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October 13, 2015

Big Brother 10: Nomination Ceremony #2

by Kristin Sample, posted Jul 21st 2008 6:35AM
Steven, the gay rodeo champion
(S10E04) Tonight, we learned a valuable lesson in hamster survival. Going to see the HOH's bedroom is the best play a hamster can make in this game. Find out who got nominated under Jessie's rule and who's on slop for the week after the jump.

Pre-Nomination Schemings: Jessie's Not Just a Meathead

So Jessie won the HOH on Wednesday in the tiebreaker round. After the competition, Keesha told us that April was a "little Barbie bitch" leaping into Jessie's arms. I, for one, don't find April that annoying. And I'm going to defend her here. She was clearly picked up by Jessie in this weird caveman-esque victory lap.

Jessie and Memphis cavorted around and celebrated in the pantry. These quick "pantry celebrations" are always telling. I think that it usually shows who the HOH is closest with (except in the case of Dr. Will and Janelle during the All-Star season). However, Jessie is clearly close with Michelle too.

In the Diary Room, Renny was already worried and said Jessie's winning was her biggest nightmare. Steven said that "they all formed this best friend clique, two groups, those that liked Brian and those that didn't." He later told Dan that he wasn't going to kiss Jessie's ass. See, there's his first mistake if he wanted to stay off the block. Jessie is exactly the type of HOH who needs constant stroking from both allies and enemies. A little heart-to-heart would have helped Steven. Dan commiserated with Steven but added that he fully expects to be up on the block.

And the plotting begins... Libra thinks that Angie should go up. April wants Angie gone before Steven. Both agreed that Renny would be a wasted nomination. Michelle joined them and started smack-talking too.

But this conversation would have to wait because Jessie wants to show his HOH room. Dan put it best: the number one thing we found out from Jessie's room is that "Jessie loves Jessie." There are only a few pictures of his family. Most of the photos are of Jessie's competitions as a professional meathead and of his car. One picture in particular had Jessie captivating a room of hamsters (who feigned interest and excitement as to not upset his highness). "I was shredded," he exclaimed. And they oohed and aahed and all was well in the land of BB.

However, one dissenter refused to see the room. And his disrespect did NOT go unnoticed by the muscle-bound gatekeeper. Steven didn't come up and Jessie immediately started complaining about it.

Once enough of the houseguests had vacated the HOH room, the team's scheming could begin. Michelle, Libra, Ollie, April, and Memphis convinced Jessie that Steven should be his target. He whinged that he wanted to put up Renny (as payback for calling him immature). Ollie pointed out that Renny would get herself out. Michelle said that Steven and Dan should go up. "Look how close Steven was to winning tonight," she lectured. Michelle also pointed out that Keesha was not in the room. "I guess Keesha's on their side now," Michelle snickered. A sycophantic April seconded that she hates people who go from side to side.

And Steven still didn't come see the room.

Now that the team meeting was over, it was time for the possible nominees to state their cases. Angie was the first. She realized that she made a big mistake by trying to rally votes for Brian the night before. Jessie was unaffected by her plea. "You never came and talked to me," he kept saying. Jessie was practically yelling at her. He also mentioned several times that he wasn't just muscles. He has a brain too. He's very proud of this. From their conversation, I thought Angie was going up for sure.

But Steven still didn't come see the room.

Dan was next up to persuade the HOH for mercy. I thought he made a great speech. He pointed out that while he did vote for Brian to stay, it was because he gave his word. He played up the strength of his word and his unfailing loyalty. He admitted that aligning himself with Brian wasn't a good move. Jessie told him that he respects the way Dan handled it (there's that respect word again, hmm). Jessie told us in the Diary Room that Dan may even be a good ally.

And Steven still didn't come see the room.

Food Competition: Stop Your Whining

As a "French Jessie" explained (imagine Jean Claude Van Damme's body and 'tude paired with a moustache and cheap berret), this competition had three components. You had the people who ran back and forth getting red or green corks for the holes in a leaky wine barrel. You had the people who sat in the vats of red wine trying to plug the holes. And you had the people who were catching wine from the opposite team's leaks and filling bottles. Whoever had the most wine at the end won.

Here's the teams:
Green Team "Chardonnay-nays": Ollie, Michelle, Jessie, Dan, Angie, Steven
Red Team "Pinot Noir-wahs": Renny, Jerry, April, Memphis, Libra, Keesha

April and Libra were grumbling from before the start of the competition about the team picks. "Some of us were very disappointed," April whined. The girls didn't like that the entire green team had not been on slop last week and that their team had the two old people. Keesha rolled her eyes at their complaining saying that it was inappropriate.

During the competition, Renny and Dan seemed like each team's respective MVP. Renny said that when she's in a competition she has more to prove: "I'm older and I want to show people that I still have the spunk to compete." She followed with, "If anyone knows how to pour wine, it would be me. Especially if it was Chianti." I'm starting to like Renny. What about you?

The green team came out on top in the end. Libra and April, beside themselves about another slop week, started pointing fingers immediately at each other. Steven noted that "slop is going to help destroy them from the inside out." Keesha loved seeing April and Libra go after each other. She laughed, "It's about time they got a taste of each other's medicine."

Nomination Ceremony

Jessie gave no speech before he pulled the first key other than reminding the trembling hamsters that the keys in the box were safe. Here's how they came out: Keesha, Ollie, Michelle, Jerry, April, Jessie, Memphis, Angie, and Renny. A few of the houseguests meekly expressed gratitude to their savior Jessie.

Jessie nominated Steven and Dan. He told them that the both showed their cards too early and he knows they're against him. He added that he was especially offended by Steven's not coming to see his HOH room. He said it was disrespectful. Steven replied that he had gone to bed before Jessie got his key. Jessie maintained that it was still 24 hours before he came up to see it.

Now, Jessie's taking offense to Steven's absence was stupid. Even stupider was Jessie making that part of his nomination speech. In the Diary Room, Steven called Jessie a tool, "Jessie is tool. He's a tool just cause he's a tool." I have to agree. I even agree with Steven's non-logic. Jessie is indeed a tool just because he's a tool.

We got one last glimpse of the HOH before the show ended. The BB producers weren't going to let us go without showing just how much of a tool Jessie is. The "mature Iowa kid" showed his right canon to the camera and said that they probably couldn't even get all 18" of it.

Is Jessie a tool?
Yes237 (89.1%)
A little tool16 (6.0%)
No, you're a tool13 (4.9%)

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Jessie is a bit much to stomach. His talk with Angie was a little creepy, particularly when he would lean forward. Similarly his constant discussion of how ripped he was in that picture.

Renny is a lot less annoying than it appeared from the first day.

We're already due for a shakeup. Those that believe themselves to be most secure right now are beginning to show the usual self-aggrandizing behavior that forces a betrayal.

July 21 2008 at 12:13 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Maybe Jessie is just upset that the "gay boy" hasn't fallen head over heels in love with him. I mean, he's so beautiful, how could he NOT?????

Seems to me, Steven has excellent taste, and Jessie IS a tool.

Just my two cents ::plink plink::

July 21 2008 at 11:35 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Wow, I do believe we have some whiners! They need suck it up and play the game. I see lots of immaturity in some of these players. At this point I can say Jerry is my favorite. I did't think Stephen Or Dan either should go up.
Maybe Angie & Libra

July 21 2008 at 8:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Ugh...the more I watch this show, the more I cannot stand Jessie. He is so full of himself. "Couldnt even get all 18 inches in the camera"...whatever guy....Haha....it was all in there..not that I care to see it...He might have a nice body...but an ugly face!

July 21 2008 at 8:14 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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