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October 13, 2015

Big Brother 10: PoV Competition #2

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Jul 23rd 2008 12:38AM
Jessie, the current HOH in the Big Brother 10 house
(S10E05) "At 22, I'm the youngest person in the house. I've won every competition so far and I don't have a target on my back!" - Jessie

Well, for some odd reason it appears that Jessie indeed doesn't have a target on his back inside the Big Brother 10 house. Maybe it's just the Year of the Stupid or something. Little does he know that there seems to be a big target on his back with the internet crowd. I personally would like to see both his inflated ego and his inflated body deflate like a popped balloon. POP! To dream, to dream.

Read on past the jump for the full review of tonight's show.

During the inevitable recaps, we're reminded that someone will win the Power of Veto tonight. Will they use it to save someone on the block? We're also told an "explosion will rock the house." Hey, could it be? Will someone pop Jessie? Now, there would be a fun show!

The after-nominations jitters
Steven takes his nomination personally, most likely because Jessie made it personal. Instead of saying that both Dan and Steven were on the block because they were in cahoots with the now-evicted Brian, Jessie said Steven disrespected him. Oh, how dare anyone diss the Great Jessie Balloon? While I think Steven really needs a thicker skin in the matter because he's so hurt that most of the house has targeted him, he is right to take the nomination as personally-inspired.

Steven is nominated for eviction in the Big Brother 10 house

Of course, Jessie gloats about the Great and Powerful Jessie. Feh. Hopefully he will fall soon. Unlike Steven, Dan approached Jessie to plea his case. After all, he was loyal to Brian because he gave his word. Steven backed down and voted with the crowd while Dan didn't betray Brian. It's pretty smart thinking on Dan's part. Jessie obviously wants people to suck up to him and Dan's doing that. Jessie also has some inflated view of loyalty in a game where backstabbing and deceit play larger roles. Dan was loyal to Brian and vows his loyalty to Jessie. Alas, he probably means it, too.

Although Libra wants Steven evicted because she feels he's a more powerful player than Dan, Angie has pangs of sympathy for him. When she says something about Steven staying in front of Libra, Steven just cringed. He then told her that she should be careful about anything she says in front of the others. Steven feels that Angie and Dan will be the next targets if he goes this week.

Showmance in the wings and Memphis aligns more with the Dark Side
Okay, this could just be a quirk of mine. But I wouldn't give any man I've known for less than three weeks a pedicure. Well, maybe if it was my chosen career, but ... ew. It turns out Michelle has sort of a crush on Jessie and wouldn't really mind having a showmance with him. She gave him a pedicure. May I say "EW" even louder now, please? My opinion of Michelle, which wasn't great to begin with, plummeted with this news. Others see through Jessie's bloated self-image. Why can't she? Ew. That's all I have to say about anyone thinking Jessie is all that.

And then ... where is Memphis' mind? Is he just a mimbo falling under the spell of Jessie? I was figuring him for a player in the game, not a follower of a Perceived Prince. I was thinking that Memphis and Michelle were merely the flying monkeys for Jessie, but it seems like they're more in the decision mix than that. They're more like the crystal ball for him. I can only hope that Memphis is playing him. I'm eliminating Michelle as a lost cause, yet I hold onto the chance that Memphis is actually playing the game of Big Brother.

Memphis is under Jessie's spell in the BB10 house

Even though I have my doubts that aligning with Jessie will do much for Memphis in the long run, aligning with Jessie could actually help another houseguest right now. You see, Steven was right. Angie is outside of the main group due to her early alliance with Dan and Steven. One way to get her in with the current in crowd is to get her in the light of the almighty Jessie. Memphis did just that.

The alliance of three -- Memphis, Jessie, Michelle -- realized they needed a fourth member. Memphis, always close to Angie, convinced Jessie that they should take Angie into their alliance. Jessie, continuing his path of never thinking for himself, agreed with him. Of course, it's a smart move for Angie right now. Hopefully both Angie and Memphis will dump muscle-boy down the road.

Mellow talks and Keesha draws fire
The show has Steven as hailing from Texas, but he's originally from Louisiana. Renny touts herself as the ultimate New Orleans socialite (although I have some reservations about that). They found they both had something in common. They're both survivors of Hurricane Katrina. It's changed both of their lives and they now have a soft spot for each other. No, not a showmance. That would be just plain weird.

Keesha enjoys Steven and would like to see him remain in the house. Steven warned Angie not to campaign for him because it could be to her own detriment, he should have warned Keesha. Foolishly, she told the anti-Steven women (Libra, April, and Michelle) that she'd like Steven to remain in the house. She wanted to win veto just to save him. Oh, geez. Now they're thinking Keesha a floater. Michelle ran to tell Jessie and Memphis about it. She doesn't trust Keesha and thinks they shouldn't trust her either. So, Angie made it in with the in crowd and Keesha is in with the out crowd.

