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July 1, 2015

Still more Fanesia moments

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 14th 2008 2:40PM

Will and GraceA few years ago I introduced on this blog the concept of Fanesia (sorry for the weird formatting on that page, not sure what happened), where a fan chooses to get amnesia over a plot point that happened on a TV show. Examples I used before include The Lone Gunmen dying on The X-Files, Toby being the leak on The West Wing, the entire last episode of Seinfeld, and Mark Greene dying on ER. Nope, in my mind, those things never happened.

Here are five more Fanesia moments, involving such shows as Will & Grace, Guiding Light, and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

1. Will & Grace drift apart for years. I hate it when shows think they have to get either controversial or deep in their finales. This one had Will and Grace drifting apart for years, only to be reunited at the end when their two kids end up being neighbors at the same college (*cough* science fiction is more believable *cough*). I don't think they would have grown apart like that. Nope, in my TV world, even though they went their separate worlds and got partners and had kids, they still remained close friends.

2. Guiding Light gets all "realistic." A note to the producers of Guiding Light: since you've switched to the new "realistic," handheld camera, on-location style of filming, I've watched exactly two episodes of it. And I don't plan on watching another until you change it back to the way it was for, you know, 50 years. If the show isn't canceled before that, that is.

3. Data is replaced in Star Trek: Nemesis. OK, so I'm cheating a little bit here since this was a movie version of The Next Generation, but I really hated the whole plot with Data sacrificing himself and a new one taking his place at the end. I don't care if he is a robot and he saved his information so it could be put into a new Data, he's still a person! The entire Nemesis movie was pretty lame in general, too.

4. Breakfast Time moves to FOX. God, I loved this show when it was on FX, and was even a guest on the show, but when it went over to FOX...wow. Talk about a complete meltdown, and the funny thing is, fans actually saw it coming. Laurie Hibberd was pushed out and eventually left altogether; Tom Bergeron stayed on as solo host for a while, but he left eventually, too; they got rid of Bob The Puppet. Finally they just completely scrapped the entire format of the show and replaced it with The Vicki Lawrence Show. Ugh. So, in my mind, the show never went to FOX. It stayed on FX.

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