie, and April. Dan said that he didn't like the pink room or the "peace and love" room, but the red and black room with its sinister color scheme suited him just fine. Renny exclaimed that the Volkswagen van in the peace and love room was a blast from the past as she had one when she was a kid. In her diary room segment Renny glibly retold how she got pulled over a lot in that van. (I'm just happy that she chose that story over some anecdote about what inevitably happened in the backseat of said van.)

Then Libra, Brian, Keesha, and Memphis came in. Brian noted that everyone was being polite because no one knew who the HOH was yet.

Finally, Steven, Jerry, Michelle, and Ollie joined them. Renny went up to Jerry and asked if he was a Marine (uh, yeah, check the hat and the shirt). She then asked if he was in World War II. Wow. So, we now know that Renny can't do math. Did he fight the Nazis when he was eleven? Angie, who works for a pharmaceutical company, pointed out that Renny's remarks to Jerry were rude.

The Introductions:

Here's what we found out as the hamsters drank champagne and congratulated themselves. Renny is married with two children, one went to LSU and one went to Harvard. How she produced a Harvard grad is beyond me at this point. (Sorry, it was Auburn. I could've sworn she said Harvard, though.)Dan is a teacher and a serious Catholic. He mentioned that he things may go down in the house that are "contradictory to my religion," but he'll go to confession afterwards. Dan also said that he might want to align with Brian, who is a cell phone salesman (but made everyone think he was some important engineer of microwave telecommunications at first).

Keesha is originally from Ohio and works at Hooters. She voted for Jerry to be HOH. Memphis is a mixologist for an entertainment company (*cough* bartender). But he maintains that he's a creator of cocktails, "like a chef for alcoholics." Steven was cautious in introducing himself to the group. He didn't say that he was gay or that he was a rodeo champion (or that he was a gay rodeo champion).

Ollie is a marketing sales representative. He liked April's boobs. "The Lord has blessed her," he laughed. Jerry also liked April's boobs; he liked them enough to give her a breast exam. Actually, to be fair, April went around throwing them in his face to prove that they are real. April, a finance manager for a car dealership, voted for Renny because she thought Renny was a "motherly type" but recanted minutes later saying the Renny was nuts.

Other intros included Michelle who told everyone that she was Portugeuse and therefore crazy, and Libra, who explained that she has three bi-racial children (two of which are twins -- one black and one white).

The Competition

Even though HOH had already been decided outside the house, the hamsters got to compete for food and one lucky hamster got a car. In "Buggin' Out" the houseguests had to pile themselves into VW bugs (suspended upside down on a straight track across the backyard). They had to use ropes to pull them across, each time retrieving gas and losing a member of the car. Once out of the car, you were out of the running for the grand prize but you could still help push the car.

Both Memphis and Steven don't have cars so everyone tried to help them win. Steven doesn't have a car because his truck blew up the day he came to BB. And Memphis's career in mixology pays so well that... well, I think you know where I'm going with that one. Wait a minute! Memphis said that a girl bought him a car. Guess she took it back.

In the end, Steven conceded while the two played a game of odds and evens (or was it rock, paper, scissors?). The red team pushed Memphis to victory winning food for themselves and a '69 Camaro for the bartender from Los Angeles.

Brian and Dan go to work...

After the hamsters got coralled back in the living room, ChenBot announced that Jerry had won four votes and therefore was HOH. (Renny got three.) Right after they found out that Jerry was Head of Household, Dan and Brian went to work on their scheming. They formed a bond (the superficial type where they give each other compliments and say that they're in it to the end). But they need a third hamsketeer so Dan talked to Ollie. Dan said that he could see in the "blacks of Ollie's eyes" he knew Ollie was telling the truth and would be loyal. Okay, you mean his pupils?

But these three hamsters are nothing without the power of the HOH behind him. So, Brian went to work his magic on Jerry. He started off by revealing that he was in the service as well (Air Force). Jerry immediately trusts Brian believing that anyone in the military has a "sense of maturity." However, Jerry wants to put Dan up for eviction (Oh No!) because he thinks Dan is a "loose cannon." Brian asks Jerry to put up Jessie and Renny. The night before the two had an argument. While Jessie was asleep in an adjacent bedroom, Renny was screaming that the door was unlocked. Steven got up to open the door for her and she let out a "jackal laugh." Jessie confronted her in the bathroom (the "wittle" baby doesn't like to be woken up) and Renny responded by repeating "lighten up!"