The Power of Veto competition
In the random picks for players, Jessie selected Michelle's name out of the bag. That's perfect for his agenda as she's in his alliance. Dan got Houseguest's Choice and chose Libra as she was a neutral pick. He doesn't really want to win -- he's sure that if the nominations remain the same, it will be Steven going home. Steven was lucky enough to pick Keesha, about the only person in the house who might save him. Unfortunately, Jerry was chosen to host the competition. I don't know how much I can deal with him yelling in a hoarse voice. Maybe he's a nice guy and was a good soldier, but announcing will never be his claim to fame.

The competition itself was fresh. The players each had their own little podium complete with a fake driver's license (with bad photos as per DMV shots), and a steering wheel. It was called "License to Drive." They were shown several vanity plates from different states. They had to unscramble plates to reveal the Big Brother phrase they were given. For example, they were told they had to find the plates which read "eviction." Three separate plates read "EEE," "VICK," and "SHUN" out of the perhaps twenty plates on the wall. When the player buzzed in, they had to give the states of those plates in the proper order to spell the word.

Dan, planning to throw the comp from the beginning, was out in the first round with a wrong answer. Jessie was out next because he's not too bright. Keesha ended up winning the first ten points. Uh-oh, the others were sure that she would save Steven if she won the PoV! And Steven was hoping she'd win it and save him. After all, he was giving her big sad puppy eyes when he was the first to go down in the second round. Michelle won that round.

Next up for grabs in the competition was a slop pass. The hitch was that the winner of the pass would have to sit down and could no longer compete for the Power of Veto. Libra saw the phrase immediately and made a big deal about not going for the pass. She's a part of a team and all that, you know. Michelle saw it, too. Everyone but Steven seemed to be hoping Keesha would go for it. But in the end, all three girls timed out on it.

In the third round, Libra pressed the buzzer too soon and was a goner. Keesha tried for it and forgot the last state in the puzzle after the curtain went down. Michelle wins the Power of Veto. The Jessie Camp is happy. Steven went from sad puppy dog eyes to kicked puppy.

Michelle won the Power of Veto

Verbal brouhahas and cat fights ensue
Jessie does his best to tell everyone that had Keesha won, she would have saved Steven. Libra just had to go on and on about how loyal she was to her team by not taking the slop pass ... even though Keesha and Michelle did the same thing. Steven finally took Keesha aside and warned her to not so actively campaign for him as the girls will stab her in the back. So then Keesha started to push the agenda that Libra should go with Renny, April, and Michelle. Nope, she wasn't saying Steven should stay. She was just pointing out that Libra needed to go.

Keesha, known to not back down from a good cat fight, started yelling at Libra that she wouldn't have used the veto to save Steven. She wanted to win it to prove she was loyal to the group by not saving him. Of course, we'll never really know because Michelle won it. Libra screams back. Keesha yells some more. Meow.

Keesha then went to Memphis and Jessie to tell them that Libra stirs up the house with her lies. Both looked receptive to the idea of backdooring Libra this week. She's in the middle of drama in the house all the time and often turns others off with her controlling ways. From there, Keesha went to Renny and Jerry, telling them that Libra said her team lost the food comp due to having the two old people on their team. Yes, she did say that. You folks watched the comp. It anyone was responsible for their loss, it was April.

Jerry burst into Libra's room and, sure enough, it became a verbal brouhaha. You gotta love a good verbal brouhaha. But it's not as good as another cat fight and there was one coming. Renny, who usually doesn't get really heated despite that thing with Jessie, was waylaid by Libra. Who said what? Huh? Actually, Libra did say it was due to the old folks and Renny was only the subject, not the teller of tales. Meow.

Steven, trying to use the drama to his advantage, approached Michelle and Jessie in hopes that he could convince them to use the veto to backdoor Libra. Since Libra was always in the middle of the dramas in the house, he's sure they would vote her out. Steven even said if Michelle took Dan off the block and it was him (Steven) against Libra, she would be voted out. They seemed to consider the idea, but didn't commit.

The Power of Veto ceremony
After all the verbal brouhahas, cat fights, and secret anti-Libra gatherings, the ceremony itself was a bit of a letdown. In his attempt to stay, Steven told them he was tainted with a stigma which will haunt him until the day he leaves (sounds painful, doesn't it?) because he aligned with Brian. He said she had to make the decision which was best for the house. Dan claimed he made his own bed and must sleep in it and said he'd love for the Portuguese Princess from Providence to use the veto to save him, but no hard feelings if she doesn't.

