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October 4, 2015

TV Dogs Quiz

by Kim Potts, posted Jul 14th 2008 6:00AM
LassieWhich TV pooch released an autobiography called 'My Life as a Dog'?

Island-dwelling heroes, martini-swilling Ivy Leaguers and autobiography-penning sitcom actors ... we're talking, of course, about TV land's most beloved canine cohorts.

How much do you know about the most memorable prime-time pooches?

Take our quiz and find out! Be warned: it's "ruff" stuff.

Test Your Knowledge of These Top Dogs

When 'Lost' boy Walt set sail with dad Michael, Sawyer and Jin on the raft, he gave his dog, Vincent, to which island dweller?

  • Hurley
  • Locke
  • Shannon

What university did 'Family Guy''s Brian attend?

  • Brown
  • Harvard
  • Stanford

Who was Lassie's first owner on the classic 1954 CBS drama 'Lassie'?

  • Corey
  • Jeff
  • Timmy

'The Jetsons' pet pooch Astro was actually the pet of the wealthy J.P. Gottrockets ... what was Astro's real name?

  • Montague
  • Orbity
  • Tralfaz

Which TV dog received a credit card for the Eddie Bowser catalog?

  • 'Married ... with Children''s Buck
  • 'Full House''s Comet
  • '7th Heaven''s Happy

Which TV pooch released an autobiography called 'My Life as a Dog'?

  • Eddie from 'Frasier'
  • Ren from 'Ren & Stimpy'
  • Spuds McKenzie

Porthos, Captain Archer's (Scott Bakula) beagle on 'Star Trek: Enterprise,' had an unusual favorite snack. What did he like to munch on?

  • Pizza
  • Cheese
  • Ice cream

Scooby-Doo's name was inspired by which classic crooner?

  • Tony Bennett
  • Dean Martin
  • Frank Sinatra

When Lorelai's dog, Paul Anka, met the real Paul Anka on an episode of 'Gilmore Girls,' doggie Paul crooned into a microphone, while real Paul did what?

  • Chased cars around the town square
  • Chewed on a bone at Luke's Diner
  • Worked at Doose's Market

What was Columbo's dog's name?

  • Boy
  • Dog
  • Spot

Where was 'Full House' dog Comet born?

  • In the Tanner family kitchen
  • In Michelle Tanner's toy box
  • In Uncle Jesse's bed

'Brady Bunch' dog Tiger was written out of the show during which season?

  • Two
  • Three
  • Four

Santa's Little Helper, 'The Simpsons' family canine, has fathered two litters: One with Dr. Hibbert's dog, Rosa Barks, and one with a racing dog named?

  • Lady Speed Stick
  • She's Barking Mad
  • She's the Fastest

What was the code name of 'Get Smart' dog Fang?

  • Agent K-9
  • Agent K-13
  • Agent K-99

On 'Pushing Daisies,' Ned discovers his special skill when he revives his dead dog Digby ... what killed Digby?

  • He was shot by a hunter
  • He was run over by a truck
  • He fell off the roof of Ned's house

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