The Nomination Ceremony

It was clear that Jerry approached this nomination ceremony with a sober mind and a little bit of a heavy heart. Here's how the keys were pulled: Michelle, Angie, Memphis, Libra, April, Brian, Steven, Keesha, Ollie, Dan. That leaves Renny and Jessie up for elimination. It looks like Brian got his way. He was already patting himself on the back in his diary room segment saying he pulls the strings (and incidentally, I already don't like him).

But I'm not too sure that Brian is any sort of puppetmaster. Judging from Jerry's rather articulate and calm speech, I think Jerry could be a force to be reckoned with in this season. The HOH told the nominees that there was come conflict between these two and rather than let it fester, the other housemates would decide who goes and who stays.

Do you think Jerry should trust Brian?
No way. Snake in the grass.283 (87.3%)
Yeah, why not.41 (12.7%)

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Renny wasn't yelling that the door was "unlocked". She was trying to pull a prank on the others and make it seem as if Big Brother had already started in on them- she was pretending the door was LOCKED and that they were trapped in the room.

July 31 2008 at 10:55 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Mike S

You should be watching BB9 UK right now. Goto www.bb-tv.org for the current show...

BB9Uk runs a way better reality Big Brother than the US producers do

July 14 2008 at 1:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Mike S

Oh how I hate how the editing is done on the USA BB. I hate how we see diary room comments about an event even though those comments are done later than the event and most likely coached by the producers since we NEVER hear the big brother voice.

I will stick with BB9 Uk going on now. It is more "real" in the time edits (they actually show the time the event took place) and Big Brother is a character on the show who interacts with the housemates.

Get rid of chenbot and bring Davina McCall over here please!


July 14 2008 at 1:31 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

@Richard Leach: I thought I heard Auburn too.

@lucyfan62: if you didn't watch from week 3 until the end, season 9 couldn't have been that awful for you.

So far, I don't know any names but Jerry, Jessie and Renny. The rest are sort of a blur. I thought Renny was incredibly annoying and I would have tried to smother her under a pillow, but Jessie's reaction was almost more annoying. OK, we get it, you are up because of the high pitched cackling. Now shut up.

As for the instant formation of bonds, it is rather comical and I can't wait for the first person to get screwed and go off the deep end as a result.

July 14 2008 at 1:30 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I just have one question, when exactly did they enter the house? The events on yesterday's show obviously didn't happen in one day.

July 14 2008 at 12:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This looks like it is going to be a great season! The update was great and super funny! Was that really Renny's laugh?

BTW, I like how Jessie doesn't want people to think he is a threat because of his muscles, but then wears cut off shirts 24/7.

I am getting Showtime free, so I'll be DVRing BB After Dark to see if there is anything worth while.

July 14 2008 at 12:32 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Renny's kid went to AUBURN, not Harvard, my wife thought the same thing at first until I rewound it and had her listen again

July 14 2008 at 12:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Renny was hilarious last night. Jessie really is a baby. I think of Renny as like comic relief to a show that definitely needs it. I was watching BB10 on TIVO and I replayed the Renny's joke scene at least five times and laughed harder every time. It was definitely the funniest season premiere.

Ugh...Dan is truly a "loose cannon" and Brian is an idiot. I hate both. I think they're trying a sly "Will and Boogie" plan but that's not going to work because they're not Will and Boogie. Frankly, they have no plan of manipulation. If you'll remember, Will and Boogie's eventual plan was to trick most of the girls into a showmance or secret alliance. Instead, Dan is suddenly distancing himself from everyone.

I'm glad some of my early favorites--Libra, April, and Angie--have stayed out of this "alliance" crap on the first few days. There's no reason to get into it until at least the third week. I think we can all remember Kail and her "Mr. Robinson" alliance. That went very swell for her, didn't it? After all, she only survived as bait and by begging the entire household to keep her on for one more week.

But overall, this season is looking good. I already have my enemy list checked off!

July 14 2008 at 11:55 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'd like Renny to stay to annoy everyone else since I already don't like most of them. I think only Angie and Libra made any positive impressions on me last night.

And why every season there's an Alpha Male alliance made in Day One and why NO ONE tries to derails this... is beyond me. Ugh. Whatever.

July 14 2008 at 11:11 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Richard Leach

Didn't Renny say she had one kid that went to LSU and one that went to Auburn? If she produced a Harvard grad then they need to re-think their admission policies.

July 14 2008 at 11:02 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
2 replies to Richard Leach's comment

Having to listen to her would make me want to study harder in school.

July 14 2008 at 11:54 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It was Definitely Auburn... I thought I missed that about Harvard last night, but it was definitely Auburn

July 14 2008 at 12:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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