Michelle made it short and sweet. She wouldn't use the Power of Veto because it would be foolish of her as she would make enemies. She hopes they understand. And that was it. Dan is pretty confident that he will stay this week. Steven said something weird about shoving their faces in the toilet to get them to keep him in the house. Um ... I don't think that would be quite the right approach.

Who will be voted out tomorrow night?
Dan23 (9.9%)
Steven210 (90.1%)

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I'd like to see all of these people on the show, post a video blog on http://www.BLOG.TV stating what they really think about one another.

July 23 2008 at 7:32 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Libra is a selfish bully. It's as clear as day.

I though for her and April to question to fairness of the teams was completely unfair to Jerry and Renny. It seems to occur every year in the reality shows that players see physical challengers as a threat, but the top physical players have NEVER won BB or Survivor. The challenges are so frequently mental. Otherwise, you would expect that the guys would win an inordinate number of challenges.

July 23 2008 at 4:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Keesha was the start of all of the Libra drama. She's got to be the dumbest BB player ever. I love Libra, but I wouldn't be mad if she got evicted. Most of the HGs are idiots. I'm still mad over Steven's "colored girl" comments. CBS didn't show this, but Libra was the only person who considered changing her vote to keep Steven. She felt sorry for him. She figured out the Jessie/Memphis/Michelle/Angie alliance. Libra felt that Angie should have been the first voted out after the Brian ordeal because Angie campaigned to keep him in the house after everyone knew what he was doing. Jessie, Memphis, and Michelle aren't sticking to the "plan". Libra felt that Steven was the least guilty of Brian alliance. She didn't think it was right he was getting targeted before Angie. She knows that Jessie and Memphis are going to do whatever they can to protect Angie. Steven shot himself in the foot when he campaigned to get Libra on the block instead of campaigning against Dan or campaigning to get Angie on the block. Steven told Libra what he had done after the veto meeting because he felt bad since she was the only person who was reconsidering giving Dan her vote. After all of that, she has no other choice but to vote to evict him.

CBS's edit of last night show didn't do Libra any justice. They need to show things as they happened. Libra wasn't the bad person in either situation. I wish she had have reacted differently to Jerry's BS, but I couldn't say I would have done anything differently. He was asking for it. I really wish CBS would have shown the scene where Jerry told Libra to iron his pants and threw them on her bed, then he later came back to check if she was done. He's so disrespectful toward all the women in the house. He offered to give all of the HGs masturbation lessons.

Anyways, If Steven would have cut a deal with Libra's group, he could have saved himself. He's going home tonight because he was stupid. If he were really Keesha's friend, he would tell her to stop trashing Libra to everyone in the house. That's going to be her downfall regardless of when Libra is evicted.

July 23 2008 at 1:35 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think Jessie auditioned for the wrong show on the wrong network. He should have tried for The Biggest Loser on NBC.

Hey, anyone can lose weight, but could Jessie lose EGO? :D

July 23 2008 at 1:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The Jessie alliance is strong in numbers only. I can't wait for it to implode.

July 23 2008 at 12:41 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Yeah, there was definitely some 'creative' editing going on in this episode... that is, unless Memphis can grow back his facial hair in a less than a day.

July 23 2008 at 8:58 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I hope Keesha and Steven can convince people that Dan is a big threat, because he is obviously working the Dr. Will charm and will systematically pick them all off before they know what has hit them. I liked Libra in the beginning because she saw right through Brian, but she can't see what Dan is doing and is dead set on getting out Steven because he's done...what exactly? I hate Jessie, Michelle, and April. I'm not liking Memphis right now. Jerry is annoying, but I do like Renny just because she's insane and at least brings some unintentional laughs to the show. Once she's gone, it's going to be boring. But I hope they work hard and get Steven saved from elimination. He seems like a nice guy, and he doesn't come off as oily and sneaky as Dan. I like Steven and I like Keesha and once they and Renny are gone I won't have any reason to watch because no matter who wins it will be just as disappointing as when Alison and Jun were in the final two.

And I'm really confused about the whole Libra issue. Didn't Michelle, Jessie and the group discuss backdooring Libra way before Steven ever brought it up??? And they all seemed ready to it then Michelle gets all dramatic about considering it! I really dislike all of those people in Jessie's alliance, which is most of the houseguests! And didn't Julie Chen say something about the viewers having some kind of say in who stays or leaves the house??? Can we do that this week and save Steven?!?!?

July 23 2008 at 1:10 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to lucyfan62's comment

I missed anything about viewers having a say this week...but that would be great. I agree that Dan is way more of a threat than Steven. As you said, what has he done? Dan is obviously more of a threat, but as Jackie said, it must be the year of the stupid.
Oh how I would love if we could "pop Jesse's balloon." He's such an arrogant punk. I keep hoping things will turn in the house, cause I'm hating this "Jesse alliance." Time will tell...

July 23 2008 at 8:37 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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